Phase 5 will be comprised of a descending pyramid, (2) – 10 minute continuous circuits and an ascending pyramid.  There will be (1) finisher, shoulders, and the conditioning will be band relays, tennis shuttles and baseball baserunning.  The benefit of the pyramids will be a drop set or down the river effect in which you start with either a more complex exercise and/or a higher resistance and as the time progresses and you get tired, you decrease the exercise complexity (level) and/or resistance to maintain form and speed of movement.  This will result in maximal motor unit / muscle fiber recruitment and yield strong, hard and tone muscles that become pumped up with blood.  It’s a great feeling, at least the after affect,  and something you most certainly will enjoy.

The continuous circuits are excellent for escalating density, which means each week you should more work done within the same time.  This provides instant feedback that you got better (stronger, faster, more enduring…)

The shoulder finisher will help to improve your posture, give you great shoulder tone, while keeping your throwing arms healthy and lay the foundation for the summer when we start working beach muscles.

The conditioning will put instant smiles on your face and remind you that you are young, vibrant and youthful.  It will compliment spring sports you may or may not play and will help to get you cut, quicker.  It will also help you to burn more calories at rest because of the EPOC effect.  EPOC = Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption or the calories you burn after exercise are greater because you’ve disrupted your metabolism by the vigorous and high intensity exercise and it takes a while, sometimes up to 38 hours, for your metabolism to return to baseline.  The best part is the more often you exercise, the more this elevated metabolism gets compounded and this is great for your body transformation!