Ceci D, a 6am Newton boot camp client was participating in the May 6, 2012, Project Bread, 20-Mile Walk for Hunger with her husband and 2 sons and asked me what she could do to prevent her feet from cramping during the event.

Now it’s not uncommon for someone’s feet to cramp when you’re not only walking 20-miles, but your weight bearing / standing on your feet for 6 hours straight.

Here was my recommendation:

Before walk

  • roll feet with lacrosse ball x 5-10 rolls
  • roll calves with lacrosse ball x 5-10 rolls
  • stretch calves x30sec / leg
  • incline ankles mobes x 8 each leg
  • 2-Leg Glute Bridge x 50 reps

During walk- stop every 4-5miles and

  • stretch calves / foot by putting foot against street sign pole x 30seconds / leg.
  • carry a lacrosse ball / golf ball and take shoe off and roll bottom of foot x 30sec / foot.

Ceci reported that she did the exercises before and during the 20-mile walk and that her boys thought it was a good idea and did them with her.

High Five Ceci and thank you for asking the question.

Got a question?  Ask Coach Mike.

Your coach,

Mike Alves

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