Quarterly Overview:  Q3, ‘11

This quarter the goal is to switch from fat loss based programming to fat loss-muscle building and performance, but before I explain further we need to establish a baseline understanding of how Change Your Body Boot Camps is structured.  Overall it’s designed to take out of shape, overweight people to their best shape, in the fastest time possible while making it fun, safe and sustainable.




Click here to read the baseline understanding of what CYBBC can and cannot do, what weight loss vs. fat loss programming looks like, what’s the difference between the two and how abs are made in the kitchen.  Go ahead and click here for a refresher.

WL & FL vs. Fat Loss-Muscle Building and Performance Programming

Now that you know the subtle differences between Weight Loss (WL) programming and Fat Loss (FL) programming, Fat Loss-Muscle Building and Performance Programming (FL-MB-P)is where your training takes it to the ultimate level and the timing is just right because its summer, when you’ll be wearing the least amount of clothing in public and being more active outdoors.  Its beach season so you’ll want beach muscles and it’s a big sports season, so you’ll want to perform at a higher level and peak for your playoffs, races and fall pre-seasons.  Your programming will continue to use the same equipment we’ve always used and the same rep ranges (hypertrophy, 8-12 reps, and endurance, 12+ reps), but we’ll be intentionally differentiating workout days between strength & acceleration days.  The strength days will be hypertrophy workouts (8-12 reps), but they’ll also include some strength (3-7 reps) and power (1-5 reps) days.  We can’t yet bring in 125 lb. dumbbells, but we can use your body weight more effectively and chose more challenging exercises that you might only be able to do 1-7 times in the allotted time.  This would represent a strength workout and have a similar whole body system response.

The acceleration days will use movements that require a bit less skill and/or use a bit less weight so you can focus on accelerating as fast as possible.  When you want to develop Force, the equation reads, Force = Mass x Acceleration, but it mine as well read when you want to build muscle, get stronger and perform better = lift heavy x lift fast.  And if you want to lose fat, while building muscle, getting stronger and performing better, lift heavy x lift fast and take minimal rest.   The strength workouts will cover the mass portion and the acceleration or endurance rep range days will cover the, obvious acceleration portion.

We’ll include exercises (some isolation movements), tempo and exercise order designed to get the beach muscles popping and we’ll add an extra workout day (Workout D) or 2 (abs) to your weekly schedule so you can peak now.  We’ll use drop sets, finishers and dynamic interrupts to help get us there fastest.

Our in class cardio workouts we’ll compliment the above goals and we’ll use themes (workouts/exercises) from soccer, volleyball and running based sports so you can peak for them as well.

All in all, this will be the most challenging quarter to date of 2011, the quarter in which your physical potential is pushed, pulled and stretched to its limits and a driving motivator for you to make abs in the kitchen so you can have beach muscles, be beach ready and peak your performance this summer instead of next summer.


In summary, as the weather, seasons and sports change so will your programming.  You’ll be more active in the better climates, so I’ll challenge you accordingly.  This will result in increased soreness (you’ll feel like a rookie again), but your body will adapt and provide exciting new changes and you’ll continue to lose weight or lose fat depending on your goal, nutrition consumption and cardio efforts.  Either way, enjoy the process, your teammates, your experience and the pursuit of your genetic potential and the limitless and bountiful rewards it brings.

Your coach,

Mike Alves

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p.p.s.  How’s your training going so far this month?