Quarterly Overview

4th Quarter. Crunch Time. In sports, in business and in life, this is when the big bucks are made, the leaders step forward and the winners finish fastest! How you finish in the end is what you and everyone else will remember. You have 3 months to complete your 2011 goals and to peak for Year End Activities. Get ready to shine because Change Your Body Boot Camps will help you get there. Here we go!

The last quarter of the year is themed, Fight Holiday Season Weight Gain before It Starts. The final Quarter brings many wonderful things like a return to routines, great holidays and holiday themed parties, the changing of seasons and some not so wonderful things like stress, sickness, overeating, sugar, less sleep, overworking, cold weather and potentially more sedentary activities. To combat this and create a new habit we will introduce a pro-active approach to the fall season, the holidays and life in general by mentally and physically preparing by

• scheduling extra workout(s) and workout time,
• combining social outings with family and friends with workout times (everyone needs to train and most everyone needs to fight holiday season weight gain),
• decreasing training intensity when stress increases, but still making time for activity
• moving around for 10 minutes every 50 minutes like in college
• creating caloric deficits by eating less before and after big splurge meals,
• throwing away tempting treats before weak moments occur,
• putting fork/spoon down in between bites,
• eating only until your 80% full,
• eating green vegetables at every meal especially after splurge meals
• saying NO to unimportant time sucking tasks or opportunities,
• washing hands more frequently,
• never touching face or licking fingers unless you just washed your hands,

and then executing these, one habit and day at a time.

To Fight Holiday Season Weight Gain before It Starts your program will have a weight loss / fat loss emphasis and will include exercises and conditioning drills to help you to peak for triathlon and endurance events, to peak for soccer and flag football seasons and to prepare you for basketball and winter sports seasons if you choose to participate. The workouts will alternate endurance rep ranges (12-30) which are good for weight loss with hypertrophy rep ranges (8-12) which are good for fat loss.

Here is a table to demonstrate how exercise tempos will be periodized over the final quarter.

P10 P11 P12 & P13
M-A M-S M-S M-S M-A M-A M-S /


M-A / M-S M-S / M-A
Tempo 60:60 20:10 Ladder:  30:30, 60/30, 90/30, 120/30, 150/30, 180/30 2-10min Continuous Circuits 30:30 50:10 Continuous 20min Circuit


Succession Complex

45:15 / 20:10 Ascending + Descending Ladders



Rep Ranges 25-30 10-12 12-15 10 12-15 20-25 10 / 12-15 20-22 / 10-12 2-30 / 25-30





One key reason for the increased emphasis on the weight loss / endurance rep ranges is to not make you feel so sore you don’t want to be active, but rather to make you feel good so you’ll have the energy and the mobility to run around living life and doing “stuff”. Hard training like we did during the summer months which left you very sore was intentional because we were working on beach bodies. We haven’t stopped working on beach bodies as I’d like for you to be beach ready year round, but you’re more likely to be sedentary during the colder months if your body is sore vs. in the summer months when they weather is great.

Another way we’ll fight holiday season weight gain is through our Burn & Earn & Bonus Workouts

CYBBC Bonus Week: 10/31/1 – 11/4/11
Dates, Times and Locations TBD
Bonus Week Rates: $60/3day, $44/2day, $25/1day
Bring Usual Equipment
*CYBBC current members only

Thanksgiving Day Burn & Earn Workout
8am, Thursday, November 24, 2011
Mackenzie Center-Gym
1337 Centre St, Newton, MA 02459
Bring Usual Equipment
*Boot Campers and Guests Welcome w/ Advanced Registration

In summary, if you take a proactive approach in Fighting Holiday Season Weight Gain, every year you’ll be able to say 1 of 2 things: either I lost weight again this year or I maintained my weight again this year. That’s saying something BIG when the norm is for people say they gain a couple of pounds every year.