Self-care = taking care of yourself.

You know self-care is important.  You may or may not be great at it all the time.

If you want more from your life, you have to become more to get more.

To become more, you have to do more.

To do more you need to take action.

To take action you need to get moving.

And to get moving you need to just do it!


Once you do it, you need to do it again and again.

Some easy ways to do it again and again are to:

  • do something you enjoy
  • do something you can see progress with and get better at
  • do it with friends and/or other people you like
  • get support
  • go someplace to do it
  • schedule it
  • have an appointment so there’s accountability


If you want to make a change happen.

If you want to change your identity to the person you always knew.

Or you want to change your identity to the person you’ve always wanted to be.

You need to imagine, paint and write down the picture of that person very clearly.

What does she do, what does she not do?

When, where, with who, how and how often does she do and not do those things?

Those things.  They’re processes or habits.

The habits, if you schedule them and make them super simple (how easy is it to fall into a bad habit), then you can more easily fall into a good habit.


Health, Body Transformation and Performance

If you want to

  • see the scale go down (lose weight / weight loss)
  • decrease body fat and tone up, so there’s less to pinch and less to jiggle.
  • build muscle and get firm, so your strong, lean and defined
  • lower your resting heart rate
  • lower your blood pressure
  • increase your circulation
  • decrease your stress
  • sleep deeper, longer and better
  • wake up more rested and energized
  • have energy all day long
  • feel strong all day long
  • feel better
  • sweat
  • decrease your waist, hips, arms, chest or leg circumferences (aka lose inches)
  • increase your waist, hips, arms, chest or leg circumferences (aka gain inches)
  • fit your close better
  • look better, great or even hotter
  • move better
  • be and feel less tight
  • have less aches in pains in your feet, ankles, calves, achilles, knees, legs, hips, low back, upper back, shoulders, arms, neck, elbows, wrist, hands and head
  • run faster
  • jump higher
  • run a 5 or 10k, half marathon or marathon
  • train for a triathlon
  • hike or ski
  • do sports and activities with kids
  • play soccer, tennis, basketball, softball, volleyball, golf, … again
  • do real push ups
  • do a chin up
  • do a pull up
  • do a pistol squat
  • do a handstand push up
  • train like an athlete
  • meet new people
  • be in a positive environment where you get filled up and help fill up others
  • be around healthful living
  • listen to fun music and move to it
  • laugh
  • high five
  • make memories
  • share experiences

If you want to do any of these things.

If you want a scheduled appointment to keep you committed.

If you want a team and a coach to support you.

If you want to learn new things and track your progress.

Let me know.  You can fill out my contact form or start the registration process.  I’d love to learn your story, what your looking to change over the next 12-months and what needs to change to make that happen.


Your fellow human who values the things listed above and schedules them too,


Coach Mike


p.s.  set it and forget it is a nice phrase.  set it and do it might be a better one.  Or even set it and show up.  You get the point though.