In an ideal world, everyone would walk to their dream job, walk to their best case school, have short commutes to the awesome shopping plazas, great public transportation at your finger tips, low to no traffic and congestion, highly rated programs and extracurriculars at your finger tips and 5 star medical care easily assessable.

But that’s not the case in all ways for everyone.

Sometimes you have to go to and find the good stuff.

People do out of the norm commutes for work, school, shopping, extra curricular’s and health care.  Ever met a hockey or private school parent?  Or someone who works in sales, travels for work or leaves before the rooster gets up and gets home after the rooster goes to sleep?  How about people who make long commutes to see specialists or to work with experts?  Ever go out of your way to go to a great store?  Ever go to the Cape on weekends?  Travel during school breaks?  Go north during the winter to ski / board after big snowfall or go to the beach on that perfect summer day?  Have you ever done anything out of the norm, that other people think you’re crazy for doing, and their intentional or unintentional words come across as judgmental because they don’t get it?   Or because they forget they might do it too for something really worthwhile that they love or simply value highly?


That’s why people choose Change Your Body Boot Camps.


They want the good stuff.  They go out of their way to make the schedule work.  They bring their own equipment.  They want what we offer because they know it’s the good stuff.  They want the elite coaching from someone gets them on a deep level and who cares.  They want the programming that’s safe and delivers results.  Programming that’s consistent so they can gain mastery, yet still varied so it stays fresh.  They want awesome people to train with and to be around who are interesting, not tire kickers who complain and don’t really want to be there.  They want a high energy place to go and get filled up at.  A place that’s safe, where they can shed their roles and responsibilities for 60min and just be their self, a fellow human, who’s making time for their self-care, who wants to have a good time, learn & practice new skills and leave feeling better than when they arrived.


It’s the same for my colleagues I look up to except not only do some or many of their clients commute from far to work with them regularly, but they get people who fly in, ride the train in or drive in from distances greater than 90min to work with them for short periods, days, weeks or months or simply for overnight consultations.


You go where the good stuff is.


Sure there are comparable opportunities nearby to you that are more convenient, that are good, maybe great, maybe not great or not good, but for some reason, they’re not the best fit for you.  There’s something lacking.  You know it.  Maybe you can put your finger on it, maybe you can’t, but you know it.  And that’s why, when you find what you’re looking for you’ll know and you’ll go out of your way to make it work, even if it seems crazy to other people.  You know if they were in your shoes it’d make sense to them and you know they do crazy things themselves, that other people wouldn’t do, but they do it anyways because they value it and it’s worth it to them.


You go where the good stuff is.


So do I.  So do you.  So do they.


Don’t judge.  Appreciate.  Admire.  Inquire.  Maybe even try for yourself if it makes sense.


If you do try.  You’ll learn something new.  You’ll learn something about yourself, about your referrer and about the experience.  And it doesn’t even matter if you do it again.  That new experience will have been worth it.  It’ll give you context, a story and a connection.  Yours forever.


But maybe.  That one brave decision to try it, will lead to something you love.  That missing puzzle piece to a life lived better.  To feeling better.  To moving and playing better.  To looking better and to having better health.  And you’ll be forever grateful for not judging and instead trying.  For making a decision.  For taking action.  For showing up.  And then you too, will go to where the good stuff is!


Also going to where the good stuff is,


Coach Mike


p.s.  the first (2) weeks of every phase are guests weeks.  If you or someone you know might like (love) what we do, let me know by filling out our contact form, email introducing or signing up.