Show muscles and light weights!

“I don’t want to look good”, said no one ever! I’ve been thinking a lot about the research article I shared with you the other day and how to better apply it in our program.  Research is often times playing catch up to what happens in the real world, yet...
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Coaching: how do you like to be motivated?

You may have noticed that I’ve been bringing more enthusiasm and energy to your workouts lately and if you haven’t noticed, that’s o.k., I am and I’m writing to ask you what kind of coaching you like best or another way of saying it, is how do you like to...
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2012, P9, Week 2 Recap

Good afternoon changemaker! I hope you’re enjoying the awesome weather and that you’re having a kick a** weekend. Reminder.  Next week is week 3 and all workouts will be Metabolic Acceleration workouts (we’ll train fast).  Plus it’s progression week, guest day and...
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