Great Tuesday to you!

I hope this recap reaches, you on a post workout high from yesterday and yearning for some more.  Tonight & tomorrow are Metabolic Acceleration or “fast” workouts.  Until then, onto …

This week’s agenda:

  • Cardio Minutes
  • Rookies
  • P3 Overview
  • Week 1 Recap
  • Weekly Themes
  • Guest Day
  • Nutrition Tip
  • ND & GST
  • Post Measurements
  • Ask Mike
  • Facebook
  • Shout Outs
  • FAB 2012
  • Burn & Earn

Cardio Minutes:

Time Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Total
6am 15 16 15 46
9am 15 17 15 45
6:30pm 15 15 15 45

Week 1 Goals:

Rookie Cardio Goals for Weight Loss:

  • Wk1:  males = 125, females = 190
  • Wk2:  males = 150*, females = 220 * (if weight loss is goal)
  • Wk3:  males = 175*, females = 250 * (if weight loss is goal)

Returning Boot Campers Cardio Minute Goals based on Personal Goals

  • Weight Loss (WL):  175 males / 250 females
  • Fat Loss / Weight Maintenance (FL):  125 males / 190 females; primarily interval sprint based
  • Performance:  ask me

Click here to review interval training program handout and for examples of workouts

When reporting minutes via email, if you’re using the fat loss / weight maintenance goal, please denote it like this:  FL your cardio number min.  If your goal is weight loss, please denote it like this, WLyour cardio number min.  This will help me know whether to give you a high five or not.


CYBBC Family please welcome the following rookies who will be joining us for phase 3, Lauren DeSoiza (6:30pm), Christopher Lynch (6am), Lisa Cahan (6:30pm) and Joshua Gann (6am).

Please also welcome back Thomas John (6:30pm/9am), Mary Thomas (6:30pm/9am) and Kim Santilli-Tommaney (6:30pm).

Last please welcome new members Christine Murphy (6:30pm/9am) Alison Occhiuti (6:30pm), Leslie Zelada (9am), Jennifer St. Onge (6:30pm), Susan Suminski (6:30pm/6am), Peter Kelly (6am), Michele Pelletier (6:30pm) and Karen Cietanno (6:30pm/6am) to the CYBBC Family.

P3 Overview

P3 will be the last phase we’ll be preparing for the spring sports, activities and clothing before shifting our theming to summer sports, activities and clothing (or the lack thereof).  We’ll continue to pair you with a partner to maximize results.  Remember the more you push, motivate and coach your partner the better you’ll look through reciprocation.  Rapid & sustainable body changes here we come.

2012 Exercise Goals

2012 I have some goals for each of you and those are to be able to do real pushups, hands stand pushups against the wall, chin ups, 1-leg pistol squats and inverted rows full suspended under the anchor point.  In this phase I’ve introduced the hand stand push up hold against the wall.  Many are already able to do it.

With this being said, you may see a lot of similar exercises over the year.  This is so you can practice and master movement patterns to enable you to complete the above exercise goals for 2012.  If you can do these exercises, you’ll most likely have decreased body fat, strong lean & tone muscles and pound for pound you’ll be pretty bad a**.

Movement Prep

To be able to do our 2012 Exercise Goals, we’ll need to correct rounded shoulders, soft midsections, tight hip flexors, soft butts and stiff ankles and our warm up will continue to address these as will the rest of our programming.


We’ve also kept the abs, shoulders and butt finishers as I feel these compliment both your goals, correcting the effects from the holiday season and winter (sitting on your butt too much) and preparing you for the spring.


Sprints Around the Gym (SAG), Triathlon Relays and Band Relays will continue with subtle variable manipulation.  Seems like we hit the smile trifecta with these workouts.

Week 1 Recap

Workout A, was a class favorite because there were no breaks, it flowed well, we did the workout together and I showed you the level changes as the workout progressed.  This is how all of our 2009 workouts were, but as the class progressed, we introduced more advance exercises and made the programming more challenging which required stations.  As you master these more challenging exercises we’ll get to the point where I can just write the workout on a board, set the timer and say “go”.  For now we’ll need to take the time to teach you the correct movement patterns & progressions.  If you have better way I’m open to suggestions.

On the subject of better or different ways, what did you think of demonstrating the exercises before rolling?  Should we continue this practice?

Weekly Themes

Each week we’ll have a different theme and even some days we’ll have a different theme.  Themes make your experience more fun and remind you of how your body will be feeling or what you’ll be doing.

Week 1: Intro / Measurements & Orientation / Cardio Progression Week for Returning Boot Campers / Less Sets, Reps, Rounds and/or Load.  Perfect form.  Very Sore Week for All

Week 2: 2nd Exposure / Regular reps, sets, rounds and/or load  / Perfect form / Less Sore

Nutrition Discussion / Grocery Shopping Tour

Week 3: Record Week / Increased reps, sets, rounds and/or load / Perfect form / Sore / Post Testing

Recovery Week: Challenge Week / Individual Challenge Week / On own, max reps, sets, rounds and/or weight in same time or less / Perfect form / Very Sore, but loving it /

/ M&O

Guest Day

Guest Day is a courtesy amenity of CYBBC to help build your support circle, provide an experience for your support circle to understand what it is you do and to not skip a beat when guests visit from out of town.

Local Guest Day is scheduled for the middle class of the 3rd week.  You are welcome to bring a local guest to class on one of the below dates.

  • 6:30pm, Tues, 3/13 @ Mackenzie Center
  • 6am, Wed, 3/14 @ B&G Club
  • 9am, Wed, 3/14 @ Mackenzie Center

Non-Local / Out of Town Guest Day is any day.  To learn more about guest days click here.

Got a guest?  Send them to this link to sign up:

Nutrition Tip


Legumes are a great source of carbohydrate, fiber and protein and can help to stabilize blood sugar if consumed with a meal.  I’ve been testing consuming legumes with EVERY MEAL for the last 8 weeks and I’ve experienced weekly decreases in body fat since my post honeymoon / holiday season high as well as the awesome feeling of stable blood sugar, stable moods and consistently high energy (productivity).  They’re a huge foundation of the CYBBC Nutrition Plan that is being re-written and what is being taught to the new rookies who have joined the last 2 phases and have experienced pretty awesome body changes in 3 weeks (just ask the P2 rookies or look at all the people who became members; it works!).


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Nutrition Discussion & Grocery Shopping Tour

10am-11am, Boys & Girls Club, 675 Watertown St, Newton, MA  02460

11-12pm Stop & Shop, 171 Watertown St, Watertown, MA  02472

Accelerate change.  Learn the what, when, why & how’s of nutrition to leap frog forward towards your goals.  Learn how I hacked Dr. Tom’s weight loss plan and get a preview of the revised CYBBC plan to come.  RSVP by email to attend.

Post Measurements

8am, Saturday, March 17 @ Mackenzie.  You’ll need to RSVP to secure your 4-minute appointment.  I’ll send an, “RSVP Now”, email on Thursday, March 15 at 1pm.  The 1st to reply gets the 1st time slot, 2nd to reply gets the second time slot, and so on…

Ask Mike

Got a question.  Ask me.  Click here to see past questions answered.


If you’re on facebook.  Become a fan and like us:  Go to our fan page and say hi!

Shout Outs

  • 2012, P3, Perfect Attendance through week 1: Helen Rousseau, Alicia Straus, Katy Coughlin, Marisa Cimino, Lisa DeLima, Dana Dornbusch, Deb Rooney, Krista Kett, Walter Piescik, Ceci Dunn, Jennifer Mendelsohn, Eric Riak, Ilona Goldfarb, Donna O’Leary, Lori Arnold, Sharon Russo, Thomas John, Mary Thomas, Greg Pinto, Christine Murphy, Alison Occhiuti, Jennifer St. Onge, Susan Suminski,  Peter Kelly, Michele Pelletier, Kerry Cietanno, Lauren DeSoiza, Christopher Lynch, Lisa Cahan and Joshua Gann.

FAB 2012

Bonus #1:  15 Minute Manual Stretch / Quarter

6am 9am 6:30pm
  1. James Glanville
  2. Scott Timmins
1. Eva Chittenden
  1. Marc Gromada
  2. n/a
2. n/a
  1. Eric Riak
  2. n/a
3. n/a

Please email me to schedule your 15 minute manual stretch.  1st come 1st scheduled.

Burn & Earn

Gretchen Reynolds, possibly my favorite NY Times writer or at least the only NY Times writer I know by name, wrote a great article on “Why it’s so important to keep moving?” It’s a very cool article showing how people who are active can tolerate certain foods, but when they are inactive (active subjects in study were asked to not exercise while eating the same) they can’t tolerate the same foods and become susceptible to disease just like anyone else.  My take home moral of the story, is everyone’s at risk, including me, if we don’t live an active lifestyle and burn & earn before & after splurge days / meals.  Thank you Hillary Ashton for sharing the article. 

Your coach,

Mike Alves

Newton Boot Camp