2010, P7, Week 1 Recap

You survived week #1.  How do you feel?  “SORE!”  Yes.  That’s what I’ve heard from many of your classmates and probably from you too if you told me.  You know first hand it’s no fun to be sore, but did you know there are ways to reduce your soreness?  See below to learn more....
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2010, P6, Wk3 Recap

Truth or Dare? If you said “truth” (c’mon, truth’s are easy, take be a risk taker – this is called peer pressure-wink), How many splurge meals did you consume this week? If you said “Dare!” (You’re a fearless risk taker aren’t you), I Dare you to complete 7 strength workouts,...
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2010, P6, Wk2 Recap

“Dear Coach Mike, Why is it that every time you provide a new stimulus for change to our lower body workouts, like today’s hip finisher, I find myself having to sit on the very spot that is most sore while I work.  I try shifting left, nope, sore!  I try shifting right, nope,...
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2010, P3, Wk3 Cardio Minutes

Please reply below with your cardio minutes for last week! Note: I’ve got a high five & smiley faces with your name on it (wink)! Cardio Minutes: Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Total 6am 20 23 20 63 9am 20 26 20 66 6:30pm 20 26 24 70 var gaJsHost = ((“https:” ==...
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Phase 9 Cardio Minutes, wks 5 & 6

Please post below, what you did for cardio each of the last 2 weeks.  List the totals separately. Wk 5= Wk 6= Cardio Minutes: Week 5 Time Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Total 6am 20 20 20 60 9am 20 23 20 63 6:30pm 21 20 20 61 Week 6 Time Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Total 6am 20 17 20 57 9am 17 22 15 54...
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Phase 9, Week 3, Cardio Minutes

Please reply below with your total cardio minutes for last week, your full name and any other comments you’d like to share. Please know that your words will be able to be read by others, but we are doing this so you may inspire your peers, to use accountability to motivate...
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