Truth or Dare?

If you said “truth” (c’mon, truth’s are easy, take be a risk taker – this is called peer pressure-wink), How many splurge meals did you consume this week?

If you said “Dare!” (You’re a fearless risk taker aren’t you), I Dare you to complete 7 strength workouts, earn 3 high fives for cardio goals hit and get at least 1 person to workout with you over the next 3 weeks.

If you complete the dare (we’ll be using the honor system here), let me know via our Facebook fan page and I’ll invite you to a Saturday morning beach conditioning workout with me in South Boston at Carson Beach.  This metabolic fat loss workout could include:  medicine ball slams, box jumps, resisted runs/shuffles, DB farmers walks, sand shuttles, ladder drills, hurdle hops, boxing circuits, band pulls and more.   The date and time for this most excellent reward, that may even include a special surprise, is TBD.

This week’s agenda:

  • Week 3 Recap
  • Cardio Minutes
  • ND & GST
  • Week 3 Theme
  • Post Measurements
  • Nutrition Tip
  • Local Guest Day
  • Last Meal
  • Questions

Week 3 Recap

If you thought the phase was starting off slow or easy, I’m sure by the end of this past week; your thoughts were changing once again.  Say good bye to isometric holds and say hello to personal records in the form of progressions.

Progressions can be made by:  doing more reps, completing more rounds, using heavier weights, doing a higher level of exercise, taking less rest, going faster and holding your rep longer, where appropriate.  If you can set a personal record, you’ll provide a new stimulus for change that forces your body to adapt.  This adaptation can result in you being stronger, faster, more enduring, leaner, lighter or heavier (based on your goal & nutrition consumption).

Either way, setting a personal record makes you feel good.  It provides instant feedback and lets you know if you’re progressing forward vs. regressing backwards.

Cardio Minutes:

Time Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Total
6am 19 22 20 61
9am 18 22 20 60
6:30pm 20 23 21 64

Week 4 Goals:

Rookies / Returning boot campers:  males = 175 minutes, females = 250 minutes


1 person out of the 5 confirmed, showed up.  Carol Vaghar, who attended the ND for a 2nd time, to get a refresher, was the very grateful recipient of a personal meal plan co-designed by each of us based on her preferences for the week.


From: Carol Vaghar
To: Michael Alves
Sent: Sun, July 25, 2010
Subject: RE: P6, Wk 2 Recap

Hey Mike –

Thanks so much for this morning.  Shopped – made omelets for the whole family with spinach and tomatoes and onions for brunch.  Grilled salmon that I had marinated with fresh oranges and some sort of no salt soy thing from Whole Foods – made an awesome spinach salad with oranges – a very few toasted almonds, tomatoes, cucumbers and sautéed onions (in a tiny bit of oil) – made a dressing with balsamic vinegar & olive oil – the family ate brown rice – not me!  It was great and now I know what I am eating for the rest of the week – Oh and went to the gym and did 60 mins. On the treadmill!  You are an inspiration – Thanks.


This was a new experience for me as during the ND we discuss questions you have and I teach you basic nutrition principles.  Since she already had attended we discussed what she wanted to work on or re-learn and meal plans is where we ended up.

Keep it simple.  Eat a protein, fat and carb at every meal.  Drink water.  Starches after workouts.  Move more.  Splurge 1-2x/wk if weight loss is your goal (Halton) and 10% of your meals if fat loss is your goal (Berardi).  Eat a variety of foods and colors.  Choose seasonal items.  Plan & prepare your meals in advance.

Week 4 Theme

Our 3 week summer break begins now, but that doesn’t mean your training stops.  You’ll have 4 different workouts to do, progression week to complete, challenge week and a few recovery days.

Remember we spent a lot of time teaching you, focusing on form by using 5 and 2 count isometric holds.  We didn’t emphasize reps during the 1st 2 weeks only technique (do you recall me mentioning how many reps to do besides the last class of the phase?).

I want you to be successful while we’re on break so:

  1. Videos:  I’ve shot videos of each of the exercises associated with your workouts.
  2. Workout Buddies:  join our Facebook fan page, Change Your Body Boot Camps – Newton, MA and post, “anyone want to get together to train during the non boot camp times?”
  3. No new workouts to learn over break.

Week 4 Schedule & Theme

Week # Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
4 B#3-Progression (PR’s)

S:  40:20 Weights

F:  Hips

C:  Sprints Around Gym-Big Dog

C#3-Progression (PR’s)

S:  30:30 BW

F:  Scissor Jacks

C:  Lateral Shuffle-Mirror

D#3-Progression (PR’s)

S:  50:10 Weights

F:  Hand Walk/Sled Push Pyramid

C:  Mountain Climbers / Movement Prep

5 A#4-Individual Challenge (IC) #1

40 Minutes:

S:  Rounds

F:  Rounds or Reps

C:  Shuttles Run:  70, 90, 140, 170

B#4-IC #2

40 Minutes

S:  1000 Reps

F:  Rounds or Reps

C:  Max Distance in 10min

C#4-IC #3

40 Minutes

S:  Rounds

F:  Jacks

C:  Shuffles ?

6 D#4-IC #4

40 Minutes

S:  500 Reps

F:  Pyramid

C:  Mount Monadnock Climbers

A#5-Recovery Workout #1

50% Volume

S:  20:10 Tabatas (10min)

F:  Abs (2.5min)

C:  Shuttles (10min)

B#5-Recovery Workout #2

50% Volume

S:  40:20 Drop Sets (10min)

F:  Hips (2.5 min)

C:  60sec sprints with respective recoveries for 10 minutes

Post Measurements

Post measurements will start at 8am on Saturday, Aug 7, 2010 at the Mackenzie Center.  I’ll send out an RSVP Now email on Thursday.  When you rsvp, I’ll reply back with your measurements time.

Nutrition Tip

Frozen Turkey Meat Balls from Trader Joe’s

High in Protein, low in sodium, 4 minutes in the microwave, 1 minute to cool.

I’m a big fan of fresh foods, but I do keep some emergency items in stock (canned tuna, frozen shrimp, frozen ground turkey breast and now turkey meatballs).

Local Guest Day

Thank you to Julie Carrozo, Maria Vacca, Cindy Hutter, Helen Rousseau and Deb Hicks for introducing us to Carolyn Greenspan, Bobby March, Steve Hutter, Emily Norton and Isabelle Evans on guest day.  Remember, the bigger support circle you have:

  • the more people who will pick you up if you have a bad day,
  • the more people will understand,
  • the less resistance you’ll face,
  • the more people you can train with,
  • the more people you can high five with,
  • the great Long Term Success you can have.


Join our Facebook fan page by searching for Change Your Body Boot Camps – Newton, MA.

Last Meal

September 25, 2010 will be the Last Meal Kick Off Party for the fall 2010 Change Your Body Challenge Contest.  I have a few ideas for a location, but would welcome any suggestions you might have.  Think, cool atmosphere and fun.  Click here to share your suggestions:


Got questions?  Post them in the Forums.  You’ll get answers and you’ll be helping your teammates.

Cheers and wishing you super successful workouts over your Summer Break!

Your coach,

Mike Alves

Newton Boot Camp

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