2010 Change Your Body Boot Camps

Phase 5, Recovery Week Recap

Hello and happy hormones to you!  I’ve been rocking driveway strength workouts, cardio intervals at the beach (med ball slams paired with box jump intervals), morning mantra walks and being sucked in by the Lebron James free agency drama.

BUT I have also been learning a ton, working behind the scenes, eating great and thinking about you.

This is recap is full of content, so enjoy and I’ll see you on Sunday/Monday.

This week’s agenda:

  • Phase 5 Recap
  • Challenge Week Results
  • Post M&T
  • Survey
  • Recovery Week
  • Cardio Minutes
  • Nutrition Tip
  • Inspiration
  • Got Questions?

Phase 5 Recap

Phase 5 was inspirationally titled, “Swagger into Summer:  4th of July Ready!” , because as I wrote, “6 weeks from now, you’ll be celebrating our country’s history with your family and/or friends and you’ll be brimming with confidence, moving fluidly with a little hop in your step.  You’ll be exuding magnetic energy like you’re the celebrity with the “it factor”, feeling & looking your best and taking mental notes of both how many compliments you receive and what compliments you receive.”

So the burning question is did you Swagger?

Phase 5 consisted of 6 weeks of training, (5 weeks of boot camp and 1 recovery week).  You learned 3 routines, you M&T’d in the beginning and the end.  We had weeks of soreness, less soreness, progressions and challenges.  You experienced high intensity interval strength & conditioning, multi-planar do anywhere workouts, using minimal equipment.  Instead of standing around and watching me demonstrate, you did the exercises with me and then I went around and corrected form.

You did burpee rollovers, squatted like frogs, got up and down like Turkish people, sprinted, shuffled with bands, finished your butt, abs, lungs and total body, did body weight only workouts and did dumbbell and band complexes.  You moved a lot.  We introduced running in between circuits.  You partnered with different people.  The sweat slalom became a common occurrence.  You ate better (if you were smart).  We had new members.  Records were tied and broken.  And since you’re now swaggering with confidence and rested from a red, white & blue recovery week, you’re ready to do it all over again.

Challenge Week Results

4 Challenges.  3 Team.  1 Individual.


C#1:  3 Classes Beat the Strength, 2 Beat the Conditioning

C#2:  3 Classes Beat the Strength, 0 Beat the Finisher or the Conditioning

C#3:  0 Classes Beat the Strength, 3 Classes Beat the Finisher & Conditioning

C#4:  21 People Beat the 40 Minute Individual Challenge

To see the your stats, the team stats and the challenge summaries, click here

Post M&T

We measured and tested (M&T) at the beginning and end of each phase.  Each person should have improved and/or set a personal record in some capacity.  Some numbers were good, some awesome and some can still do better.

Some highlights were:

Shuttle Run:

Dean Pernisie tied Paul Cullen record for 17 shuttle runs.

4 Women touched 15 lines in 60 seconds, but Lynn Palmatier’s and Jennifer O’Leary’s record of 16 still stands.  Congratulations to Ellen Whalley, Debbie O’Leary, Jennifer O’Leary and Sonya Mead for hitting the tough to reach 15 mark.  (On a side note:  Alex, your wife is as fast as you!  You are a quick couple).

Push Ups:

Turns out Deb Rooney broke Marisa Cimino’s female class record of 27 at the beginning of the phase with an amazing 46, but neither record stood as Marisa broke her previous best with a 28 and Deb smashed her short lived female class record with a whopping 50 REGULAR PUSH UPS.

Paul Cullen rocked out 55 to top the males.

Frog Squats:

Laura Otting ribbit’d 54 times, which was the most by any man or woman this phase and 5 short of the female class record.

Laura as well as Marisa, Paul, Dean, Deb R, Jeff and Mary-Alice all topped 50 reps.  Great effort.  Picking things up off the floor and getting out of chairs when you’re gray and worn, should be easier for you than most because of the power you’re developing in these frog squats.

1-Mile Run:

Wow!  You were fast!  12 people broke the 9 minute mark.  4 of these people broke the 8 minute mark and 1 person broke the 7 min mark.

Sally Babigian (8:57), Alicia Straus (8:57), Todd Heberlein (8:50), Laura Otting (8:49), Jennifer O’Leary (8:42), Deb Rooney (8:33), Debbie O’Leary (8:31), Jackie Bunt (8:08 20 seconds short of her June 1, 2010 record setting run of 7:48), Jeff Evaul (7:59), Alex Whiting (7:54), Dean Pernisie (7:50), Paul Cullen 6:48 (*new class record) besting his previous best of 7:35 and Nick Toyias’ male class record of 7:06.


I read on a bathroom stall that “if you’re looking for a good time call…”…just kidding.

But if you desire to have the most exhilarating, rapid body transforming, boot camp experience of your life, then please share your feedback so I can show you a good time.  J  Click here for the survey.

Recovery Week

To read a about the benefits of recovery week, click here.

To read your recovery week plan click here.

Cardio Minutes

Week 5

Time Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Total
6am 23 20 30 73
9am 24 20 22 66
6:30pm 24 20 28 72

Recovery Week Goals for Rookies & Returning boot campers:

1.  No strength, cardio only:   360 min

2.  Strength and cardio:  males = 175 minutes, females = 250 minutes

Please reply below with your cardio minutes for week 5 and recovery week.

Nutrition Tip

According to a new research study by the AJCN it looks like the bread on your burger causes more damage to your heart than the burger (but you already knew that).  This is something to consider since its BBQ season and especially if you already have a family history of heart disease.


  1. Don’t eat high glycemic carbohydrates (e.g.  white buns or white rolls)
  2. Limit consumption to splurge meals only (1-2 splurge meals/week).
  3. Eat low glycemic carbohydrates (e.g. whole grain, dense buns or rolls).
  4. Go naked.  Eat the burger or hot dog (proteins) with some avocado (fat) and greens (carb).

To read the article click here.


Susana Fantozzi, wrote on June 9

“Over this past weekend, my husband and I returned to our alma mater for his 25th College Reunion. On the way home, my husband said that a number of women commented to him on how good I looked! According to him, “Guys just don’t say those kind of things about each others’ wives.” So between the sweating and the nutrition… things are definitely improving!! Thanks in large part, to YOU!”

I’ve got lots of inspirational stories in the tank, in fact I just created a folder of stories to share with you.  If you’d like to share a cool story with us and provide inspiration for your peers, send me an email with your story, pics, video, etc…

Got Questions?

Ask me a question and I’ll answer them in the forums.

Cheers and wishing you an active weekend and a great start to next week.

Your coach,

Mike Alves

Newton Boot Camp

p.s  Measurements & Orientation are 8am, Sunday, July 11 at the Mackenzie Center.

p.p.s.  All classes begin on Monday, July 12.

p.p.p.s. Please post below the following:

1. Recovery Week cardio minutes
2. Results of recovery week strength workouts (what workout-A,B or C-, how long, feedback)

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