2010, Phase 1, Week 4 Recap

Happy Friday!  TGIF! Wow, what a week.  You totally rocked it.  Either the challenges were too easy or you really worked hard because all classes beat all challenges convincingly and that wasn’t my goal when I created them.  Congratulations! This week’s agenda: Week 4 Recap Inspirational Stories Nutrition Tip Week 5 Theme Cardio Minutes Ab Workout for Haiti Questions Week 4 Recap Monday was the last day of progression week in which you either worked to go faster or you worked on a higher level of exercise or you worked with heavier weights.  What did you think of progression week?  Were you ready for it?  How did it compare to the 1st 2 weeks?  Please comment below. Tuesday / Wednesday marked the start of challenge week.  This [...]

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Ab Workout for Haiti

Ab Workout for Haiti
Learn a do anywhere Ab Workout, that’s hard, challenging, safe & results oriented. Donate $20 to help Haiti recover. Meet other people who desire to get in their best shape.

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2010, Phase 1, Week 3 Recap

Good morning and Happy Monday to you! Man, I had a great weekend. Did my first, 2nd and 10th Karaoke songs (Under the Bridge by Red Hot Chili Peppers is my money song with Since You Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson as a close 2nd, wink). Did you know YouTube has almost unlimited Karaoke songs right there? Also did a little Portuguese folk dancing in the kitchen to George Ferreira. Crazy. Sunday was a big meal prep day for the week. Planned out 38 meals, hit the grocery store for food I didn’t have and came home and set up shop. Made 5 oatmeal/egg white/mixed berries & mixed nuts, 4-Cauliflower / Salmon soup, 4-Turkey Meatball Tomato Basil Soups, 2 deli meat/carrots & cukes/hummus snacks, 2 apple (2) [...]

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Week 1 Recap (2010, Phase 1)

Week 1 Recap Hello and happy Monday! You’ve completed your first week of boot camp for the 2010 season. How do you feel? I’m really curious what you thought about our shoulder finisher from the last class. Was it effective? J Each week I will write to you and provide you with some updates and inspiration. Got a question? Send it to me and I’ll answer it. This week’s agenda: Week 1 Recap Snow Day Weekly Themes Cardio Minutes Guest Day Measurements & Testing Recovery Week Cardio Billing Change Your Body Challenge (CYBC) Post Below Snow Day Policy If there is snow on the ground, but it is not snowing, class will most likely be on. If there is snow on the ground and it is snowing, [...]

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Only One Body

Here's a guest post from one of my mentors, Mike Boyle Only One Body Imagine you are sixteen years old and your parents give you your first car. They also give you simple instructions. There is one small hitch, you only get one car, you can never get another. Never. No trade-ins, no trade-ups. Nothing Ask yourself how would you maintain that car? My guess is you would be meticulous. Frequent oil changes, proper fuel, etc. Now imagine if your parents also told you that none of the replacement parts for this car would ever work as well as the original parts. Not only that, the replacement parts would be expensive to install and cause you to have decreased use of your car for the rest of [...]

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Phase 9 Cardio Minutes, wks 5 & 6

Please post below, what you did for cardio each of the last 2 weeks.  List the totals separately. Wk 5= Wk 6= Cardio Minutes: Week 5 Time Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Total 6am 20 20 20 60 9am 20 23 20 63 6:30pm 21 20 20 61 Week 6 Time Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Total 6am 20 17 20 57 9am 17 22 15 54 6:30pm 19 13 15 47 // //

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Phase 9, Week 3, Cardio Minutes

Please reply below with your total cardio minutes for last week, your full name and any other comments you'd like to share. Please know that your words will be able to be read by others, but we are doing this so you may inspire your peers, to use accountability to motivate and to keep my inbox from overflowing. Cheers and see you Wednesday @ 6am. Your coach, Mike

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Turkey Workout Summary

Turkey Workout Summary Wednesday, November 18 was the 2nd Annual Gobble, Gobble Turkey Toss, Give to Hungry Learn Fat Loss, Charity Workout. I know that's a mouthful of words, but isn't it symbolic of thanksgiving, a mouthful.  (ba-dum, bump) 2009 Gobble, Gobble Turkey Toss, Give to Hungry, Learn Fat Loss Bishop Mackenzie Center, 1337 Centre Street, Newton, Ma From back row left to right:  Dick Rodgers, Jonathon Alves, Lauren Alves, Louise Civetti, Ben Kaplan, Lora Gross-Kostka, Amy Travers Front Row Left to Right:  Helen Rousseau, Karen Axelrod, Marisa Cimino, Mike Alves This year we had 9 participants, down from 18 our first year, but really good with only a week's notice and ZERO marketing outside of an e-vite.  We collected 11 frozen Turkeys for the [...]

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Welcoming Client Feedback

Greetings! One of the things my clients find special about their Newton Boot Camp is the continual solicitation of their feedback.  Between surveys, phone calls, e-mails, after class conversations and messenger pigeons I truly do my best to customize both the service and the program to their goals and their needs.  So far it's worked out tremendously. Here are 2 great e-mails I received from clients today answering questions I had asked previously. From: Nanna R To: Michael Alves Sent: Friday, September 4, 2009 10:24:11 AM Subject: compliment Hi Mike, Thanks for a great workout this morning! I was so tempted not to show up this morning after a particularly unproductive yet stressful week. But I am of course glad I did show up! These workouts fuel [...]

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