I’m writing this post, because I’m sure that there are other moms out there who want to make a change.

This past June, nine months after my second son was born, I looked in the mirror and wasn’t too happy with what I saw. I was 20 lbs heavier than I was before I got pregnant. I wasn’t sleeping well or eating well. I had developed weird aches and pains, and found I was winded just climbing a flight of stairs. All this from someone who ran a marathon in under 4 hours in 2013. I asked myself: how did I get here and, more importantly, how do I get back?

Then, I was taking my sons to a Music Together class at the MacKenzie Center in Newton Centre, and I saw a whole bunch of people working out in the basketball gym there. I stopped the coach after the class and inquired about the program.

And I am so glad I did.

After some soul-searching and schedule-shuffling, I joined Coach Mike’s Change Your Body Boot Camp, and now I work out with an amazing group of people at 9am every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Since beginning boot camp in July, I:

– Have lost 22 lbs
– Run 25+ miles weekly
– Can do 15 consecutive push-ups
– Eat healthfully and joyfully
– Sleep soundly and awake with no aches or pains

I’m writing this post because I’m sure that there are other moms out there who want to make a change. I promise, Change Your Body Boot Camp will get you there if you make the commitment.

I encourage you to reach out to Coach Mike and learn more about his program and how it might help you achieve your goals. And feel free to reach out to me if you’d like to learn more about my experience in boot camp, and why it’s worked for me.

I hope you’ll join us!

mt M. 3 & S. 1


Love the videos! We had a blast at the last PTO Family BC and I wish we could go tomorrow, but E has softball in the morning and is making her First Communion. And speaking of the First Communion…..I am happy to tell you I’ve reached the first of my WL goals..every dress in my closet that I had hoped to squeeze into for E’s First Communion now fits—a few are even too big!!! Now for summer goals onto those size 6 dresses….I love shopping in my own closet.

Thank you, thank you, Mike :)!! Have fun tomorrow and have a great weekend.

See you Monday!


Anne Marie

All Day Strong, All Day Long

I went skiing this past weekend. First time on the slopes since last winter, and I have to say that the conditioning I did this year made a huge impact. I went 2 full days with zero falls, zero fatigue, no sore knees, and totally stable on every kind of terrain (except moguls, I stopped doing those on general principle when I hit 40).
See you tomorrow.
Father of 2 Newton, MA

CYBBC Has Been Transformative

In the year+ I’ve been attending CYBBC, I feel like I’ve come a long way towards reversing the effects of years of sedentary desk work with “weekend warrior” activity. I went from barely being able to complete a workout at the lowest level using very light weights to looking forward to not only the in-class workouts, but also off-day workouts and regular challenge workouts. I’m using PowerBlocks with heavier weights, I have a ton of energy, I haven’t been injured in months, and I feel pretty good about myself. I feel like CYBBC has been transformative, and I am grateful to Coach Mike for helping me along the way. Marc S, Father of 2, Newton, MA


This is the one…. Change Your Body Boot Camps Newton, MA Coach Mike Alves is impressive in every sense of the word. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable, and knows his stuff inside and out, but he’s also extremely supportive and offers you all the tools you’ll need to be successful. You just need to do your part…listen, follow his recommendations, come to class and you will be impressed with your own achievements. Each and every class is challenging, different, energizing, and most importantly a ton of FUN! I look forward to my 6:00 am class and always wake up excited to go and never contemplate missing it.

I have been struggling for years to achieve some weight loss and have been stuck for a very long time, I’ve tried many different things (yup that one too) after two months with Coach Alves the scale has moved, and I could not be happier.

Stop looking and join us. You will not regret your decision for a second.

I give Change Your Body Boot Camps 5 HUGE STARS!!

Domenica P
Newton, MA

Truth be told, exercise was simply not my thing. The last time I did any type of exercise was probably in middle school in England where gym class was mandatory. All I remember was trying to climb up the wall bars and being unable to climb the ropes that hung from the ceiling. So when I bumped into a fellow school mom at my local Whole Foods and she recommended I try Change Your Body Boot Camp I asked her why and this is what she told me “There is this great trainer called Mike Alves and do you know he has all these middle aged, overweight women running around the gym and they are losing weight – you should really give it a try” Around the same time my internist told me my blood pressure was up and now that I was 51 it was time to begin taking a ‘small’ amount of medication. I told him I wanted to try something else first. I then called Mike Alves.

I remember the first conversation I had with Mike or rather ‘interview’ – he wanted to know my motivation for beginning to exercise and to see if I would be a good fit for the group and my fitness level (very low) and he politely told me ‘no, I could not begin right away.’ I would have to wait until the beginning of the next phase and it would be a trial period only – I would only be invited to join if the program and I were a good match.

A couple of weeks later I attended my first boot camp class and oh boy was I in for a shock. I had never, I mean NEVER, moved as much in my life. I could not run around the gym more than once, and maybe not even all the way round, without having to stop to catch my breath. I would leave the class with the shakes. However, I was determined not to start down the road of blood pressure meds so I kept coming back and very slowly I began to improve. I have found working out alongside fellow BC’ers to be so motivating. There are some super fit attendees who are inspiring – these folks have worked out all of their lives and are a reflection of what can be achieved with discipline and the right training. And this brings me to Coach Mike – quite simply he’s the best! He is always encouraging and seems to know how to push you without being pushy. Each phase he introduces a new set of exercises that build on pervious workouts – Boot Camp runs for three weeks with an Empowerment Week for the fourth week. Mike makes videos to work out alongside him during EW. He holds you accountable for getting your weekly cardio minutes in and records weekly results. Mike also has a nutrition program that he shares with you.

And for the record, I can now run a mile – in fact this year I am running about three miles a day and will take part in my first 5K – my weight is down and so far I have not needed to take those meds for my blood pressure.

I would highly recommend Mike Alves and Changer your Body Boot Camp – it will change your life!

Carol Vaghar Working mother of 2, Newton, MA

This is the One

Change Your Body Boot Camps Newton, MA Coach Mike Alves is impressive in every sense of the word. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable, and knows his stuff inside and out, he’s also extremely supportive and offers you all the tools you’ll need to be successful. You just need to do your part…listen, follow his recommendations, come to class and you will be impressed with your own achievements. Each and every class is challenging, different, energizing and most importantly a ton of FUN! I look forward to my 6:00am class and always wake up excited to go and never contemplate missing it.

I have been struggling for years to achieve some weight loss and have been stuck for a very long time, I’ve tried many different things (yup that one too) after two months with Coach Alves the scale has moved, and I could not be happier.

Stop looking and join us. You will not regret your decision for a second.

I give Change Your Body Boot Camps 5 HUGE STARS!!

Domenica P
Newton, MA

Class Pass vs. CYBBC

I just wanted to say “thank you”. You’ve created something special with your boot camp classes and I appreciate it.
Three weeks ago I signed up for a “class pass”. It gives you unlimited classes at a bunch of different studios.  So far, I’ve been to seven classes, and here’s what I learned.

  1. There is a big difference between someone who “coaches” and someone who “leads a class”. It’s made me appreciate the way you are monitoring ME – and not just giving generic instructions to everyone. And that you are spending your time watching the class, not getting your own workout in.
  2. People who are just getting started have it rough. I was next to a newbie at a recent barre class. She was out of shape and inexperienced. Watching her struggle through the class – without any encouragement or special instructions — made me suspect that she’ll never be back.
  3. Having a committed community is incredibly valuable.   Each class I’ve attended has seemed very anonymous – and when I went back to the same class a second week all of the people were different.  I’m inspired by watching others succeed. Wow, Stephane looks great! OMG, Christine is doing pike pushups! Those thoughts make me work harder.  I’m not saying the classes haven’t been fun. I’ve liked them all. And they are all tough.  But it makes me appreciate CYBBC.

See you Monday.
Dana Newton, MA

I Feel Like a Kid

I joined Change Your Body Boot Camp last July. I turned 50 years old that year and my daughter was heading off to college in the fall. Those were the milestones that prompted my online search to find something to help me become physically strong and fit. I came across Change Your Body Boot Camp in my search and decided to try it out even though I wasn’t exactly sure what I was getting into. Well, I love how the classes have a sports theme. I feel like a kid hopping over hurdles and running full speed in the large gym. When I go to an early class before work I leave feeling energized and happy. I lost 20 pounds and have maintained my target weight. The knee and back pain I had for the past ten years has resolved. My parents told me I look healthy. My soccer teammates told me I was playing better. I now plan my meals and aim to eat whole foods that are not processed. Coach Mike is a knowledgeable and experienced professional athletic trainer. He makes sure individuals have the opportunity to reach personal records. Most importantly I trust that I will not get injured. I have been attending Change Your Body Boot Camp now for over a year and plan to continue. It is a very important part of my life.

—Liz D 51 y/o
Full-time working mother of 2
Dedham, MA

Boot camp changed me in so many positive ways – not only on the outside, but in how I feel about myself and what I now expect for myself. I used to be an athlete – a dedicated 4 year varsity swimmer. Then, I had gotten so absorbed in work that I didn’t make my health a priority over several years in college and graduate school, and I stopped hoping that becoming fit again was possible.

I initially joined boot camp because I was set to be the maid of honor in my sister’s wedding (which was 10 months away) and wanted to shape up for the occasion. From the first day of boot camp and my first sessions interacting with Mike, I learned how to pay attention to my body and appreciate my inner strength. I learned how to eat better to fuel myself and feel better emotionally. My confidence skyrocketed, and I even met a really wonderful guy over one weekend that spring and fell in love. We have been together ever since – and I may have been blind to the opportunity of meeting him if I had not invested in myself to feel great!

I was able to drop 31 lbs between January and May 2013 – that was 4 boot camp sessions! I also went from a dress size 16 to a 12, lost 3 inches off my waist, 4 inches off my hips, and lost 4.2% body fat. One year later, I am happy to say that I was able to keep 26 of those 31 lbs off. I will admit that I had a stint in the winter where I fell “off the wagon” with stress eating, hibernating and a busy schedule. But then I heard Mike’s voice and told myself not to give up and get back on to my healthy habits!

Making new habits stick requires dedication. Just remember how much time we may have spent during our lives on unhealthy habits – it takes time and patience to change our lifestyles. I now am swimming again and do hot power vinyasa yoga – and am much more aware of the quality of the food I eat. I’ve learned that a healthy lifestyle is a journey, and it’s okay if there are some distractions or mistakes. Every day is another chance to turn it around.

I wish I could still attend boot camp! Mike is attentive and friendly and he makes the exercises engaging, challenging and fun. He uses teachable moments to guide beyond the practices in order for attendees to work out at home and be their own coaches.

Mike also builds a sense of teamwork amongst people of varied levels and tirelessly encourages each individual in the pursuit of their unique goals. I once told Mike that I wanted to drop 2 sizes by the end of boot camp (I had only dropped one at the time) and he actually remembered and reminded me of it when I was struggling through a session! You can tell that Mike loves what he does and he really takes the time to get to know each person and what they can accomplish.

I would recommend boot camp to anyone who feels stuck and needs a kick start to making a huge change. My results inspired some of my clients in mental health to make healthy changes for themselves, which made me feel elated to serve as an example! We only have one body and one life, and I have learned to appreciate it so much more after making these changes for myself. Thanks Mike!

Meredith A


Thanks, coach! It’s weird to feel physically better and stronger than I ever have yet to mark a milestone that says most of my life has passed. My 40s were pretty awesome, so here’s to hoping I say the same about my 50s. Thanks for your great words to get my day off to a great start.
Grateful for all you’ve helped me achieve.


I’ve Never Run 5 Miles Before

Hi Mike, Wow. I’m so excited I have to share… While visiting family at the NJ shore today I decided to enter a 5 mile road race. I’ve never run 5 miles before but figured I’d give it a try. Worst case, I’d end up taking a 5 mile walk. Well I’m excited to say I didn’t walk at all. I ran the whole way in under an hour. 🙂 It makes me think about my fitness journey this year. I never could have finished this race last summer. I’ve come a long way. Thank you for being such a terrific coach! You continue to show me how to get fit while having fun. Thank you, thank you!


Hi Mike,

Even though I was rather dreading testing this morning I made a personal record for the 1 mile run. 9:52… under 10 minutes! This is a first for me and I am excited! I have been doing bootcamp classes with you as a coach for nearly 1 year! You have helped me make changes that I had not entirely expected but I think secretly or unconsciously really wanted in my life.

Thank you for creating this program and keeping up going each and every Phase!!


Michael Alves is a top-notch instructor, not only because of his obvious know-how and talk-walking but also because of his spirit. His love for his students and enthusiasm for fitness is positively contagious. He pushes at just the right times and just the right amount. You can tell he has core values (haha pun) beyond a good workout and they shine through in all his interactions. This makes his students want to perform well, do their best, support each other, bring their friends and come back for more. I wish this kind of communal, inspiring, comprehensive, mind and body-altering exercise experience on everyone on the planet. The world would be way better if everyone had to be in Mr. Alves’ bootcamp. Laurie Gerber

Co-President, Handel Group Life Coaching

I was a little skeptical about attending boot camp, but I have consistently lost weight – I find it better when I write my food down daily. Trying to fit it all in is a challenge but I’m trying to complain less and just get on with it! Yes, I’m very surprised by the results – I’ve never moved so much in my life. I was sluggish before boot camp…life is much better now – faster – and I feel good. Yes I have and will recommend it to others.

I am excited to be moving so much – I never thought I could do it. I am jogging on my treadmill – never got over a 3.5 speed – now that is a warm-up for me! Coming to boot camp has changed my attitude – I feel happier. I never thought I would enjoy working out with other people – It’s motivating. Thanks Mike.

Carol Vaghar, 51
Newton, MA

Mike is a Great Motivator!

Mike it is a pleasure to work with. He is thorough and detail-oriented in his approach to training. He focuses on full spectrum, inclusive of nutrition. Mike is a great motivator! I am really excited to have an opportunity to work with him. I have results to prove it. As Mike always says: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it!” Thank you.

Yari K
Brighton, MA

I’m in the Best Shape I’ve Been in Decades

After years of working out on my own and plateauing in my efforts, I was thrilled to find CYBBC. The classes are well thought-out, fun, and extremely motivating. I’m in the best shape I’ve been in decades (maybe ever) and owe it all to CYBBC.

Mike Coyne, 39
Executive & Married Father of 3
Wellesley, MA

Hey Mike, thanks for great workouts this week! Just wanted to share with you that I had to go shopping for new clothes because my pants were way too loose! Before I started boot camp 2 months ago, I was dangerously close to being a size 16, and was worried that if I didn’t change my lifestyle soon, I would have to start shopping in plus-size stores. Just last week, being able to go to a store like Express and try on size 12 jeans that fit perfectly, felt like a dream come true!! It was amazing to like what I saw instead of avoiding the mirrors! It’s a huge testament to your coaching and your belief in greatness. Having you and a team of like-minded people motivating me to expect more out of myself made for fast results. It’s truly inspiring to be a part of your class! Thanks for the confidence boost! It’s changing my life.

Meredith A

P.S. I’ve been dating someone for a month now and the confidence helps a lot there too.
P.P.S. And I’m feeling so much better about putting on a bridesmaid dress in October!”

Though I was always in fairly good shape, I was the person in my family who hated exercising and could never seem to fit it into my schedule. Since starting boot camp, I feel like I can’t live without it. It no longer feels like a chore. Instead, it is fun and engaging – mentally, emotionally, physically, and socially. I look forward to class and feel great afterward. I mentioned to Mike that I was having trouble getting in my cardio minutes and he inspired me to sign up for a 5k road race – something I had never even considered. Now I’m excited by this new challenge and find that I have more incentive to get my cardio minutes in. Boot camp has boosted my self-confidence, changed my attitude toward exercise, and made me feel stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally. Thanks Mike!!

Stephanie Gilman,
Mother of 2,
Newton, MA

One thing your class has brought CLEARLY to my attention, given all the injuries I’ve had in my past, including coming off of a bulged disc prior to joining CYBBC…is that I can’t stop moving no matter what!! I’ve made myself stronger than I’ve ever been in my life. I still have goals to attain but that’s what keeps it going. My body doesn’t respond well to being sedentary! I just gotta keep pushing through.

Sharon R, Newton, MA

What timing….I had a presentation today and I’m not sure people listened to what I actually said b/c I pretty much spent the rest of the day thanking folks for all the compliments on how good I look and of course talking all about boot camp….

Kim C.


First of all, I wanted to let you know how awesome my reunion was! I got so many compliments from my friends about how great I looked. I felt great in every picture taken. It is a great feeling. 🙂 I can’t thank you enough for all the motivation!

Happy Monday



I beat my previous time(26:58) at the Paddy’s Road Race this weekend. I did it in 24:20. The training sessions were key in helping me beat my time. I was much stronger, way more prepared and was able to put it in 5th gear and sprint the last quarter mile.



Editor’s Note: Cindy had just started a new job with a new company and was no longer able to train with us 3x/wk at 6:30pm and was attempting to train 1 day a week at 6am; to continue her progress she tried out other exercise programs to fill her schedule. Here’s what she wrote.

Hey Mike,

I’ve spent the last week and a half trying to find a good, consistent fitness replacement. I’ve tried out classes at Beantown Bootcamp, Crossfit Fenway, Boston Boxing, Boston Racket Club, Healthworks and Jazzercise. They all have three things in common:

Exercise at your own risk with instructors who don’t watch your form or really care what you’re doing. At Crossfit I killed my back lifting some weights incorrectly and at Boxing I ended up getting sharp pains in my right-hand knuckles and wrist (the one I sprained).

There is no plan or thought to the workouts, it is just whatever the instructor feels like doing that day. You’re not building to anything.

They don’t have you!!! You’re like a drug – in a good way. I’m a little nervous about not having the consistency of class three times a week…

A few positive notes…

I shaved a few seconds off my 5K time and set a new PR at 27:48

Steve and I play on a coed softball team every spring. When I showed up to our first game last week I got a lot of double-takes from teammates who haven’t seen me since last summer. Throwing was easier, batting was easier, fielding was easier, running was easier!! I now hit triples and can make them a triple, instead of hitting a triple but being so slow I only got to first base.

I’ve converted Steve and he wants to get serious about training!! Do you know any personal trainers who would do a 1 hour weekly couples training on a Saturday or Sunday morning??

Time for bed. Looking forward to getting my ass kicked Friday morning


A Life-Changing Experience

Hi Mike,

It’s Lisa deLima, and I just, I just had to call you (laughs) because I’m driving home and I was just thinking during class how lucky we all are to start our day (big breathe)…with you, in that way, and uh, it’s true it does fire up your day, it fires up your life, so thank you.

It is a life-changing experience and I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you. So, I’ll see you Monday.

Lisa deLima

I Feel Much Healthier

Michael’s boot camp has changed my life. I have lost 12 pounds in three months, I have much more energy and flexibility, and overall I feel much healthier. And the best part is that the boot camp sessions while challenging, are fun!

Jack G,
Law Professor,
father of 2

A Lot of Changes in a Short Time

I really like Mike’s boot camp. His exercises are well-planned, creative, and always changing. He’s a smart coach with a great attitude. Since Mike pushes his students hard, I saw a lot of changes in a short time. Most importantly, I realized that I could work much harder than I thought (and harder than I had since I was a kid) and have a lot more energy. My whole approach to exercise has changed (I run or swim most days now) and I thank Mike’s boot camp for getting me started.

Becka Smillie
Ward School Mother
Newton, MA

I Enjoy Myself While I Am There

I read about training (including Mike) in the Globe and thought maybe I would give it a try. As a person who has always been a solo exerciser who primarily walks for exercise, there were a lot of things I feared I might not like (group class, running, a lot of weight work, etc). But, I figured I like to be challenged and am stubborn enough that I could stick it out for the month, so I signed up. I never thought that I would love it! I enjoy myself while I am there and always feel great afterward. I will be back again for a third session!

Amy Travers, 40,
Analytic manager

I’ve been overweight more or less my whole life. My weight would fluctuate up and down 20-40 pounds each year, so I had three sizes of clothes in my closet at all times. Disgusted by how I looked, I would often avoid having pictures taken of me and adopted a shy personality so I would not draw attention to myself. I felt gross all the time, which in turn would get me depressed, and then I would eat – a vicious cycle.

I still remember the day I decided I needed to make a change. Last February, one morning when I was getting dressed for work, I could barely button my “fat pants.” I actually contemplated staying home from work that day because I had nothing to wear that was comfortable. I recall thinking – how pathetic, I’m going to have to “call in fat.”.

I’ve worked with personal trainers before, had gym memberships where I’ve gone and maybe cranked out 30 minutes on the elliptical before getting bored and leaving, I’ve even lost weight on my own before. But nothing, NOTHING, has proved more effective for me then Mike Alves and Change Your Body Boot Camp..

I can honestly say, Mike Alves and Change Your Body Boot Camp has changed my life. Since joining 10 months ago, I’ve lost 61 pounds, 4 dress sizes, and I’ve never felt better. I’m in the best shape of my life, both strength and size-wise. I walk taller (friends have actually commented about this), my wedding rings no longer fit, I’m happier and I’m more confident. I can walk into any store and buy something off the rack. (When I used to go shopping with friends I only bought accessories and shoes because I didn’t want them to know what size I was.) I no longer have to worry about fitting into tight spaces or turning down invitations to do things, like skiing, because my size made it hard. I’m able to participate in life instead of watching it from the sidelines..

Following Mike’s boot camp and nutrition program isn’t easy. Nothing worth attaining in life ever is, but if you are willing to put in the work and have the discipline to follow Mike’s plan YOU WILL see results. Yes, there were some times when I’ve wanted to give up, when I hit a plateau or when a certain routine pushed me out of my comfort zone, but that is where the Mike factor kicks in. Mike is always there to be motivating, encouraging, and help you tap your inner strength to push through. He wants so much for each of his clients to succeed. And the group atmosphere of the boot camps lets you build relationships with people in the class who also help to motivate and push you along..

I’m not at my goal yet, but I know I will get there. And more importantly, I know I’m never going back to the old me. Mike and his exercise and nutrition plans have taught me a new way to live where I am able to work hard and then play hard. He’s a life-changing trainer and coach! If you want to feel the best you’ve ever felt in your entire life then contact him today!!!”.

Cindy H
Newton, MA

My name is Helen Rousseau. I’m 42 and have been a stay-at-home mom for the last nine years (yikes). I learned of the boot camp through an email from my son’s school PTO. Was I skeptical? Absolutely! While I often fantasied about being a morning person, a 6AM boot camp wasn’t exactly what I imagined. That’s all changed. After the first session, I was hooked. By the fifth week, I had lost 9 pounds and was feeling muscles where no muscle had been before! By the end of the second session, I knew something was changing for me when I started getting up on my non-class days to jog. Probably the most unexpected and significant change for me is that a commitment to exercise has emerged from me that I have never had. I really want the next 42 years of my life to be healthy and active and I’ll do what it takes. The bonus is that it is so much fun: I have sweat running down my nose for an hour, have some laughs with some great people, get encouraged by a great teacher, all while my children are still asleep. It’s a great way to start the day! (blah, blah..)

Helen Rousseau, 42
Stay-at-home mother of 4,
Newton, MA

My Energy Level is Up, My Confidence is Up, and I am Starting to Live My Life Again!

“During this 12 week period I have lost 19.5 pounds, dropped 2 dress sizes, decreased my body fat by 10.3%, decreased my waist by 4.75″ and hips by 4 1/16” along with a series of personal fitness milestones including running a 10:35 minute mile! My energy level is up, my confidence is up, and I am starting to live my life again!

This is just the beginning; I have many more goals to reach. I would like to: continue lowering my body fat, decrease my waist and hips measurements, build more lean muscle, and improve my fitness level making new fitness milestones, including running a 9+ minute mile! I am very fortunate to have a loving family and friends to support me in my journey at home! I feel incredible, I am very happy; I have won already, as I have changed my life!”

Sally Babigian

Thanks for the results. I’m pretty psyched about them! Though I think I still have some room for growth. I have to say I wasn’t that psyched about going through the assessment. I was thinking that it wasn’t going to be that pleasant but I guess getting into shape makes a huge difference because overall I didn’t find it to be too taxing. I remembered how difficult that 1 mile was for me the first time and I wasn’t looking forward to it but surprisingly it turned out to be a breeze. Maybe I’ll turn into a runner after all (have never really been).

Quyen Chu,
36, Mother of 2
Newton, MA


Where do I begin….I am 42 years old and was previously very active in sports until we had children. We now have 3 boys. They are active in sports and I coach all of them. This leaves little time for me. I found your boot camp that was offered in the morning and decided to do something for myself. This was the best thing I have done for myself in 15 years. The camp is very challenging, however it is very supportive. Since starting I have so much more energy, I have lost over 20 pounds and feel great. The only regret is that I didn’t find you sooner.

Thanks for everything,

Jeff Evaul

“Btw, boot camp has been awesome…I totally love it! It’s exactly what I needed to jump-start my fitness routine. I can’t believe 4 weeks have flown by already. icon smile Success Stories


Florence Chan,
Human Resources