One of your boot camp peers, Julie B recently asked me about some lateral knee pain she was experiencing.  Below is my reply.

Hi, Mike. When I run outside, the outsides of my knees start hurting about 15 minutes into the run. Can you give me suggestions about what that might be from and how I can try to fix it.


Julie B

Hi Julie,

It’s most likely you’re Iliotibial Band (IT-Band), or possibly from your foot.  Very common in runners and especially women with wider pelvis’s.

Short term fix:  Ice, stretch (hip cross behind with overhead reach, the band stretches we did today in class -particularly the hip crossover pull; also the prone glute push), foam roll (IT-Band, Lateral Quad, Glute Medius, Piriformis, Lateral Calf, TFL, 1-arm lat), get a massage, cold whirlpool or hot / cold shower intervals.

Long term:  check footware, run on grass, perform 1-leg exercises, strengthen glute medius.  The butt finisher we do in class this phase, should be a good routine for you.  I can also recommend some at home exercises that might be more targeted to your situation, if you like.

If you can stay a few minutes after class, I’d be happy to listen and evaluate your discomfort.

Your coach,


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