Great and sunny Friday to you!  Just had a delicious breakfast and am feeling energized and tingly sore from a great DB complex workout yesterday.  I hope you’ve had a great empowerment week so far and are ready for a new phase.  Before we get there I wanted to pose a challenge.  You’ve got 3 days to hit your cardio minute goal and 3 possible days to get a strength workout in.  Will you hit your cardio goal and get 1 strength workout in before Monday?  Post it to our Facebook page, so I can give you a shout out.

If you get 3 challenge workouts in over the next 3 days, you’ll earn a 15min manual stretch and a 30min @ the park cardio workout with me.  Write on our FB page, “3 for 3” on Monday including your challenge results if you do it.

This week’s agenda:

  • Merit Badge Workout
  • Cardio Minutes
  • Post Measurements Reminder
  • Weekly Themes
  • Empower Week Plan
  • Challenge Workouts
  • Phase 7
  • Shout Outs
  • Ask Mike
  • Facebook
  • Spartan Race
  • Boston A-List

Merit Badge Workout

Today was the last face-to-face workouts of phase 6 and I affectionately named them Merit Badge Workouts.  I think if you trained with us last night or today, you would agree.  It was a tough workout and not because I pushed but rather b/c of how hard you were able to push yourself.  Isn’t it pretty to look back on what you did?  You broke through physical and mental barriers today.

Cardio Minutes:  Week 3

Time Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Total
6am 17 27 20 64
9am 17 27 20 64
6:30pm 17 25 20 62

Empower Week Cardio Plan:  click here to view.

Post Measurements

Shout outs to Christine Murphy, Ruth Sakakeeny, Kerry Cietanno, Michelle Crowley, Michelle Diggins, Chris Lynch, Jennifer St. Onge, Nasrin Sadeghi, Jim Pelis, Sharon Russo, Peter Kelly, Michele Pelletier, Ariella Stober David and Krisztina Pongratz-Chander for making time to be measured and for doing the work to make change happen!  What gets measured, gets managed!

Weekly Themes

Week 4:  Empower Week / Challenge Week:  Train on own, max reps, sets, rounds and/or weight in same time or less / Perfect form / Very Sore, but loving it /

/ M&O

Empower Week Plan

This week is Empower Week.  You can choose to do cardio only if you’re feeling beat up and your body is in need of a rest, but if you’re feeling great, ready to go and you don’t want to stop, then the Challenge Week Workouts are your best decisions.

Empower Week Option #1:  no strength training, do empower week cardio goal only and other recreational activities.

Empower Week Option #2:  do some strength training (decrease total work volume by 50%), do cardio goal and other recreational activities

Strength Training Example:  1-3 challenge workouts, but only 10min of strength challenge, ½ the conditioning challenge and w/ the Finisher optional; also can choose own strength training option like a class, 4 Week Fat Loss Jump Start Program, Hotel Travel Workout Routine or other.  Remember to decrease training volume.  Easiest way to do this is to train strength for ONLY 10-minutes, 1-3x/wk instead of 20minutes, 1-3x/wk.

Empower Week Option #3:  strength train, do cardio goal with other recreational activities optional.

Strength Training Example:  1-3 Full Challenge Workouts, 4 Week Fat Loss Jump Start Workout, Hotel Travel Workout Routine, a class or other strength training option.

To see the Empower Week Plan with cardio minute goals, challenge workouts, the 4 Week Fat Loss Jump Start Workout, the Hotel Travel Workout Routine, Workout D the Pre-Beach Routine or the Abs Workout, click here.

Challenge Workouts

To see the 2012, P6, Challenge Workouts, copy & paste this to your browser:

Phase 7

  • Deadline for new participants to register is midnight today, Thursday, June 14, 2012.  Refer your friends to the 1 Week Trial page to sign up.
  • M&O is 8am, Saturday, June 16, 2012 @ Mackenzie
  • 1st Classes begin on Monday, June 18, 2012.
  • We TEST on Monday as it’s a new Quarter.
  • We will be doing bonus workouts for at 6am on T @ B&G, 9am T @ Mackenzie and 6:30pm F @ Mackenzie to learn Workout A for 6a & 9am and Workout C for the 6:30pm.  Please bring $20 to participate.

Shout Outs

  • Cardio High Fives, P6, week 2:  Marc Gromada, Katy Coughlin, Carol Vaghar, Marisa Cimino, Jackie Bunt, Carol Gray, Candace Crabtree, Scott Timmins, Mary Magre, Walter Piescik, Ceci Dunn, Jim Pelis, Sharon Russo, Mary Thomas, Greg Pinto, Peter Kelly, Michele Pelletier, Kerry Cietanno, Lauren DeSoiza, Michelle Diggins, Nasrin Sadeghi and Semirames Baptista.  Your best summer ever is almost here and you’re taking action!  Get ready to make great memories!
  • 2012, P6, Perfect Attendance:  Jennifer O’Leary, Alicia Straus, Katy Coughlin, Marisa Cimino, Lisa DeLima, Dana Dornbusch, Eva Chittendon, Laurel Britt-Webb, Scott Timmins, Walter Piescik, Hillary Ashton, Cathy Devoe, Jennifer Mendelsohn, Eric Riak, Ilona Goldfarb, Donna O’Leary, Sharon Russo, Thomas John, Paul Cullen, Greg Pinto, Christine Murphy, Jennifer St. Onge, Peter Kelly, Kerry Cietanno, Lauren DeSoiza, Joshua Gann, Michelle Diggins, Krisztina Pongratz-Chander, Nasrin Sadeghi, Ruth Sakakeeny, Michelle Crowley and Ariella Stober David.  You can’t make change happen without showing up.  You showed up and therefore are making change happen!
  • P6, Wk3, Kick A** Weigh In  (person with weight loss goal, who’s Kick A** Weigh In beat their last shoes off measurements weigh in):  Lisa DeLima, Scott Timmins, Greg Pinto, Jennifer St. Onge, Krisztina Pongratz-Chander, Nasrin Sadeghi, Michelle Crowley, and Semirames Baptista. Doesn’t it feel good to kick life’s a** vs. having life kick yours?
  • P6, Post Measurements, Changes Earned!:
    • Christine Murphy decreased her BP, BW, BF%, and inches lost AGAIN.  She’s lost 5.4 lbs, 5% body fat since she started in January and earned the Athlete Mode on the BIA, dropped 3.5% body fat, gained 2.7 lbs of muscle, lost 4.4 lbs of fat, 2.7” from her waist and 4.4” from her hips since April.
    • Ruth Sakakeeny lost 3.3 lbs of fat mass and 1.6% body fat, while maintaining her lean mass in her 1st phase.
    • Kerry Cietanno has earned a lot of changes since Jan including a return to her high school body weight, dropping 2 dress sizes, having a blood pressure that should impress a cardiologist, losing 11 lbs, earning the athlete mode for BF%, dropping 6.4% BF, maintaining her lean mass, while losing 11 lbs of fat mass, dropping 6.25” from her waist and 2” from her hips and setting a personal records in her road races.  Hoo-Rah!
    • Michelle Crowley decreased her blood pressure, her resting heart rate, gained 1.9 lbs of lean mass, lost 4.5 lbs. of fat mass, 2.7% BF, 1.25” from her waist and 0.5” from her hips in her 1st phase.
    • Michelle Diggins has now dropped 2 dress sizes, lowered her BP below the “normal range” (this is good), decreased her BF% by 3.2%, lost 5.8lbs of fat mass, 2.5” from waist and 2” from hips since late March.
    • Chris Lynch has dropped 3 pant sizes, 11.5lbs. of body weight, 6.4% BF, 13.25lbs of fat mass (gained 1.75lbs lean mass), 2” from his waist and 1” from his hips since late February.
    • Jennifer St. Onge has lost 12.2 lbs, 5.6% BF, 4” from her waist and 2” from her hips since late Jan.  Wow!
    • Nasrin Sadeghi lost 3 lbs of fat mass in her 1st 3 weeks.  A 3 for 3.  J
    • Jim Pelis, in 11 months has dropped 3 pant sizes, 21.2 lbs, 6% BF, 4” from his waist and 2.5” from his hips while achieving / beating his goal body weight.  Time to progress to a fat loss / weight maintenance phase Jim.  Congratulations!
    • Sharon Russo since April 2011 has dropped a dress size, lowered her resting heart rate 10beats, her blood pressure 10mmHg Systolic and 8mmHg Diastolic, lost 7.5lbs. of Fat Mass, 2.75” from her waist and 2.8” from her hips.  These are especially great because she’s petite.  Now she’s training for her 1st ever triathlon.  You go girl!
    • Peter Kelly has dropped 2 pant sizes, earned an athlete caliber heart rate of (sub 60bpm), has lost 16 lbs of fat, while gaining 2lbs of muscle, went from overweight on the BMI scale to ideal and lost 4.5” from his waist and 1.3” from his hips while gaining great explosiveness to help in his tennis game, since late Jan.
    • Michele Pelletier has dropped 3 dress sizes, lowered her BP to below normal into the very healthy range, dropped 28bpm on her resting heart rate, lost 17 lbs of fat mass, 5” from her waist, yes FIVE INCHES from her WAIST and 2.6” from her hips since late Jan.  Michele, these #’s look fun and I hope you’re living the “girls just wanna have fun” lifestyle b/c of your efforts.
    • Ariella Stober David dropped 19bpm from her resting heart rate, 3lbs of fat mass, 1.7% BF, 2” from her waist and 0.5” from her hips in 3 weeks.  Pretty good for training on little sleep and not being a morning person.  Consider yourself lucky.  J
    • Krisztina Pongratz-Chander dropped a dress size, 5.4lbs of fat mass, and 1.5” from her hips in her 1st phase.  I guess finding and making the time to get your cardio minutes in has been worth it.  J
  • Walter Piescik for going 3 for 3 on annual physicals by lowering his bodyweight, BMI and blood pressure for 3 consecutive years.  Each year the majority of adult in the U.S. are gaining weight, raising their BMI and Blood Pressure and increasing the risk for disease.  But not Walter!
  • Jim Pelis for doing  2 rounds of the beach workout on Sunday while traveling, then running 3 miles, and then doing the P5, Challenge Day #1 workout on Monday, while traveling.
  • Sharon Russo for getting in both W-D and the Abs Workout.
  • Laura Otting for setting a 10K personal record by cutting 5 minutes off her time and averaging 8:40min/mile.  Her in class 1-mile record was 8:42, so that’s a very strong pace to average for 6.2 miles.
  • Christine Dunleavy for completing her 1st Warrior Dash, a 3.1 mile 12-station obstacle course, mud run!  Very cool Christine.  J

Ask Mike

Peter Kelly just asked a great question, “is my new body weight, the right body weight goal for me?”  Check out his answer here:  Ask Mike


Report your challenge workout results here:

Example=  “P6, CW, W-A:  1 round in 14:53.  Woo baby that was hard.  J”

Spartan Race

Scott Timmins and Jim Pelis both of the 9am class have signed up for the Saturday, Nov 17, 2012 Fenway Park Spartan Time Trial Race.  It’s a 1-mile course with 15+ Obstacles.  If 10 or more people sign up, I’ll call and ask for a group rate.  Early bird pricing ends, June 17.  Click here to learn more.

Boston A-List

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