Did you play sports growing up?

How about activities?  Did you do any physical extracurricular activities growing up?

If yes, then you probably had gear and had to bring it in a bag.

Football players had cleats, cups, pads, helmets, pants, jerseys, water bottles and a ball.

Soccer players had balls, cleats or turf shoes, shin guards, cups, socks, shorts.

Field Hockey players had sticks, balls, cleats or turf shoes and goggles.

Basketball players have basketball sneakers, a basketball, hand towel for sweat and a water bottle.

Ice Hockey players have a giant bag, sticks, helmets, pads, tape, pucks, cups, jerseys, pants, skates and a water bottle.

Baseball & Softball players have bags, cleats, bats, balls, gloves, cups, pants, jerseys, batting gloves, hats, sun glasses and eye black.

Tennis players have tennis shoes, rackets, balls, water, towel and sun glasses.

Golf players have cleats, bags, clubs, balls, towel and water.

Cyclists have bikes, helmets, GPS, heart rate monitors, cadence readers, glasses, water and nutrition.

Skiers / snowboarders have winter clothing, skis, poles / snowboards, boots, helmets and goggles.

Musicians have instruments, a case, sheet music,  stands, mics, recording devices and maybe an amp.

Artists have easels, paint, crayons, pencils, mocks, writing surfaces and brushes.


You get the idea.  And it doesn’t include bonus items like:

  • rollers,
  • super bands
  • mini bands
  • mats
  • stretch out straps
  • valslides
  • stability balls
  • manual therapy trigger guns
  • TRX’s
  • dumbbells
  • Kettlebells


Most every athlete has their own gear, brings it to practices and games and needs to take care of it and update it as needed.


Equipment We Bring:

The same holds true for our Newton athletes.  Our athletes are required to bring 7 things to every workout.

It’s what we need to do to be great at self-care as part of Change Your Body Boot Camps, so we do it.

And best of all there’s a way to carry your equipment so you look super cool, bad a** and get a great workout while doing it.


How to carry your equipment?

Watch the vide above again to see how to carry your equipment.  Skip forward to 3:18 to see how to pack the gear to carry it and to 4:38 to see what it looks like carrying all the equipment.

If you want to learn more about farmers carries, read this blog post.

If you have a question, fill out our contact form and let me know.

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Thank you for reading.


Fellow athlete who brings gear,


Coach Mike