Super Sunday to you! How are you feeling from this past week? Did you work off your holiday hangover? Does the scale read back to normal? You should feel like you’ve done some good things for your body and have continued to build momentum for your final holiday push.

Speaking of final push, we’ve got 4 weeks until the New Year and many choices to be made. Do we want to be like everyone else and enter January stressed out and sick, missing work and/or school because we didn’t make time for ourselves OR do we want to be like the select few, the smart ones who prioritize and schedule their self-care, while saying NO to things that hurt them?

Since you train like no else, why not live like no one else.

Remember, you’re a changemaker, an action taker and someone who’s exciting to be around. Make this year, 2011, the year you say, yup, I didn’t gain weight again this year, or I lost another XX lb from last year or you fill in the blank.

This week’s agenda:

• Cardio Minutes
• Rookie
• Remaining Schedule
• Post Measurements
• Facebook
• Shout Outs
• 2012 Schedule

Cardio Minutes: Week 3

Time Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Total
6am 14 21 21 56
9am 15 21 21 57
6:30pm 14 18 21 53

To review weekly cardio minute goals, how to report your minutes and/or review the interval training program handout, please click here.


Please welcome rookie, Gary Braver, a 6:30pm training member to the Change Your Body Boot Camps family.

Remaining Schedule

Week # Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
Dec 5 A#5:  record week

Continuous 20-min (M-S)

B#5:  record week 45:15, (M-A) C#5:  record week:  ascending ladders (M-S)
Dec 12 A#6:  record week Succession Complexes (M-A) B#6:  record week:  20:10, (M-S) C#6:  record week:  60:15, (M-A)
Dec 19 A#7:  challenge week

Continuous 20-min (M-S)

B#7:  challenge week:  45:15, (M-A) C#7:  challenge week:  ascending ladders (M-S)
Dec 26 A#8:  challenge week:  Succession Complex (strength & finisher only) (M-A) B#8:  challenge week:  20:10 (strength & finisher only), (M-S) C#8:  challenge week:  60:15 (strength & finisher only) (M-A)

Post Measurements & Testing

Pending space availability, Measurements will be held at 7am, Saturday, Dec 17 and followed by Quarterly Testing. You will need to rsvp for both measurements (free) and testing ($30) if you want to participate. Click here to RSVP for Measurements. 1st to reply gets 1st time slot. Go here to sign up for Quarterly Testing.

Boot Camp Physical Performance Testing
Option 1 $30.00


Like us on facebook so we can share training successes together.

Shout Outs

• Phase 12, Perfect Attendance so far: Dana Dornbusch, Deb Rooney, Krista Kett, Laurel Britt-Webb, Scott Timmins, Mary Magre, Ceci Dunn, Lori Arnold, Cindy Hutter, Eric Riak, Thomas John, Mary Thomas, Stella Lee, Greg Pinto, Gary Braver and Jackie Bunt. The best way to never miss a training session is to not do anything that’s going to cause you to miss it. If training is going to give you the life you always wanted, why waste your time on things that hurt or prevent you from getting to your goals the fastest. Stop spinning & get traction for life is too short to waste your time.
• Cardio High Fives (p12, wk2): Marc Gromada, Marisa Cimino, Lisa De Lima, Deb Rooney, Ceci Dunn, Cindy Hutter, Charlotte Vanlier and Paul Cullen. If you’re name isn’t here, how can you make time to get in more minutes? Heck planned walking or extra walking can help you get over the top of your goal.
Cindy Hutter for completing her 1st 10K. Wait until you read her new testimonial. It’s awesome. We’re waiting to plug in her final numbers from Post Measurements, but you’ll be be impressed and inspired from it.
Carolyn Greenspon for losing weight this holiday season from primarily good nutrition choices. High Five to you Carolyn.
Marisa Cimino for leading our workouts while I was away. Thank you Marisa. You provided me great peace of mind knowing people who are very special to me were in good hands while I was away.
• High Five to everyone who got a Thanksgiving Day Burn & Earn Workout in prior to the big meal.
• High Five to everyone who did a “Last Name” Family Walk after your Thanksgiving Day meal.
• High Five to everyone who did a Black Friday Burn & Earn Workout to burn off any excess calories.
• High Five to Linda Riak, the January 2011 Bring A Buddy Contest winner who won an Ipad2.

2012 Schedule

We’re set to start on Jan 1st yes, the day after New Year’s Eve with Measurements & Orientation and with 1st training beginning on Monday, January 2nd. I’m working on (2) schedule proposals for you. The 1st being a 3 weeks on 1 week off format and the 2nd being a premium membership with bonus weeks and testing days included and more similar to a 12 week on 1 week off format. It’s still a rough draft though so your ideas and feedback are welcome as always.

Yours changing lives,

Mike Alves

Newton Boot Camp