You may have noticed that I’ve been bringing more enthusiasm and energy to your workouts lately and if you haven’t noticed, that’s o.k., I am and I’m writing to ask you what kind of coaching you like best or another way of saying it, is how do you like to be motivated?

I’ve always been a good person to pick other people up.  I can see their strengths and what their good at.  I remember welcoming the new person to school who felt insecure.  A classmate or teammate or family member or friend who was down, I could lift their spirits.  Someone who was about to face a challenge and was having doubts, I could help them realize they were prepared, ready, it was their chance to shine and people needed them.  I didn’t realize it when I was younger, but I was born to be a coach and it’s not just because I’m a good cheerleader,


but because I can make people better.  That’s one of my best skills.  Helping you to become the best version of yourself while having a great time working the process in a fun, high energy environment with nice & motivated people (sorry, I fell into my elevator speech).

A while back, I changed the programming from workout A, B & C to just A & B workouts.  Instead of changing the exercises every phase, which provided variety and new stimulus’ and resulted in sub-maximal efforts because you may have subconsciously been inhibited because you didn’t have exercise mastery, I chose to keep the same exercises with subtle variations over the course of a quarter.  This empowered you to become really good at the movements, not be inhibited and train with maximal effort more frequently.  It gave me the change to really coach your technique and it gave you the chance to really practice improving it.  It also reveals imbalances better and gives us a chance to correct them.  Ultimately and in combination with the workout cards and the reduced need for demonstrations after week 1, I am presented with the opportunity to really coach you, motivate you and bring the energy.  I hope you’re loving your experiences, earning hot curves, big work capacities and more presence in your life.

Now September is a transition month.  Back to school, back to work, back to regular schedules for you and your peers.  Life stress starts to increase.  Work goals are at the forefront of your mind and the challenge of peaking for holiday season hottness begins.  It’s also still summer and one of the best times to participate in an event as the humidity has cut.

What does this mean?  It means September is the last phase of Q3 exercises, which will require minimal learning power while you get back into your fall routines.  It’ll also be a power endurance phase to peak you for races.  Think, fast, strong & possibly exhilarating.  Since this is what the phase will be like, it’s a perfect opportunity for me to coach you more, which leads to the purpose of this post.

How do you like to be motivated?

Do you want me to tell you just to do it?

Do you want me to remind you of your goals and what’s before you?

Or do you want me to paint big pictures and present choices of what your life could be like if you choose A or B?

Or something else?

It’s fun to be in an environment where everyone is succeeding and getting better and there’s no better time than with the change of seasons coming for you to make a change and get better to.  Would you please reply to the email and let me know how you like to be motivated / coached and/or cheered?

Your coach,

Mike Alves

Burn & Earn!

p.s. I know this is just boot camp and not life or death or representing your country, but what we do is quality of life, vibrancy of life, living a long life and not being numb going through the motions.

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