HAPPY Mother’s Day to all of the mom’s out there!

The Queen and I just went shopping for our weekly meal prep. Looks like Salmon is going to be a main entrée this week as we bought a whole fish and had them discard the two ends. The Irish Oats were started before we left and now should be ready to portion into our storage containers. If you haven’t started planning & preparing your meals for the week you’re missing out. It is awesome. Sure it takes some up front time, but if you like win-win, it can’t be beat. It helps you:

• Save & Gain time during the week.
• Save money.
• Keep your energy high.
• Keep your moods elevated.
• Reduce your risk for disease.
• Be creative.
• Play with your food.
• Change Your Body Faster & Keep it there.

Yesterday, Saturday, May 8 we had the Nutrition Discussion & Grocery Shopping Tour. Carol Meyer, Kathy Krongel, Thomas John and Kim Santilli all were able to make it. I tried a new format for the discussion to make it easier for them to learn and as usual there was good back & forth dialog as well as smiling enducing stories like the Tuna shake.

Grocery Shopping Tour

Grocery Shopping Tour

The format was:

• 4 Macronutrients to Have at every meal
• Timing of Starches
• Splurges Meals = Party Time

I think many people are apprehensive about doing the discussion, but everyone who attends is always glad they did. The next ND & GST is Sunday June 13 from 10-12pm @ the B&G Club. Save the date now, if you’re serious about changing your body for the short term and transforming your life for the long term.

This week’s agenda:

• Week 2 Recap
• Cardio Minutes
• Nutrition Tip
• Week 3 Theme
• Local Guest Day
• Inspirational Stories
• Cool Things
• Questions
• Summary

Week 2 Recap

We’ve now gone through all of the workouts (A,B & C or 60:60, 20:10 and 30:30), all of the finishers (butt #2, FR abs, Rollover Sprints and Shoulder) and all of the conditioning workouts (shuttle runs, sprints around the gym, backward band pulls and DB swings). CYBBC provides you with an empowering environment to train in along side pre-screened peers who want to change like you do and are ready to make the change.

You receive results-oriented programs, set time, so everyone can go at their own pace, and can choose between 3 levels for each exercise in case your stronger at some things than others. You have variety in the form of a Macrocycle or annual plan, a Mesocycle or quarterly plan phase to phase plans, different exercises / routines, finishers and conditioning workouts (some old & some new). You’re also provided with weekly themes to continually challenge you and provide new stimulus for change. You get accountability from both your peers and from me and feel it most when you miss a class. You get expert coaching, you’re part of a team, you get done for you nutrition re-education and you get reminded weekly if not daily of your goals and why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Last, I recognize that you often have a busy schedule and you’re finding & making time for yourself to exercise and improve your health. Remember you’re learning a system to change your body, through hands on practice, but more importantly you’re learning principles that can be cut, chopped & shaped to fit into your lifestyle for now and forever. Principles can stand the test of time.

Some principles are:

• Weekly Meal Prep
• 175 / 250 cardio minutes
• Interval Strength Workouts Set to time
• Long work sets, short rest sets
• Roll when you’re sore
• Stretch when you’re tight
• Mobility when your stiff
• All of the above when you’re beat up
• Foam roll first
• Mobility second
• Movement prep third
• Static stretch after
• Intervals are best for fat loss
• Total time is best for weight loss
• Intervals included in total time get you there fastest
• Happy hormones make you happy
• Protein, fat, carb & water @ everymeal • Starches after workouts
• 1-2 hours after for weight loss
• Immediately for weight gain
• Somewhere in the middle for weight maintenance
• This rule change slightly the fitter you get
• 2 splurge meals per week
• Plan them, save them, use them as get out of jail free cards
• Burn & earn before & after splurge meals to keep your momentum
• Everyone, everywhere needs to work out almost daily
• Everyone, everywhere needs to total about 6-7 hours of exercise per week.
• How you break it up, is up to you.
• Meet up for workouts with friends, family, colleagues, associates, business deals.

There are probably more, but I’m tired of writing them, so you’re probably tired of reading them.

Cardio Minutes:

Time Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Total
6am 28 17 24 69
9am 28 20 20 68
6:30pm 28 17 18 63

Week 3 Goals:

Rookies / Returning Boot Campers: males = 175, females = 250

Nutrition Tip

If your goal is:

Weight Loss: 3 meals per day with no snacks, per Dr. Thomas Halton’s recommendations.

Fat Loss / Muscle Gain / Performance: divide your awake hours by 3 per Dr. John Berardi’s recommendations.

Week 3 Theme

May 10

Progression Week (more weight, more reps, higher level)

Prepare to set a personal record! Workout C#2-
less sore week ends

(S) 30:30

(F) Abs

© Shuttles-Suicide
Workout A#2-progression week starts

(S) 60:60

(F) Rollover Sprint Pyramid

© SAG-Big Dog
Workout B#2-progression

(S) 20:10

(F) Shoulder

© Bwd Band Walk

Local Guest Day

Local guest day is this week.

• 6:30pm, 5/11 @ Mackenzie Center
• 6am, 5/12 @ B&G Club
• 9am, 5/12 @ Mackenzie Center

All guests must complete a registration packet PRIOR to participation. Click Here to download and e-mail your guest a registration packet to complete.

Non-Local/Out of Town Guest Day:

These guests are welcome anytime, but must be planned with me. Please have these guests complete the guest registration packet and submit via e-mail prior to attendance. You’ll never have to skip a beat when family, friends or colleagues are visiting. Just bring them with you and create a new bond.

Inspirational Stories

Laura Gassner Otting (6am) and Ellen Kelley (6:30pm) have signed up for the New Balance Heart Break Hill 5k. They’ve never run before boot camp and now they’re signing up for races. You rock ladies! The doors are opening to a different, more full and exciting way of living. Check out the race here: https://heartbreakhill5k.kintera.org/faf/home/default.asp?ievent=342919

And possibly the coolest story comes from the 6am class’ Mary-Alice Tully who placed top 3 for her age bracket in a recent 5k, running both her fastest 1-mile time (7:03) and her fastest 5k time ever (26:51). Kudos to you Mary-Alice!

As a side note, youtube.com has asked me if they could place advertisements on Mary-Alice’s video of her doing Push Up T’s, since it’s now had 27,000 views. Wow! We posted it because she had difficulty doing yoga push ups when we first started together and now she’s evolved to a ½ Iron Woman. Honored to train you Mary-Alice. 

Cool Race

I was recently contacted about a race in Amesbury, MA. If you can run a 10k and you don’t mind getting dirty, this is bad a**.

Here’s the link: Hoppinmadmudrun

You can sign up as a team or as an individual. If you want to do a team, let me know and if others in class want to do it, I’ll put you in contact with each other.

Also, this seems to be a trend.

Check out what Mary-Alice sent me:

NY Times

Tough Mudder

Oh yeah. Your programming is designed to change your body, but I went to school to work in pro sports, so your programming also prepares you to reach your genetic potential and do crazy things like the races above (when you’re ready).

Got Questions?

Patty, 2 of your classmates have replied with how they fit they’re cardio minutes in. To see their responses click here:

Julie Bourgoin recently asked me about some knee pain. Check out my reply here: Lateral Knee Pain

Got a question? “Ask Mike” and I’ll answer them in the blog.


• Week 2 recap
• Lifetime principles
• Report Cardio Minutes tomorrow
• 3 meals vs 3+ meals
• Progression Week
• 5/11 & 5/12 are local guest days
• Super runners
• Answers to questions

Cheers and wishing you a week of personal records!

Your coach,

Mike Alves

Newton Boot Camp