Friday, April 15, 2011

TGIF, TGIG, TGIF!  I love all seasons, but today and a few days this past week, certainly have felt special.  J

We’ve nearly completed one of the coolest, most challenging and arguably most fun phases in CYBBC history.  I hope your experience mirrors these sentiments and your results complimented by them. Saturday’s Measurements will be a big day.  We’ve got a great turnout expected, so there should be some significant changes recorded and earned.

Remember as your coach, I’m here for you.  Many people use me in different ways.  If something doesn’t feel right, tell me.  If you’ve mastered something and it’s becoming too easy, tell me.  If your changes are slowing or not happening like you expect them to, tell me.  That’s one of the reasons you’ve hired me in the first place.  To help you accomplish your goals.  We can swap emails, texts, schedule a time to chat and even arrange a time to meet.  Whatever it takes, I’m here for you!

This week’s agenda:

  • Cardio Minutes
  • Weekly Themes
  • Anniversaries
  • GD Thank You
  • Post Measurements +
  • Recovery Week
  • Challenge Workouts
  • Bonus Week
  • Tory Row 5k
  • Warrior Dash / Tough Mudder
  • Shout Outs
  • Phase 5

Cardio Minutes:

Time Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Total
6am 22 28 16 66
9am 24 26 15 65
6:30pm 24 24 16 64

Rookie Cardio Goals for Weight Loss:

Wk1:  males = 125, females = 190

Wk2:  males = 150*, females = 220 * (if weight loss is goal)

Wk3:  males = 175*, females = 250 * (if weight loss is goal)

Rookies / Returning Boot Campers Cardio Minute Goals based on Personal Goals

  • Weight Loss (WL):  175 males / 250 females
  • Fat Loss / Weight Maintenance (FL):  125 males / 190 females; primarily Interval Sprint Based
  • Performance:  ask me

Click here to review Cardio Plan and for examples of workouts

When reporting minutes via email, if you’re using the fat loss / weight maintenance goal, please denote it like this:  FL your cardio number min.  If your goal is weight loss, please denote it like this, WLyour cardio number min.  This will help me know whether to give you a high five or not.

Weekly Themes

Week 1: Intro / Measurements & Orientation / Cardio Progression Week for Returning Boot Campers / Less Sets, Reps, Rounds and/or Load.  Perfect form.  Very Sore Week for All

Week 2: 2nd Exposure / Regular reps, sets, rounds and/or load / Perfect form / Less Sore

Nutrition Discussion / Grocery Shopping Tour

Week 3: Record Week / Increased reps, sets, rounds and/or load / Perfect form / Sore / Post Testing

Recovery Week: Challenge Week / Individual Challenge Week / on own, max reps, sets, rounds and/or weight in same time or less / Perfect form / Very Sore, but loving it /

/ M&O


P4 Week 3 marks the 1 year anniversary of the Weekly Weigh Ins (thank you Chrissy Thurmond) and the “Hoo-Rah” shout (thank you Marc Gromada and Lisa Radley) for reaching the top # of that day’s rep range.

GD Thank You

I’d like to thank Mary Magre, Rachel Viscomi and Hillary Ashton for introducing us to Sharon Russo.  The more people you INVITE to train with you whether it be walking, yoga, tennis, skiing, basketball, boot camp or whatever, the greater long term success you’ll have with getting into your best shape and staying there and the better your friendship will be because you’ll be bonding through movement.  INVITE is the key word and remember Motion causes Emotion (Tony Robbins).

Post Measurements+

8am, Saturday, April 16 at the Mackenzie Center will be both Post Measurements & Measurements & Orientation for phase 5 rookies.  The reason is because Sunday, April 24 is Easter and many people are traveling.  Please mark the date on your calendar so you can track your progress.  If you haven’t already RSVP’d and you want to be measured, do it NOW.  Next measurement date is Sunday, May 22.

Recovery Week

This week is recovery week.  To read why we have recovery weeks click here:

Challenge Week

You’ve heard me talk about “Do Anywhere Workouts” using minimal equipment; well Challenge Week is an extension of that.  I take the programs and exercises you’ve trained on for the last 3 weeks and I turn them into fun (loosely typed) games or challenges that you can do on your own without a coach.  Of course it’s more fun if you train with a buddy so if you can invite someone from class even better.  Plus the weather is awesome so get outside and do a driveway workout, sidewalk, park, yard, garage or deck workout.

Click here to view the 2011, P4 Challenge Week

Click here to find a buddy.

Bonus Week

If you’re here during recovery week, 4/18-4/22 (school vacation week), and would like to have a bonus week, post on our Facebook fan page, “I want a bonus week” and let me know which days and times you can do (6am, M / W / F ; 8am, M / W / Th ; 6:30pm, M / T / Th).   If there’s enough interest we’ll make it happen.  Click here to like us and comment.

Tory Row 5K

If you like to run, want to run and/or want to run with buddies, check out the Tory Row 5k, on May 22nd in Harvard Square and join some of your peers for a fun day.  There are at least 4 people running that I know of, Ellen Kelly, Cindy Hutter, James Glanville and Eva Chittenden, but I’m sure there are more who haven’t commented yet on Facebook, so if you want to build active living into your lifestyle, you can start here:

Warrior Dash / Tough Mudder

Warrior Dash, 3.02 miles, June 25 & 26th (deadline to register is June 3)

Amesbury, MA

Tough Mudder, 10 miles, May 7th & 8th (deadline to register is now)

Mt. Snow, West Dover, NH

Do these look like fun to you?  Let me know.

Shout Outs

  • Week 2 Cardio Minutes High Fives:  Scott Timmins, Fred Hollister, Rachel Viscomi, Mary Magre, Laura Allen, Ceci Dunn, Ellen Kelley, Marc Gromada, Chrissy Thurmond, Linda Riak, Susan Kessel, Katy Coughlin, Mary-Alice Tully, Marisa Cimino, Jackie Bunt, Cindy Hutter, Lisa DeLima, Jon Otting, Thomas John, Kathleen Lowney, Krista Kett, Carol Gray and Mary Thomas.
  • Phase 4 Perfect Attendance:  Ellen Kelley, Susan Kessel, Charlotte Vanlier, Marisa Cimino, Cindy Hutter, Lisa DeLima, Lisa Griggs, Thomas John, Stella Lee, Krista Kett, Carol Gray, Mary Thomas, Leslie Williams, Kathy Krongel, Scott Timmins, Aileen Murphy, Eric Riak, Mary Magre, Laura Allen, Stephen allen, Walter Piescik, Henry Fizer, and Jack Goldsmith. One of the best ways to ensure success and get results is to show up.
  • Phase 4 Camper of the Phase:  Todd Heberlein.  Mr. Hustle sprinted from station to station.  When I asked why he was hustling so much and training so hard he said, “if I’m going to do this I’m going to give it my all”.  It showed.
  • Phase 5 Camper of the Phase:  James Glanville.  Anyone who had the chance to train with James this month, certainly know he brought it and that he elevated the efforts of the class.  Thank you James.  J
  • Kristen Pepe for finding ways to get to class even though it’s tax season (she’s an accountant).  High Five!
  • Rachel Viscomi for making time to train on Tues night before traveling on Wed. Same for Laurel Britt-Webb and Alicia Straus.
  • To Coach Mike from Lisa DeLima, “Hi Mike,

It’s Lisa DeLima, and I just, I just had to call you (laughs) because I’m driving home and I was just thinking during class how lucky we all are to start our day (big breathe)…with you, in that way, and uh, it’s true it does fire up your day, it fires up your life, so thank you.  It is a life changing experience and I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you.  So, I’ll see you Monday.”  Thanks Lisa.  That was very touching for me.  It made my day!

Phase 5

P5, begins on Monday, April 25.  (The deadline to register is 11:59pm Thursday, April 21st for new people.)  See you soon.

Your coach,

Mike Alves

Newton Boot Camp