Ask Mike: I know this is the recovery week, but what exactly should I be doing this week – same level of cardio?

Hi Mike, I know this is the recovery week, but what exactly should I be doing this week – same level of cardio? Thanks – see you for phase 4! Mary Hi Mary, Great question. Recovery week is designed to allow your spirit, mind and most important in regards to boot camp,...
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Ask Mike: What’s the difference between weight loss & fat loss?

Hi Mike, What is the deifference between fat loss and weight loss?  Isn’t it ultimately the same thing? Thanks. Linda Hi Linda, Thanks for your question, it’s a great one. Definitions: Fat loss occurs when the weight of your fat mass decreases and/or your body fat %...
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Ask Mike: Do you know of a good Massage Therapist?

I’ve been asked a few times recently who I recommend for masseuses (massage therapists) specifically for Tennis Elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis), the pain one feels on the outside of the elbow from repeated or strenuous pulling activities and for shoulder discomfort resulting...
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Ask Mike: Lateral Knee Pain

One of your boot camp peers, Julie B recently asked me about some lateral knee pain she was experiencing.  Below is my reply. Hi, Mike. When I run outside, the outsides of my knees start hurting about 15 minutes into the run. Can you give me suggestions about what that might be...
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Ask Mike: When are the other people in class doing their cardio / how do they fit it in?

Patty from the 6:30pm class asked this great question and I provided some answers to her, but I thought I’d go straight to the experts (you) and find out what you do. So, when are you getting your cardio minutes in? What days are you doing cardio on? How are you finding the...
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