How is your recovery week going?

I am still amazed by your finish and how strong you trained the last few 2 weeks.  Each week you got better, but those last 2 weeks were impressive.  You were strong, you were enduring, and you were mentally and physically tough.  In some way shape or form, you and each of your teammates set a personal record of sorts.  You either did a higher level of exercise, completed more reps, did more rounds, lifted or ran faster, finished earlier or lifted heavier weights.  High Five!

This week’s agenda:

Next Phase

Next phase begins 8am, Sunday, February 21 at the Mackenzie Center with Measurements & Orientation.  Any current boot campers who would like to have their measurements recorded must RSVP to this webpage to schedule an appointment.  Each appointment will last 3-4 minutes.  Current boot campers go first and then new recruits will follow.

Phase 2 is 4 weeks in length and runs from Feb 21 to March 21st.  This will be our spring break workout.  Have you ever gone on one of those spring break trips?  I did (Cancun).  It definitely is wild and I remember getting beach ready for those trips, so if you’re going away and you want to talk about peaking let me know.


Most every phase, I send out a survey to ask you for feedback on your boot camp experience.  This is a huge opportunity for you, to help me deliver the best possible experience and service while yielding the fastest results.  Please take a moment and complete the brief 10 question survey.

Click here.

Recovery Week Workout

Each recovery week, I will provide current boot campers (memberships of 3-months or greater) with a recovery week workout to use at your discretion.  This week is a Do Anywhere Abs Workout.  Check your inbox for it.

Week 5 Recap

We had 2 challenge days and 1 post testing day.  Each day the classes as a whole seemed to get stronger and stronger and culminated with strong finishes on post-testing day.

You beat all 3 team challenges and everyone beat the individual challenge.  Congratulations and I’ll do better to make it a bit more difficult (wink).

Interesting note.  No class beat the push up challenge, but because it was combined with the 30:60:90 round & round we go challenge, it didn’t matter.

High five to our top 10 Individual Challenge finishers:  Marisa Cimino, Linda Riak, Susan Poston, Charlotte Vanlier, Marc Gromada, Maria Vacca, Paul Cullen, Jeff Evaul, Janice Copley and Sal Companieh.  You’ve gotten yourself into much better condition.  Good job.

There are 2 things to keep in mind regarding the individual challenge.  First, some people will be more likely to finish early than others.  People with more fast twitch muscle fibers, people who are in better shape, people with lower BMI’s and body fat %, type A people, former or current athletes and competitive people in general.  If you don’t fall into one of these categories it doesn’t matter.  We have an environment that is designed to help you change.  Everyone gets better together.  In shape help the less in shape, strong help the weak.  At the end of the day, we all just want to get better.

Second.  I added the individual challenge b/c I knew it would motivate the above people to get better.  Challenges like that bring out the best in those type of people.  I also know that, some people are slow starters, are more out of shape than others, need to see other people do it first, need to be in positive environments, need to have people to look up to and need to remember at the end of the day, you’re only competing against yourself.

Remember, everyone beat the individual challenge.  You all won!

To see the results, click here.

Post Testing Results

Too see your results:  click here

Inspirational Stories

Looks like it was Paul Cullen’s phase.  Not only did he complete the pyramid finisher in 6:09 and run a 7:38 mile, but he also set the male class record for shuttle runs with 17.

Florence Chan, Quyen Chu and Barbara Rutberg all showed up early to the Ab Workout for some outdoor road sprints on a cold day.  Check out their photo.

Flo, Quyen & Barbara, 02.11.10

Linda Riak tied Quyen’s old frog squat record at 58, only to have Quyen beat it with a 63 and Kathleen Cote set the new record at 65.  High fives to everyone.

The old push up record for women, held by Alicia Straus was 23 (regular) and it was tied by Pam Venti and Alicia and then broken by Jennifer Stomberg and Maria Vacca.  Men, when are you going to beat the 50 push up mark?

There are bucket loads of inspirational stories from this past phase.  Measurements, testing, lifestyle, nutrition,… there are numerous changes being made by you and your peers.  If you want to get a shout out in the weekly recap and inspire your peers, please share your success stories with us.

Cardio Minutes:

Week 5 Cardio Minutes:

Time Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Total
6am 21 20 20 61
9am 20 20 20 60
6:30pm 20 18 20 58

Recovery Week Goals:

Rookies / Returning boot campers:  males = 175 minutes, females = 250 minutes

Please comment below with your week 5 cardio total.  Thank you!

AB Workout for Haiti

We raised $240.  Thank you Barbara, Becca, Flo, Alicia, Ellen, Marisa, Marc, Maria, Quyen, Sal, Carol, and Sally for donating.  Thank you the Mackenzie Center for providing us with the space and time slot.

100% of proceeds will go to support the people of Haiti via the American Red Cross.

Cheers and see you Sunday or Monday.

Your coach,

Mike Alves

Newton Boot Camp

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