Here’s an email from one of our new 2012 members who recently hit her body weight goal and had a question for me.


From:  Nasrin S.

To:  Michael A.

Sent:  Friday, August 3, 2012 4:56PM


Hi Mike.

…I’m pretty happy with my current weight & size right now. I lost about 10 lbs & I dropped at least a dress/ pants size but I still have belly & side fat.

Should I continue to lose weight with my current diet &cardio? Or do more sit ups, crunches & planks?

I can definitely afford to lose a few more lbs. if it comes off my mid-section.
I got 2 weeks before my trip, so have time to work on it.




Hi Nasrin,

Thank you for writing and congratulations on beating your body weight goal.  Your current BMI is about 20.7 units which is excellent.  I don’t think you need to lose any more weight and should now start focusing on maintaining your weight, decreasing your body fat, improving your muscle tone while getting stronger.

To “tone” your belly and side fat, we’re going to want to continue to focus on your nutrition plan, boot camp strength training and cardio minutes, while maintaining your weight and we can add some direct core training to your routine.

This is what I would do:

Total Body Ab Workout

Challenge Workout #1: Upper Body (has a lot of core emphasis)

Challenge Workout #2: Total Body (has a lot of core emphasis)

Challenge Workout #3: Lower Body (has a lot of core emphasis)

repeat in that order.

I hope this helps and please reply if you have questions.

Your coach,