Total Body AB Workout

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Foam Roll 5min (10:5; aim for 5-10 rolls)

Foam Roll Upper to Lower Back

Foam Roll Thoracic Extension

Foam Roll 1-Arm Lat, R/L

Foam Roll Piriformis, R/L

Foam Roll 1-Leg Hamstring, R/L

Foam Roll 1-Leg Calf, R/L

Foam Roll 1-Arm Pec, R/L

Foam Roll Bent-Knee Adductor, R/L

Foam Roll Hip Flexor / Quad,R/L

Foam Roll TFL, R/L

Foam Roll IT-Band, R/L

Movement Prep:  5min (50:10)

  1. 3-Way Flat Ankle Mobes x5e
  2. ½ Kneeling Hip Flexor Mobes @ Wall x8e
  3. 1-Leg Bridge x8e
  4. Side-Lying Thoracic Extension w/ Rotation x8e
  5. Deep Squat x8

Total Body Ab Workout

Do this:

Beach Season = Beach Muscles and abs are the perfect accessory to a bathing suit.  Do this workout 1-3x/wk before your @ home cardio workouts or after your W-D strength or challenge workouts.  Again, simple, fun and effective.

5-18min Ab Circuit:  *click here to watch video while you train*.

5min = 1 round,

A1.  Body Saw 3x5ct extension, 3ct squeeze, 2ct pull

A2.  Squatting DB Diagonal Raises x7e

A3.  Mountain Sliders 3x1ct pull, 2ct squeeze, 1ct extend each side

A4.  Lateral Skaters x5e

A5.  Side Plank against Wall x20sec each

A6.  High Knee Run x30

A7.  Plank Reaches x4e

A8.  Squatting DB Chops x7e

A9.  Plank Towel Jacks x15

A10.  Jumping Jacks x30

*rest 1-minute; stretch something tight, repeat 1-2 more times if necessary


Static Stretch W-B Series (5min) – 25:5

Push Up Calf, R / L

Split Adductor Mobes, R / L

Side-Lying Thoracic Hold, R/L

Seated Piriformis @ Wall, R/L

½ Kneel Quad + Hip Flexor Push @ Wall, R/L