2012, P10, Week 3 Recap

Great Friday to you! Let me start off by saying thank you.  Thank you for choosing to train with me, to train with us, to have the courage to show up and be pushed, become sweaty, to fail in front of others trying to learn new things, to persevere and acquire new skills and to smile at the end of it all and sometimes even in between. Here’s your recap, empowerment week plan, challenge workouts and more.  Enjoy! This week’s agenda: Cardio Minutes PTO Boot Camp Post Measurements Reminder Weekly Themes Empower Week Plan Challenge Workouts Phase 11 Ask Mike Facebook Cardio Minutes:  Week 3 Time Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Total 6am 20 25 20 65 9am 20 25 20 65 6:30pm 20 25 20 [...]

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2012, P9, Week 3 Recap

Thank you Marisa, Scott, Carol and Sharon for inviting me to train with you today.  It was awesome.  I love training in general by I almost always am training by myself, but after having a number of workout partners growing up and playing many team sports, I know how powerful, fun and motivating training with a team can be and it sure was awesome training with you today, so thank you for asking. On another note, I’m there to coach you, not train myself, so let’s call this a special occasion. Now, happy Labor Day Weekend and end to our face to face coaching for the 3rd Quarter.  You have 3 awesome challenge workouts uploaded, linked and ready to follow along with.  I finished CW#1 and got [...]

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2012, P9, Week 2 Recap

Good afternoon changemaker! I hope you’re enjoying the awesome weather and that you’re having a kick a** weekend. Reminder.  Next week is week 3 and all workouts will be Metabolic Acceleration workouts (we'll train fast).  Plus it's progression week, guest day and post measurements.  Get ready to wrap up your August with an energizing finish. This week’s agenda: Week 2 Recap Cardio Minutes Week 3 Theme Guest Day Post Measurements @ Home Workouts New Member Shout Outs Ask Mike Facebook FAB 2012 Week 2 Recap Man what a finish to week 2.  The 9am team blew it out of the water so to speak.  Helen Rousseau, Carol Vaghar, Jim Pelis, Scott Timmins, Walter Piescik and Marisa Cimino all trained super hard and upped the ante.  Most everyone [...]

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2012, P9, Week 1 Recap

Good afternoon Change Maker! I hope your weekend has been awesome and that you’re having a great start to your Sunday. I’ve had a great bachelor weekend so far with V out of town.  I Howled at the Moon on Friday, went to a BBQ at my cousins yesterday and so far today took a 90minute Harbor Walk along Carson Beach in South Boston. This week’s agenda: Mackenzie Parking Lot Cardio Minutes Q3 Overview P9 Overview Weekly Themes Guest Day ND & GST Post Measurements Conditioning Workouts Ask Mike Facebook Shout Outs FAB 2012 Mackenzie Parking Lot – Week of 8/20/12 The MC parking lot is being repaved the week of 8/20/12.  You may park on Crescent Street or Norwood Ave.  If the side walk leading to [...]

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2012, P9 Overview

Great TNLAFW to you day! I hope you’re week has been awesome and you’re looking forward to your weekend. V’s supposed to be traveling today (weather derailed her flight) so we did a special “date morning” that consisted of Tabata sprints, watching the sunrise, hike up a big hill and breakfast at our favorite spot.  Very nice, very romantic and very sweaty. J Here’s the Phase 9 Overview so you can see what to expect.  It’s going to be a great one and the goal is to have you peak for Labor Day weekend, so keep practicing your nutrition and rewarding yourself if you’re disciplined. This week’s agenda: Cardio Minutes Phase 9 Calendar Peaking for Q4 Testing Challenge Workouts Workout D Abs Workout Cardio Workouts Phase 6 [...]

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I still have belly fat. Should I continue to lose weight or focus more on planks?

Here’s an email from one of our new 2012 members who recently hit her body weight goal and had a question for me. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From:  Nasrin S. To:  Michael A. Sent:  Friday, August 3, 2012 4:56PM Subject: Hi Mike. …I’m pretty happy with my current weight & size right now. I lost about 10 lbs & I dropped at least a dress/ pants size but I still have belly & side fat. Should I continue to lose weight with my current diet &cardio? Or do more sit ups, crunches & planks? I can definitely afford to lose a few more lbs. if it comes off my mid-section. I got 2 weeks before my trip, so have time to work on it. Thanks, Nasrin ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi Nasrin, Thank [...]

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2012, P8, Week 3 Recap

Great Friday to you!  I’ve gotta go meet my “boys” for dinner so this will be quick. You did great this phase and let’s keep it up.  It’s vacation & beach season and arguably the best time to look your best.  I’ve videoed me doing all 3 challenge workouts so you can follow along.  They were tough as you’ll see and they made me feel great and my muscles look awesome.  I’m expecting you to do at least ONE challenge workout.  Don’t let me down. And now... This week’s agenda: Cardio Minutes Post Measurements Reminder Weekly Themes Empower Week Plan Challenge Workouts Phase 9 Shout Outs Ask Mike Facebook Cardio Minutes:  Week 3 Time Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Total 6am 20 20 20 60 9am [...]

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5 Minute Office Stretch Routine

Do you remember when you were in school? Ahh the good 'ole days of being a dependent. 😉 Do you remember when you had 5-10min b/w classes where you got up, moved around or walked to your next class? Do you remember how it served as a wake up and refreshed you mentally? How about now? Do you build in these 5-10min breaks every hour just to stand up and get loose, get the blood moving and get yourself feeling good? Here's what I like to do. When I know I'll be working at my computer / desk for a while, I set my stop watch for 15, 25, 50 or 55min to work on a task and then when it chimes I stand up. If it's [...]

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2012, P8, Week 1 Recap

Hi and Happy Sunday to you! Wow.  Do you love this weather?  It sure is nice having changes of the season. Speaking of changes.  Check out this week’s recap, which includes a whole lot of shout outs for people who are making lots of changes.  It sure is exciting for me to read about their changes, but it must be even more exciting for them to be living these changes. And now... This week’s agenda: Cardio Minutes Rookies & Returners Q3 Overview Week 1 Recap Weekly Themes Guest Day Nutrition Tip ND & GST Post Measurements Ask Mike Facebook Shout Outs FAB 2012 Cardio Minutes:  Week 1 Time Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Total 6am 20 25 22 67 9am 20 22 22 64 6:30pm 20 [...]

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How do I keep my feet straight during the deep squat stretch?

How to get your feet straight during the deep squat stretch? Christine M asked how she could get her feet to stay flat during the deep squat like she see’s her teammates doing. Here’s my answer: It's most likely because one or a combination of the following are tight:  your butt, your hip flexors or your calves. Perform the following 5minute stretch routine on a daily basis: 1.  Roll the bottom of your foot with a lax or tennis ball x30sec 2.  Straight leg calf stretch x 30sec 3.  Bent knee calf stretch x 30sec 4.  1/2 kneeling rectus stretch x 30sec 5.  Prone glute push x 30sec

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2012, Q3 Overview

Q3 Overview Your Change Your Body Boot Camps is different than most boot camp, group exercise, work out of the day and personal training programs and is more similar to a college or professional sports strength & conditioning program or even a business plan in that it is pre-planned and designed for a specific niche (body transformations for busy people who are out of shape and/or overweight looking to get into their best shape), not just written on a napkin, piece of paper or dry erase board, 5minutes before you walk in the door.  And to prove it, here is our Q3 Overview for 2012. Themes The theme for the 3rd quarter is to continue training your beach muscles for beach season and to prepare you for [...]

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2012, P6, Week 3 Recap

Great and sunny Friday to you!  Just had a delicious breakfast and am feeling energized and tingly sore from a great DB complex workout yesterday.  I hope you’ve had a great empowerment week so far and are ready for a new phase.  Before we get there I wanted to pose a challenge.  You’ve got 3 days to hit your cardio minute goal and 3 possible days to get a strength workout in.  Will you hit your cardio goal and get 1 strength workout in before Monday?  Post it to our Facebook page, so I can give you a shout out. If you get 3 challenge workouts in over the next 3 days, you’ll earn a 15min manual stretch and a 30min @ the park cardio workout with [...]

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