Happy 4th of July to you!  I hope you’re feeling great and enjoying your holiday weekend.  I’m grateful to live in America and I’m grateful to get to coach wonderful people like you.  This weeks recap includes a ton of shout outs and 3 awesome challenge workouts.  The 1st two are DB Complexes and are very challenging muscularly, but should give you a great hormonal release and energize you later, while pumping up your beach muscles.  You could follow up one of the challenge workouts with some sprint conditioning we did in class to help with muscle definition that makes beach season more fun.

The 3rd challenge workout is a classic, that’s been recycled from January 2013.  It’s 150 reps of spider march kick thru’s and hands free burpee jumps.  I remember doing this workout on a family vacation to Clearwater Beach, FL and doing this on a peer in front of the place we stayed.  It’s a perfect strength, mobility, cardio & core workout, that’s a fast workout, (short in duration) and doesn’t necessarily need a warm up.  Cheers and see you Monday the 14th.

This week’s agenda:

  • Cardio Minutes
  • Weekly Themes
  • Empower Week Plan
  • Empower Week Schedule
  • Challenge Workouts
  • Quarter 3
  • Phase 8
  • Shout Outs

Cardio Minutes:  Week 3

Time Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Total
6am 15 20 17 52
9am 15 20 17 52
6:30pm 15 20 17 52

Empowerment Week Cardio Plan:  click here to view.

Weekly Themes

Week 4:  Empowerment Week / Challenge Week:  Train on own, max reps, sets, rounds and/or weight in same time or less / Perfect form / Very Sore, but loving it /

/ M&O

Empowerment Week Plan

Next week is Empowerment Week (EW).  You can choose to do cardio only if you’re feeling beat up and your body is in need of a rest, but if you’re feeling great, ready to go and you don’t want to stop, then the Challenge Week Workouts are your best decisions.

EW Option #1:  no strength training, do EW cardio goal only and other recreational activities.

EW Option #2:  do some strength training (decrease total work volume by 50%), do cardio goal and other recreational activities

Strength Training Example:  1-3 challenge workouts, but only 10min of strength challenge, ½ the conditioning challenge and w/ the Finisher optional; also can choose own strength training option like a class, 4 Week Fat Loss Jump Start Program, Hotel Travel Workout Routine or other.  Remember to decrease training volume.  Easiest way to do this is to train strength for ONLY 10-minutes, 1-3x/wk instead of 20minutes, 1-3x/wk.

EW Option #3:  strength train, do cardio goal with other recreational activities optional.

Strength Training Example:  1-3 Full Challenge Workouts, 4 Week Fat Loss Jump Start Workout, Hotel Travel Workout Routine, a class or other strength training option.

To see the Empowerment Week Plan with cardio minute goals, challenge workouts, the 4 Week Fat Loss Jump Start Workout and the Hotel Travel Workout Routine, click here.

Challenge Workouts

PDF:  2014, P7, Challenge Workouts


Challenge Workout #1, P7, 2014

Challenge Workout #2, P7, 2014

Challenge Workout #3, P7, 2014


How to download the videos from YouTube to watch later?

Quarter 3

June 15 to August 30 (phases 7-9)

This will be the hardest training quarter of the year.  If you match the intensity of the programming with equal effort in the gym, at the table and with your sleep, you could make this your best summer ever.

Phase 8

  • P8 Orientation is 8am-10am, Sunday, July 13, 2014 @ Mackenzie Center
  • 1st Classes begin on Monday, July 14, 2014.
  • P8 we’ll continue training for beach season as well as preparing you for fall sports and peaking for end of summer races and events.

Shout Outs

  • 2014, P7, Week 2, Cardio High Fives:  Helen Rousseau, Alicia Straus, Carol Vaghar, Marisa Cimino, Dana Dornbusch, Walter Piescik, Ceci Dunn, Jim Pelis, Christine Murphy, Susan Suminski, Mich Crowley, Quyen Chu, Lauren Coyne, Peter Kelly, Cecilia Vernes, Amy Fleischman, Russell Neufeld, Steve Froyman, Krista Kett, Lisa Listerman, Paula Pollis, Michaela Millot, Karna Krishna, Carlos Garcia, Ed Pollis, Gregor Rohda, Deb Bryant, Domenica Puleo, Nell Kisiel and Lynda Bolduc-Hicks. Great week for you and great momentum leading into a holiday week.  High Five!
  • 2014, P7, Perfect Attendance through week 3:  Dana Dornbusch, Susan Suminski, Mich Crowley, Bernadette McCarthy, Regina Lavelle, Amy Fleischman, Julie Levin, Sean Crowley, Steve Froyman, Krista Kett, Lisa Listerman, Paula Pollis, Marina Khabituyeva, Karna Krishna, Donna O’Leary, Deborah Bryant, Domenica Puleo, Joan Duffy and Lynda Bolduc-Hicks. You can’t make change happen if you don’t show up.  You showed up.  Hoo-Rah and High Five!
  • 2014, Year-to-Date, Perfect Attendance through Phase 7:  Lynda Bolduc-Hicks, Susan Suminski, Cecilia Vernes, Madeline McNeely, Amy Fleischman, Julie Levin, Randi Sharek, Samantha Cafferty, Deborah Bryant, Domenica Puleo and Nadine SchmittI grew up in a family where we got $1 per A, but you could get $50 for straight A’s.  I never got straight A’s though I came close in college one semester, when I had 6 A’s and 1 B.  My sister Emily on the other hand rarely missed straight A’s and got a full, academic scholarship to college.  I asked her, her secret and she said she just showed up to class and did her homework.  Most of her classmates either didn’t show up or didn’t do their homework.  She did both.  If you take a long term view of winning the health, body transformation and performance game, showing up increases your chances for success vs. those who don’t.
  • 2014, P7, Week 3, Kick A** Weigh In (person with weight loss goal, who’s after class, shoes on weigh in,  beat last shoes off weigh in):  Jennifer O’Leary, Alicia Straus, Jim Pelis, Quyen Chu, Nell Kisiel and Lynda Bolduc-Hicks. The few, the proud, this weeks’ change makers!
  • Random Shouts Outs
    • Carlos Garcia for running 20×400 (that’s 20, one-time sprints, around a track).  He averaged 88 sec and his best was 82sec.  That’s the equivalent of a sub-6min mile.  Hoo-Rah!
    • Carlos Garcia for also co-winning his Men’s Doubles Tennis Semi-final and getting to play in the finals next week.
    • Helen Rousseau for the awesome family boot camp trailer you made.
    • Marisa Cimino for covering the week 2 Monday classes.  You helped me and you helped everyone who trained that day have a normal jumpstart to their week.  Thank you.  J
    • Jim Pelis for bringing his cholesterol level into the “normal” range through diet alone.
    • Kerry Cietanno, happy honeymoon!
    • Julie Levin and Krista Kett for bringing guests this week.  Julie brought her daughter Karina and Krista brought her friend Anne.
    • Lisa Listerman for completing her 1st triathlon of the season, an Olympic distance in VT.
    • Gregor Rohda for beating his cycling peers in sprints.
    • Deborah Bryant for buying a new home.
    • Kim Callanan for buying a new home.
    • Lynda Bolduc-Hicks for the referral.
    • Scott Kanter, Christine Murphy, Domenica Puleo, Deborah Bryant, Nasrin Sadeghi for your recent and very awesome, social media testimonials.
    • Stadium Run participants:  Helen R, Quyen C, Ceci D, Christine M, Russ N, Cecilia V, Nasrin S, Mich C, Lauren C, Sean C, Ed P, Deb B, Domenica P, Joan D and Scott KThank you for joining me in a gorgeous day of high intensity anaerobic & aerobic conditioning and a week of calf and quad sorness.
    • Nutrition Discussion & Grocery Shopping Tour participants:  Joan Duffy, Domenica Puleo and Lynda Bolduc-Hicksthe saying is, “abs are made in the kitchen”, so I wish you great abs, high performing days, consistent moods, and rapid recovery from big energy outputs.
    • P6 Post Measurements
      • Deborah Bryant for dropping 1 dress size, 17lbs. of fat mass (24 total scale lbs.), 4.6% BF, 3.9 BMI units, 7.9” from her waist and 3.6” from her hips in 12 weeks.  Can anyone guess who’s going to have a great start to her summer?  That’s right!  Deborah is.  High Five Deborah for making change happen!
      • Joan Duffy lost 1.6% BF, 0.8 BMI units, 4.6 lbs. of fat mass, 0.5” from her waist and 0.8” from her hips in her 1st 3 weeks!  Way to go Joan!
      • Domenica Puleo decreased her fat mass by 6.75 lbs., total scale lbs. by 10.2, BF% by 1.2%, BMI by 1.7 units, waist by 1.25” and her hips by 1” in 7 weeks.  High Five Domenica, you’re doing great!  Also, thank you for helping me pick up the cones and another high five for almost always being the 1st to arrive at the 6am.
      • Maura Harrington gained 0.81 lbs. of lean mass while dropping 2.5% BF, 1.4 BMI units, 5.81 lbs. of fat mass, 1.75” from her waist and 0.5” from her hips in her 1st 3 weeks.  She has also decided to continue on and become a member.  High Five Maura!
      • Nadine Schmitt gained 3.48 lbs of lean mass, while dropping 12 lbs. of fat mass, 6.5% BF, 2.6 BMI units, 0.5” from her waist and 0.25” from her hips in her 1st 3 weeks.  High Five Nadine for being a great example of what a hardworking, young & healthy person can do in a short period of time (3 weeks) if they make a commitment to training and improve their nutrition.  Or maybe it’s just German’s (wink)!
      • Jillian Queen wasn’t going to allow Nadine to be the only non-American born rookie to have great results in 3 weeks as she decreased her BF% by 2.2, her BMI by 1.2, her fat mass by 5.67 lbs. and her waist by 1”.  That is awesome Jillian, but then again, I wouldn’t expect anything less from a Queen!
      • Jim Pelis is 1-month shy of his 3 year anniversary and 0.3 lbs. shy of hitting his ideal BW after dropping 21.4 lbs. of fat mass, 28.6 total scale lbs., 4 pant sizes, 8.5% BF, 5.25” from his waist, 3.4” from his hips and assumingly a lot of cash on either new clothes or clothes alterations.  Way to go Jim!  You can do it and what better time to be in your leanest state to date than surf season.  Hoo-Rah JP!

Your coach,

Mike Alves

Newton Boot Camp

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