Well, tomorrows the grand finale.  The last day of the Drop A Dress or Pant Size in 21 Days.  After 10+ years of practice and fine tuning, I’ve created a system that works in both the short & long term.  It can even help you drop a dress or pant size in only 3 weeks.  The question I ask myself is how well can I coach, inspire, motivate, educate and influence your behaviors during that time span.  And of course you have to help out a bit too.  J

If you attended 9 classes, met or exceeded your weekly cardio goal, followed our nutrition plan 90% of the time, and embraced this short term goal, you’ve probably experienced the success I’ve talked about and our planning your next shopping trip.  If not,…lucky for you, tomorrow brings a fresh start.

This week’s agenda:

  • Week 3 Recap
  • Challenge Week
  • Phase 3 Recap
  • Post Testing
  • Nutrition Tip
  • Cardio Minutes
  • Questions
  • Shout Outs
  • Post Measurements
  • Survey
  • Recovery Week Workout
  • Refer-A-Friend
  • Phase 4

Week 3 Recap

This past week we tested on Monday, completed Team Challenge #3 on Tues/Wed and had the Individual Challenge on the last class of the week.  Having been through workouts like you just went through, you should be feeling the compounding effects of elevated metabolisms, daily happy hormonal releases and body shaping, fat burning workouts.

You’ll be walking a bit taller now as due to your vibrant internal glow.  Whether or not you needed it your self esteem just got sharpened as you pushed yourself to new limits.  Life may seem a bit easier or things that used to bother you, you may not even notice.  It’s all very exciting.  I like training for the sake of training, but to get my family & some friends on board I have to talk about the benefits because that’s more appealing than a Tuna, Broccoli, Black Bean & Sunflower Seed Shake.  (if you’ve attended the nutrition discussion, you know what I’m talking about).

In any event, let me remind you of why you joined.  There was something you weren’t happy about.  In fact you may have been sick and tired of feeling, looking or moving a certain way, so you decided to take some action.  You wanted to lose weight, fit your clothes better, have more energy, lower your risk for disease, be healthy, lose fat, get stronger, be more athletic, get ready for a special event, tone your arms, legs, abs, or butt.  You didn’t want to feel tired ascending stairs, become an obesity statistic or get (insert disease) like the rest of your family.

Instead, you did some research, maybe asked a friend or surfed the internet and you found Change Your Body Boot Camps.   You built up the courage, you submitted the registration packet, purchased some weird equipment and took a chance.

You may have been scared, second guessed yourself or maybe even promised to just stick it out for a week.

But you didn’t do that.  You did more.  You cowboyed up.  Started to believe in yourself, in your teammates, the program and in me.  Now you’ve just finished the hardest 3 weeks of CYBBC history.  High five to you!

O.K.  Enough rah, rah!  On to the remainder of the recap.

Challenge Week

To see the results of the 4 Challenges click here:  https://bootcampboston.com/challenge-week-phase-3-2010/.

No class beat both strength & conditioning challenges, but you put forth great effort and in reality these are just fun ways to inspire you to push your limits.

Phase 3 Recap

This phase was a brief 3 weeks, so I decided to combine phase 2 (4 weeks), the recovery week between p2 & p3 and phase 3 (3 weeks) to make an 8 week program.  Many people were skeptical, but they gave the program & me a shot.  I believe we delivered.  What do you think?

You learned about alternating Periodization in which we do the same workouts on each day (day 1, day 2, …), but we vary the reps each week.  This let you master the exercises, but provided variety and a challenge through different interval rations, intensities and reps.

Post Testing

To see the results of Monday’s testing and past testing click here.

If you’re curious these are the current CYBBC record holders:

Anaerobic Endurance:

Lynn Palmatier 16 shuttles, Paul Cullen 17 shuttles,

Upper Body Strength Endurance:

Marc Gromada broke his previous record of 59 push ups with an amazing 61.

Marisa Cimino broke Linda Riak’s previous record of 25 push ups with an equally amazing 27 push ups.

These are regular push ups too, not kneeling.  Ladies, you have some new super heroes in class.

Lower Body Strength Endurance:

Mary-Alice Tully broke Kathleen Cote’s record of 67 frog squats and Rafael Rivera’s male class record of 70 frog squats with an unbelievable performance of 76 frog squats.

Jackie Bunt ran a 8:12 to break Debbie O’Leary’s indoor 1-mile run time of 8:22.  Nick Toyias’s 7:06 indoor, 1-mile run still stands as the top male time.

Nutrition Tip

This is from my girlfriend Vanessa, the dietician / former restaurant owner.

Best way to make hard boiled eggs.

Place eggs in water and turn heat on high until water begins to simmer (bubbles rise).  Then set a timer for 8 minutes.  Once eight minutes pass, take them out and run under cold water.  This should leave the yolks a bright yellow and not a faded green.

Cardio Minutes:

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Total
6am 20 23 20 63
9am 20 26 20 66
6:30pm 20 26 24 70

Week 3 Goal:

Rookies / Returning Boot Campers:  175 males, 250 females

Got Questions?

Patty from the 6:30pm class asked me a great question that I’ll pass on to you.  Click here to read it.

Shout Outs

Kudos to the 9am class for helping to set up the tables & chairs for the funeral reception of Mayor Warren’s father and a special thank you to Sally Babigian for working behind the scenes during the reception.

Thank you to Ellen Kelley our superstar in the 6:30pm class for allowing us to use the Montessori Gym Thursday night while their school used the Mackenzie.  This allowed us to keep class as scheduled vs moving it to Saturday.

I’d also like to recognize the 9am class for walking and rolling upon arrival.  It’s really a great way to warm yourself up to be warmed up and you get extra cardio minutes.

Kathy Krongel for running your 1st and 2nd 1-mile runs in your life, separated by a weekend.

Jeff Evaul, from the 6am class for his admirable leadership, work ethic and peer support.  He is not only 1 of the 1st to arrive each morning (Jamie Schnitzer and Marc Gromada sometimes beat or tie him), but he inspires people to do better and recognizes people when they do better.  I’m honored to have you in class Jeff and get to coach you.

Sal Companieh, Jamie Schnitzer for rocking the peer support and doing ~150 burpees.

Jack Goldsmith for kindly waiting outdoors at the start of the 6:30pm class while you’re teammates looked for parking.

Each of you who sends me special email, voicemail and text updates.  I read them all and enjoy them.

Post Measurements

Are scheduled for tomorrow, Sunday, April 18 beginning at 8am.  You must rsvp to receive a time reservation.

If you can’t make it, the pre-phase 4 measurements & orientation is Sunday, April 25 at 8am.  You’ll have an opportunity to rsvp for that date if it works better.


Click here to take the phase 3 survey.

Recovery Week

Recovery week is a time for experienced trainees to allow their bodies to rest, recover and heal from intense training.  Less experienced trainees, require less recovery because their bodies aren’t yet able to train at full capacity, therefore they recover much quicker.

You each need to decide for yourself how many days of strength you need.  Is it 0, 1, 2 or 3?  Then get your 4 Week Fat Loss Jump Start Workout out and get cranking.  It’s a do anywhere workout, using the equipment you already have.

Around mid-week I will be providing you with another recovery week workout.  You may use it or save it for later.

Refer A Friend

One of the highest compliments I can receive is a referral from you.  If you love boot camp, refer a friend and they’ll get a free week.  You’ll build your support circle and get a refund. To sign up go to bootcampboston.com

Phase 4

April 26 we’re back in action.  See you then.

Your coach,

Mike Alves

Newton Boot Camp

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