Below is your empowerment week plan.

Perform the following active recovery workouts if you feel beat up, semi-beat up or if you feel great.

Beat Up: NO strength, 360F / 250M min of total cardio (can be weight bearing and non weight bearing) sprint intervals and non-sprint, lots of long walks or multiple chunks of short walks. Eat lean & clean.

Semi-Beat Up: 50% total strength & conditioning workout volume (instead of 20min of strength, do 10min; instead of 20min conditioning, do 10min) x 1-3 days (see workouts below), 250F/175M weight bearing cardio minutes for Weight Loss, 190F / 125M weight bearing interval conditioning minutes for Fat Loss. Eat lean & clean.

Feel Great: 1-3 days of full strength & conditioning workout routines (see workouts below), 250/175 weight bearing cardio minutes or 190F / 125M weight bearing interval conditioning minutes. Eat lean & clean.

Here are great Empowerment Week Workouts you can do.


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Past Favorites

pdf: 4 week Fat Loss Jump Start program.

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pdf: Pre-Beach Routine (3rds AFAP).

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video: Current #1 CW on YouTube from 2016, P5, CW#4 (7 Courses AFAP)

video: #1 Body Weight Challenge Workout (150 reps in 15min or less)

video: Basketball Ladders, Push Ups & DB Rows (max rounds in 15min)

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