Happy Monday to you! I hope your 1st December weekend was a good one and you feel rested and recharged for a BIG Week of Challenges!  If you’re still struggling to lose your remaining turkey lbs, have no fear as it’s about to be burnt off because challenge weeks are known for awesome body changes. If you don’t have any lbs to lose, then you’ll be positioned to lose fat / build muscle depending on what & when you eat following your workouts and in general and what you do for cardio.

Without further ado…

This week’s agenda:

• You vs. ?
• Cardio Minutes
• P9 Overview
• Challenge Week
• Queen of Pistachios
• Turkey Workout Recap
• Shout Outs

You vs. ?

Cardio Minutes:

Time Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Total
6am 22 14 23 59
9am 23 14 21 58
6:30pm 23 14 21 58

Week 5 Goals:

Rookies / Returning Boot Campers: males = 175, females = 250

P9 Overview

Week Day 1 Day 2 Day 3

Challenge Week

WA#4:  Challenge

Challenge #1:  Team

WB#4:  Challenge

Challenge #2:  Team

WC#4:  Challenge

Challenge #3:  Team


Challenge Week

WD#4:  Challenge

Challenge #4:  Team


Challenge #5:  Individual

Post Testing

Recovery Week (RW)


RW Challenge Repeat, W-A 50% Volume Decrease, Other or Off


RW Challenge Repeat, W-B 50% Volume Decrease, Other or Off


RW Challenge Repeat, W-C 50% Volume Decrease, Other or Off


Recovery Week (RW)


RW Challenge Repeat, W-D 50% Volume Decrease, Other or Off


RW Challenge Repeat, W-A 50% Volume Decrease, Other or Off


RW Challenge Repeat, W-B 50% Volume Decrease, Other or Off

Challenge Week

You’ve heard about it, read about it and now its here. Challenge Week. This week can single handedly change your body for the best in dramatic ways if you’re following the nutrition plan and getting enough rest (sleep is when you change). These workouts are tough, fun (at least when you’re done) and make you physically and mentally stronger. If you thought the happy hormone highs were great before wait until after a challenge workout. You’ll be flying high, feeling super energized and creative. Watch your productivity, moods and chattiness skyrocket as you have a personal best week.

This phase will consist of 5 challenge days: 4 team challenges and 1 individual challenge. A challenge is when your workout takes the shape of a game you and/or your team try to beat. The challenge could be to complete or beat certain # of rounds, reps or time. It is surprisingly energizing and motivating and enables you to train harder than you previously thought possible while showing you how far you’ve come in your training.

To see the Phase 9 Challenges click here.

Queen of Pistachios

2010 Queen of Pistachios

Above is the 2010, Queen of Green, my girlfriend Vanessa. She won the lovely green chair you see, 25 lbs of shelled, unsalted pistachios and some cash. Yeah for her! 

Turkey Workout Recap

The 2011 Gobble, Gobble Turkey Toss, Give to Hungry Learn Fat Loss, Charity Turkey Workout was a success.  We donated 11 turkeys with a collective net weight of ~150 lbs.

Thank you again to Marisa Cimino, Laurel Britt-Webb and Susana Fantozzi for participating and donating to the Bristol Loge Soup Kitchen.

Here’s a 2 minute video of the event.

Shout Outs

James Glanville and Laurel Britt-Webb for running to the step ups during workout D and Stephen Cimino for running so fast during the soldiers march you earned 40 seconds of rest each time.

It was great to see you back in class Becca Allen, Stephanie Gilman and Jo Doherty.  Let’s see if you can get repeat attendance this week.  J  Mary-Alice just signed up for an Ironman London.  WOW!  Amy Sparby rocked a Tuesday night, Wednesday morning partner band workout.  Speaking from 1st hand experience that is T-O-U-G-H!  Jen Roy rocked it during the Crayola 64 Body Weight Workout!  Great effort Jen!  High Five to Vinay Mehra and Mary Thomas for toughing showing up even though they weren’t having their best days.

Alicia Straus, Marc Gromada, Marisa Cimino, Jon Otting, Jack Goldsmith, Lisa DeLima and Stephen Cimino all bring or at least keep in their cars different sets of weights to cycle heavy and light days and / or strong and less strong exercises.

Deb Rooney, Stephen Cimino, Jackie Bunt and Leslie Williams for completing the Bear Crawl, Crab Walk and External Rotation Diverging Pyramid.  Those are tough!

Burn & Earn Baby!

Your coach,

Mike Alves

Newton Boot Camp