Happy belated Mother’s Day to you!

I hope you mom’s received a day of appreciation and those who have moms were able to show it.  J  V and I spent the weekend visiting my parents and spending time with my mom.  V’s mom received a nice care package and a mother’s day call.

Ask and you shall receive:  Here is the phase 5 recap & empowerment week plan and attached are your challenge workouts.

This week’s agenda:

  • Cardio Minutes
  • Post Measurements Reminder
  • Weekly Themes
  • Empower Week Plan
  • Challenge Workouts
  • Phase 6
  • Shout Outs  (ND & GST, Guest Day, Paul
  • Community Supported Agriculture
  • Ask Mike

Cardio Minutes:  Week 3

Time Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Total
6am 25 16 19 60
9am 25 16 19 60
6:30pm 25 16 17 58

Empower Week Cardio Plan:  click here to view.

Post Measurements

We’ve had a kick a** phase and kick a** measurements.  Your goals are my goals and when your consistent commitment and efforts combine with results-oriented programming we both win and winning is fun.  Just ask DJ Khaled (please know this is supposed to be humorous, not obnoxious) and Jim Pelis, Kerry Cietanno, Doris Brodhead, Peter Kelly, Ceci Dunn, Louise Tucci, Rachel Zoob, Michelle Diggins, Michele Pelletier and Alicia Straus.  All they do is Win!

Weekly Themes

Week 4:  Empower Week / Challenge Week:  Train on own, max reps, sets, rounds and/or weight in same time or less / Perfect form / Very Sore, but loving it /

/ M&O

Empower Week Plan

Next week is Empower Week.  You can choose to do cardio only if you’re feeling beat up and your body is in need of a rest, but if you’re feeling great, ready to go and you don’t want to stop, then the Challenge Week Workouts are your best decisions.

Empower Week Option #1:  no strength training, do empower week cardio goal only and other recreational activities.

Empower Week Option #2:  do some strength training (decrease total work volume by 50%), do cardio goal and other recreational activities

Strength Training Example:  1-3 challenge workouts, but only 10min of strength challenge, ½ the conditioning challenge and w/ the Finisher optional; also can choose own strength training option like a class, 4 Week Fat Loss Jump Start Program, Hotel Travel Workout Routine or other.  Remember to decrease training volume.  Easiest way to do this is to train strength for ONLY 10-minutes, 1-3x/wk instead of 20minutes, 1-3x/wk.

Empower Week Option #3:  strength train, do cardio goal with other recreational activities optional.

Strength Training Example:  1-3 Full Challenge Workouts, 4 Week Fat Loss Jump Start Workout, Hotel Travel Workout Routine, a class or other strength training option.

To see the Empower Week Plan with cardio minute goals, challenge workouts, the 4 Week Fat Loss Jump Start Workout and the Hotel Travel Workout Routine, click here.

Challenge Workouts

Click here to see the 2012, P5, Challenge Workouts.

Phase 6

  • Deadline for new participants to register is midnight, Thursday, May 17, 2012.  Refer your friends to the 1 Week Trial page to sign up.
  • Measurements & Orientation is 8am, Sunday, May 20, 2012 @ Mackenzie
  • 1st Classes begin on Monday, May 21, 2012.

Shout Outs

  • Walter Piescik earned 1,155 cardio minutes, from Kite Boarding in the Outer Banks, NC.  Check out this photo of WP getting some serious air (photo not from NC)

  • Marine 5K run at Carson Beach, South Boston.  Here are some cool photos of Laura finishing her fastest 5K run ever.

  • Here is Laura’s circle of buddies who also ran.

  • Here is former 6am boot camper Lisa Radley and myself realizing where standing across from each other.

  • More surprises:  turns out Lisa Radley was with Meghan Honan (6am) and Karen Steponaitis (former private client) at the race.

A very fun day!

  • Cardio High Fives, week 2:  Marc Gromada, Alicia Straus, Katy Coughlin, Carol Vaghar, Marisa Cimino (dislocated shoulder and still getting it done), Jackie Bunt, Lisa DeLima, Dana Dornbusch, Deb Rooney, Carol Gray, Scott Timmins, Mary Magre, Walter Piescik, Ceci Dunn, Cathy Devoe, Jennifer Mendelsohn, Christine Dunleavy, Eric Riak, Keri Dogan, Jim Pelis, Sharon Russo, Paul Cullen, Christine Murphy, Alison Occhiuti, Jennifer St. Onge, Susan Suminski, Peter Kelly, Michele Pelletier, Kerry Cietanno, Lauren DeSoiza, Joshua Gann, Melissa Kiernan, Denise Pelletier, Rachel Zoob and Doris Brodhead.  Making time outside of BC is part of making change happen.  High Five to you all!
  • 2012, P5, Perfect Attendance:  Helen Rousseau, Jennifer O’Leary, Alicia Straus, Katy Coughlin, Carol Vaghar, Dana Dornbusch, Deb Rooney, Carol Gray, Mary Magre, Ceci Dunn, Jennifer Mendelsohn, Lori Arnold, Eric Riak, Keri Dogan, Thomas John, Paul Cullen, Michele Pelletier, Kerry Cietanno, Lauren DeSoiza, Joshua Gann, Michelle Diggins, Melissa Kiernan, Denise Pelletier, Rachel Zoob and Doris Brodhead.  You’ve got to show up to get results and you certainly are earning yours.
  • P5, Wk3, Kick A** Weigh In  (person with weight loss goal, who’s Kick A** Weigh In beat their last shoes off measurements weigh in):  Anke Vorbau, Ceci Dunn, Greg Pinto, Peter Kelly, Michelle Diggins, Louise Tucci, Rachel Zoob and Doris Brodhead..
  • Paul Cullen for finishing in 3rd place in his recent 5K with a time of 18:50 (6:03min/mile avg. pace).  1st place finisher had a time of 17:03.

  • Jenny Cullen (O’Leary) finished with a time of 22:05 (7:06min/mile avg. pace).
  • Kerry Cietanno for getting back to her high school weight and choosing to sign up for a ½ marathon.
  • Jim Pelis you’re 0.4 lbs from your body weight goal.  Good luck.  J
  • Peter Kelly for beating your body weight goal by 2.1 lbs. and earning the right to move from WL to FL.  Please plan to attend the ND on Sunday, June 3rd.
  • Ceci Dunn for dropping 4 dress sizes, 14.5 lbs., 8.2% BF, 7” from your waist and 4.25” from your hips since joining in March 2011.
  • Louise Tucci dropped a dress size and lost 9.1 lbs in 3 weeks of BC.
  • Michele Pelletier has lost 17 lbs, 2 dress sizes, 6.8% BF, 5” from her waist and 3” from her hips since January, 2012.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

The Newton Montessori School parking lot (the alley on the side of the school) is home to a Vermont CSA drop off site every Wednesday from 2-3:30pm.  If you’re interested in getting your food directly from a farm, aka being part of a CSA, vs. from a grocery store, you can learn more by visiting farmerstoyou.com .  Will Forest is the person to ask for.

Ask Mike

Got a question?  Ask Mike


Report your challenge workout results here:  facebook.com/ChangeYourBodyBootCamps.Newton.MA

Example=  “P5, CW, W-A:  1 round in 14:53.  Woo baby that was hard.  J”

Your coach,

Mike Alves

Newton Boot Camp