Great Tuesday to you!

How are you feeling today from day #1 of our big 5 week phase?  This post is an overview of the current phase and remainder of the year.  There are many housekeeping items in it so be sure to read the overviews, the Marisa Cimino introduction, schedule changes for this week and for the rest of the year and more.

Cheers and see you soon.

This week’s agenda:

  • Cardio Minutes
  • Quarterly Overview
  • Phase 12 & 13 Overview
  • Marisa Cimino
  • Thursday / Friday Schedule Change
  • Remaining 2011 Schedule
  • Guest Day
  • ND & GST
  • Rookies

Cardio Minutes: p11, empower week

Time Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Total
6am 20 30 15 65
9am n/a n/a n/a n/a
6:30pm n/a n/a n/a n/a

Please report your Cardio Minutes Now

To review weekly cardio minute goals, how to report your minutes and/or review the interval training program handout, please click here.

Quarterly Overview

To read the Quarter 4 Overview, click here.

Phase 12 & 13 Overview

Phase 12 & 13 will be combined once again like 2010’s yearend program (Cindy Hutters’ favorite) and will create both undulating intensities between each workout and between each week while keeping the exercises the same on each day.  This will allow you to master the exercises so you’ll have less to no inhibition when you train, therefore enabling you train maximally during each workout while keeping your body guessing by providing a different stimulus each time you train compared to the previous week.

We’ll have 3 total body, metabolic strength workouts (great for fat loss and hypertrophy) and 3 total body metabolic acceleration workouts (great for weight loss and endurance).  We’ll introduce a Shoulder Finisher that focuses on end range of motion (great for improving rounded shoulders, open back dresses and shoulder slaps handshakes from guy to guy).  We’ll have 2  sick ab / core finishers that are disguised as a total body Double Pyramid Constant Finisher and a Burpee Get Ups Pyramid Finisher.

Conditioning this phase will consist of the metabolically disturbing 5-10-5’s from a prone start, Burpee Ground Start Straight Ahead Sprints, and Do Anywhere Friendly Shadow Boxing w/ Plank Series Conditioning that is sweet for shaping & cutting up the upper body.

Week # Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
Nov 7 A#1:  sore week (5ct) Continuous 20-min, 4 exercises (10reps), 10 rounds (Metabolic Strength) B#1:  sore week (5ct) 45:15 (18-22 reps), 4ex, 5 rounds (M-A) C#1:  sore week (5ct) ascending ladders, 2 circuits, 2 ex/circuit, 6 rounds, 3-30 (M-S)
Nov 14 A#2:  sore week (5ct) succession complexes, 6 stations, 1min rest, 12-15 reps, 4 rounds (Metabolic Acceleration) B#2:  sore week (5ct) 20:10 (10-12 reps), 8 rounds, 4 circuits, (M-S) C#2:  sore week (5ct) 60:15, 4 ex circuit, 4 rounds, 25-30reps, (M-A)
Nov 21 A#3:  less sore week

Continuous 20-min (M-S)

B#3:  less sore week, 45:15, (M-A) C#3:  less sore week, ascending ladders (M-S)
Nov 28 A#4:  less sore week Succession Complexes (M-A) B#4:  less sore week, 20:10, (M-S) C#4:  less sore week:  60:15, (M-A)
Dec 5 A#5:  record week

Continuous 20-min (M-S)

B#5:  record week 45:15, (M-A) C#5:  record week:  ascending ladders (M-S)
Dec 12 A#6:  record week Succession Complexes (M-A) B#6:  record week:  20:10, (M-S) C#6:  record week:  60:15, (M-A)
Dec 19 A#7:  challenge week

Continuous 20-min (M-S)

B#7:  challenge week:  45:15, (M-A) C#7:  challenge week:  ascending ladders (M-S)
Dec 26 A#8:  challenge week:  Succession Complex (strength & finisher only) (M-A) B#8:  challenge week:  20:10 (strength & finisher only), (M-S) C#8:  challenge week:  60:15 (strength & finisher only) (M-A)
Jan 2 A#9:  recovery week:  strength only (M-S) B#9:  recovery week:  strength only (M-A) C#9:  recovery week:  strength only (M-S)

Your workouts are tough, results-oriented, full of variety and effective.  Enjoy the process and the fruits of your active lifestyle.  I look forward to your strong finish in 2011.

Marisa Cimino

Marisa, your 9am teammate, who’s had a tremendous body transformation herself (13.1% decrease in body fat %, 22.3 lbs of total fat mass lost and a weight loss goal that became a fat loss / muscle building / weight GAIN goal), is an accountant by trade who also happens to be a 4th degree black belt in Karate and since has become a certified personal trainer by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), Functional Movement Screen certified, Tactix instructor certified, joined a women’s soccer team after never having played before, started a boot camp at her karate dojo over a year ago, gives private karate lessons for kids,  has a growing personal training business and trains referrals who don’t fit my schedule and/or need to get in shape for boot camp.  She’s been a member since this Boston Globe article came out in May 2009, she’s a great person, has a great and active family and is well liked by her peers.

She can do pretty much every level 3 exercise we demonstrate, except for maybe multiple reps on the TRX Vertical Chin Ups and Feet Elevated Ping Pong Push Ups, which everyone can agree are pretty tough, and I feel confident she’ll be able to run the program while I’m away for my marriage and honeymoon activities.  Marisa will be coaching in my place beginning Thursday, November 10 – Friday, November 18.  She will be your point of contact.  Check the p.s. of the email for her contact information.

Thursday / Friday Schedule Change

In addition to Marisa being your coach this Thursday, Nov 10 through Friday, November 17, the 9am, Fri, Nov 11 training will be moved to 9am, Thursday, Nov 10 due to the Holly Harvest Fair.  The 6:30pm, Thurs, Nov 10 training will be moved into conference room 1 of the Mackenzie Center.

Was Before Is Now
9am, Friday, Nov 11 @ Mackenzie 9am, Thurs, Nov 10 @ Mackenzie
6:30pm, Thurs, Nov 10 @ Mackenzie (gym) 6:30pm, Thurs, Nov 10 @ Mackenzie (conference room 1)

Remaining 2011 Schedule

Phase 12 recovery week has been moved from Nov 27 – Dec 3 to Thanksgiving Week, Nov 20 – Nov 26.  You are encouraged to save your splurge meals for Thanksgiving, burn & earn and train all week long with family and friends to create a caloric deficit and come out of Thanksgiving week without having gained any weight.

here have been questions from CYBBC members regarding the 2 weeks on 1 week of schedule vs. the more common 3 weeks on 1 week off schedule and its relationship to monthly billing.  Please remember the annual CYBBC program is based on 38 weeks of face to face coaching.  When I set up the monthly billing, I divide 38 weeks by 12 months to come up with 3.17 weeks of training per month.  So even though phase 13 has only 2 weeks of face to face coaching, March had 4 weeks of training and other months like May and August had 3 weeks plus of training.

Guest Day

Local Guest Day is

  • 6:30pm, Tues, Nov 29 @ Mackenzie Center
  • 6am, Wed, Nov 30 @ B&G Club
  • 9am, Wed, Nov 30 @ Mackenzie Center

Out of Town Guests are welcome anytime.

To learn more about local and out of town guest days click here.

Got a guest?  Send them this link to sign up:

Nutrition Discussion (ND) & Grocery Shopping Tour (GST)

Save the date.  Sunday, Dec 3, from 10-12pm @ the Boys & Girls club, 675 Watertown Street, Newton, MA.


Returning boot campers and leaders would you please welcome rookie, Greg Pinto to the CYBBC family.  He will be joining the 6am team.

Post Measurements & Testing

Pending space availability, Measurements will be held at 7am, Saturday, Dec 17 and followed by Quarterly Testing.  You will need to rsvp for both measurements (free) and testing ($30) if you want to participate.  Go here to RSVP for Measurements.  1st to reply gets 1st time slot.  Go here to sign up for Quarterly Testing.

Boot Camp Physical Performance Testing
Option 1 $30.00

Let the feeling your best, feeling strong, having high energy with consistently up moods and receiving numerous compliments that create smile & blush muscles begin!

Your coach,

Mike Alves

Newton Boot Camp

Newton Personal Training