Today I shot CW #1. It was tough. The CW won and it was not pretty (Nasrin get your popcorn). However, even though it made my words mumble while coaching the 9am class and my appearance, sweaty & gross, if you want to become your best self and get in your best shape, do challenge workouts. They help make change happen.

This week’s agenda:

  • Nutrition Discussion / Grocery Shopping Tour
  • Cardio Minutes
  • Week 3 Theme
  • Phase 3 Workouts
  • Guest Day
  • Post Measurements
  • Ask Mike
  • Facebook
  • Shout Outs
  • Thinking of You
  • Quarter 2
  • Phase 4
  • Harlem Shake

Nutrition Discussion & Grocery Shopping Tour

Thank you Anne Marie Dunne and Randi Sharek

CYBBC, 2013, P3, Nutrition Discussion

for attending the Nutrition Discussion this weekend.  You both have already experienced body changes and enhanced work performance and now you have a personalized meal plan and a better understanding how to achieve and sustain your changes.

Cardio Minutes:  Week 2

Time Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Total
6am 15 15 25 55
9am 15 15 25 55
6:30pm 15 15 25 55

To review weekly cardio minute goals, how to report your minutes and/or review the interval training program handout, please click here.

Week 3 Theme

Week 3: Record Week / Increased reps, sets, rounds and/or load / Perfect form / Sore / Post Testing

Empowerment Week: Challenge Week / Individual Challenge Week / On own, max reps, sets, rounds and/or weight in same time or less / Perfect form / Very Sore, but loving it /

/ M&O

Phase 3 Workouts

Workout A (M) Workout B (T / W) Workout C (Th / F)
Strength Total Body Total Body Total Body
Finisher Butt Abs Shoulder
Condition Track & Field Base Running Triathlon Relay
Week 3 Reps 15-20 (M-A) 8 (M-S) 25-30 (M-A)
Load Medium (15-25%BW) Heavy (20-40% BW) none

M = Monday

T / W = Tuesday / Wednesday

Th / F = Thursday / Friday

M-A = Metabolic Acceleration

M-S = Metabolic Strength

BW = Body Weight

*30-50% of Body Weight means Total Dumbbell Weight is equal to the 30-50% of Body Weight

Example:  180 lb. male

30%-50% BW is equal to 54 – 90lbs is Total Dumbbell Weight.  Divide this number by 2 to get individual Dumbbell Weight (27-45 lbs. per dumbbell).

Guest Day

Local Guest Day is this week.  You are welcome to bring a local guest to class on one of the below dates.  Send your guest(s) to this link to sign up:

  • 6:30pm, Tues, March 12 @ Mackenzie Center
  • 6am, Wed, March 13 @ B&G Club
  • 9am, Wed, March 13 @ Mackenzie Center

Non-Local / Out of Town Guest Day is any day.  To learn more about guest days click here.

Got a guest?  Send them to this link to sign up:

Post Measurements

6-9am, Saturday, March 16 @ Mackenzie.  Look for “RSVP Now for Private Measurements email on Thursday, March 14, 2013 @ 1pm.

Ask Mike

Got a question?  Ask Mike


Are you on FB?  Become a fan and like us:

Shout Outs

  • 2013, P3, Perfect Attendance through week 2: Alicia Straus, Marisa Cimino, Lisa de Lima, Dana Dornbusch, Walter Piescik,  Ceci Dunn, Jennifer Mendelsohn, Lori Arnold, Sharon Russo, Kerry Cietanno, Christopher Lynch, Mich Crowley,  Yari Korchnoy, Amy Landry, Lauren Coyne, Joan Gallant, LeeAnn Liu, Bernadette McCarthy, Regina Lavelle, Cecilia Vernes, Kim Callanan, Amy Fleischman, Mike Coyne, Julie Levin, Russell Neufeld, Madeline McNeely, Sean Crowley, Betsy Tyer, Meredith Adams, Alexander Urman, Steve Froyman, Gaelle Duret, Laura Musholt, Krista Kett, Melissa Philbrook,  Randi Sharek, Scott Sharek, Samantha Cafferty, Amy Siegel, Stacy Schwartz, Caroline Burns, Anne Marie Dunne, Shynna Viteri and Liliana Bonilla-Colon. You can’t win at life if you don’t show up.  I bet your best days at work & in life are becoming the days you strength train.  If you want to feel like this forever and have it compound (grow & get better) like a good investment, make never missing a workout your habit.
  • 2013, P3, Wk1 Cardio High Fives: Marc Gromada (253WL), Jennifer O’Leary-Cullen (313WL), Alicia Straus (307WL), Marisa Cimino (300FL), James Glanville (248WL),  Scott Timmins (215WL), Walter Piescik (320), Ceci Dunn ((378WL), Jennifer Mendelsohn (310WL), Laura Gassner Otting (195FL), Jim Pelis (195WL), Christine Murphy (310WL), Kerry Cietanno (253WL), Chris Lynch (258MB), Mich Crowley (195FL), Quyen Chu (250WL), Yari Korchnoy (356WL), Amy Landry (251WL), Kim Tosi (323), Joan Gallant (288WL), Peter Kelly (426FL), Kim Callinan (283WL), Mike Coyne (270WL), Sean Crowley (203WL), Betsy Tyer (263WL), Meredith Adams (263 WL), Alexander Urman (175WL), Steve Froyman (270WL), Laura Musholt (258WL), Krista Kett (278WL), David Packer (243WL), Randi Sharek (481WL), Lisa Listerman (374WL), Scott Sharek (468FL), Sam Cafferty (278WL), Amy Siegel (190FL), Stacy Schwartz (223WL), Caroline Burns (220WL), Anne Marie Dunne (190WL), Shynna Viteri (190WL) and Liliana Bonilla-Colon (203WL).  You are prioritizing your health, body composition and performance.  Don’t be surprised if you have more consistent & productive days.
  • 2013, P3, Wk2 Kick Ass Weigh Ins (beat last shoes off measurements):  Jennifer O’Leary Cullen (-9.9), James Glanville (–9.5), Michele Pelletier (-2.3), Madeline McNeely (-0.1), Alexander Urman (-8.2), Steve Froyman (-10.4), Krista Kett (-1.3), Cathy Devoe (-6), Melissa Philbrook (-3.4), Randi Sharek (-1.1), Scott Sharek (-6.3), Stacy Schwartz (–4.7), Caroline Burns (-0.1), Anne Marie Dunne (-5.1) and Shynna Viteri (-4.1).  This is what happens when you do the right thing and is also known as winning.  How does it feel to be winning?
  • 2013, P3, Wk1 Kick Ass Weigh In (beat last shoes off measurements):  James Glanville (-7.6), Chris Lynch (+3.4), Monica Garfield (-0.1), Sean Crowley (-2), Alexander Urman (-3.6), Steve Froyman (-8.3), Krista Kett (-1.3), Kate Randall (-0.5), Melissa Philbrook (-1.1), Lisa Listerman (-2.4), Scott  Sharek (-1.9), Stacy Schwartz (-0.1), Anne Marie Dunne (-1.5).  Out of the gates strong.  Good for you!
  • James Glanville for his new job!  Persistence & substance James.  You have both.  Congratulations!
  • Meredith Adams for dropping 2 dress sizes in 2.25 phases.  Must feel awesome to be you right now!
  • Krista Kett for the awesome PTO Family BC pictures & videos.  If you haven’t seen them check out our FB page.
  • Randi & Scott Sharek for outlasting their grown kids skiing.
  • Charyti Reiter for making time to get better.
  • Madeline McNeely for thoughtfully planning your workout schedule.

Thinking of You

  • Super Helen Rousseau I sure miss you and hope you feel better soon.
  • Carol Vaghar I hope you also feel better soon.
  • Scott Timmins I’m thinking of Jen and you and I’m sorry for your losses.
  • Carolyn Greenspon I miss you.  When does your health get to be a priority again?
  • Kathleen Lowney I miss you and we have showers.  J
  • Laurel Britt-Webb, I miss you.  Hope your back soon.
  • JSO you made this list.  When do we get to be a priority again?  Those rookies and your starting mates are smoking you.
  • Lauren DeSoiza I miss you and I’m looking forward to seeing you next phase.
  • Josh Gann, you made this list.  I miss you.  Let’s go buddy.
  • Jim Pelis I’m sorry for your loss.
  • Monica Garfield I sure miss your momentum, but I’m looking forward to your big week.
  • LeeAnn Liu, I sure miss seeing you before the start of class (is that to passive-aggressive?).
  • Kim Callanan I’m wishing you packing Monday p.m. so you can train Tuesday p.m.
  • Prabhu Rao looking forward to a rebound phase 4 for you.
  • Katie Randall, David Packer & Nasrin Sadeghi & Lisa Listerman, I’m wishing you made up missed workouts next week.

Quarter 2 – Summer Sports, Beach Season #1  & Fat Loss Emphasis

Q2 will consist of Phases 4 – Phases 6 and begins March 24 and runs to June 8, 2013.  We will be switching our emphasis from weight loss to fat loss (which means the intensity will go up a bit, he volume will go down, the exercises will change a bit and everything will get a little harder).  The difference b/w weight loss programming and fat loss programming is that with weight loss, I want big easy movements performed for a long period of time, so you’re body won’t get too stressed out and will easily let the weight go.  During fat loss programming we pick up the intensity which means more lower rep ranges(3-12 reps), less higher rep ranges (20-30 reps), and more complex exercises.  Instead of just an unloaded rear foot elevated split squat, we’ll do a DB Front Squat Grip, Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat, which besides the confusingly long name means you’ll now be using DB’s and resting them on your shoulder while you squat in a split stance.

Our conditioning will include more movements, drills related to summer sports like volleyball, baseball, softball, triathlons, beach posing, sun worshiping, 12oz curls, etc…

My goal for you this quarter is to tone & tighten things up and to start giving you muscle definition while continue to make you pound for pound stronger.  You can accelerate your progress and ensure that you not only feel the change, but can see the change by

  • Drinking 16 oz of water before you start your meal
  • No media while dining:  tv, smart phone, computer, print reading material, etc…
  • Putting your fork down in b/w bites.
  • Eating only until your 80% full,
  • Pushing the plate away when you reach 80% capacity
  • No snacks if on the WL plan.  Possible snacks on the FL plan.
  • Sticking to 1-2 splurges / week, not 3 or more.
  • Not missing any workouts.
  • Matching or beating your cardio goal every week.
  • Deep sleeping 49+ hours per week.  I aim for 56.

Phase 4

P4 runs, March 24 – April 13.  Deadline to register is midnight, Thursday, March 14, 2013.

Harlem Shake

How about we do our own Harlem Shake after the P4, in class challenge workouts on Guest Day (Tues, 4/9 and Wed, 4/10)?

Fitness Business in California

Miami Heat

Original Army Edition

You’d need to bring a crazy costume to BC that day and at the end of the Challenge, just before stretching we’d spend 5-10min shooting this.  Please let me know if you think this would be fun and if you’d like to do it.

Your coach,

Mike Alves

Newton Boot Camp

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