Beach Season = Beach Muscles


Outdoor Sports Season = Sports Performance Training

By Mike Alves

Maybe it’s not the best slogan for our phase # 6, but you get the idea.  It’s beach season so you want to look & feel confident on the beach and it’s outdoor sports season, so you want to play outdoors and perform better than before.

Well this is exciting for me because (1) I love going to the beach AND playing summer sports and (2) because we get to use the next part of your Macrocycle.  You see, I write out a map (Macrocycle) for how I’m going to train you over the course of the year.  I anticipate certain things you’ll face and address them at the appropriate times (Mesocycle).  This being summer, I have a good idea what you’ll be doing and where you might be:  outdoors, active and wearing less clothing.

We are limited in the boot camp in that it’s very difficult for you to gain weight unless you increase your calories because it’s a weight loss / fat loss program, but I can “tweak” different variables to emphasize more muscle building & fat loss with less weight loss emphasis and incorporate exercises and methods to improve summer sports performance. (Don’t worry if you still need to lose weight, the program, your minutes and substituting vegetables for starchy carbs, while eating protein, moderate amounts of fat and drinking water at every meal will help you get there)

Hence this phase you’ll see a lot of isometrics (a muscle contraction with no joint movement), drop sets, shorter length work to rest ratios like the 20:10 Tabata intervals (vs. 60:60 or 30:60:90) and exercises that you might only be able to do a level 1 on instead of maybe level 2 or 3 like you might normally do.  Since we can’t increase the load of the exercises unless you get heavier dumbbells, I select harder exercises that you can’t perform as long, which compliment the shorter work to rest ratio.  The harder exercises provide a stimulus to overload your body, which forces your body to adapt over time.  The body responds to the stimulus by changing and you get more fit, decreased body fat, more lean muscle and more fun.  If you play sports you’ll swim, bike or run faster, jump higher, endure longer, throw or hit farther, move quicker and be mentally tougher.

Since this phase is 3 weeks long followed by our 3 week summer break recovery period, I’ve written you a 6 week program with 4 different strength & conditioning routines compared to the usual 3.  Since many of you told me 3 weeks was too long to be away from class, there will be an optional bonus 4th week.  Scroll down to learn more.

Phase Overview

  • Phase 6 Overview
  • Cardio Minutes
  • Rookies
  • Bonus Week
  • Nutrition Tip
  • Nutrition Discussion
  • Guest Day
  • Questions

Phase 6 Overview

Phase 5 Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
July 12 Workout A#1-Intro (sore)

S:  20:10 Body Weight (BW)-5ct

F:  Abs

C:  Shuttle-10 yd

Workout B#1-Intro (sore)

S:  40:20 Weights-5ct

F:  Hips

C:  Sprints Around Gym-speed

Workout C#1-Intro (sore)

S:  30:30 BW-5ct

F:  Scissor Jacks

C:  Lateral Shuffle

July 19 Workout D#1-Intro (sore)

S:  50:10 Weights-5ct

F:  Hand Walk/Sled Push Pyramid

C:  Mountain Climbers / Movement Prep

Workout A#2-2nd Exposure (less sore)

S:  20:10 BW-2ct

F:  Abs

C:  Shuttle-suicides

Workout B#2-2nd Exposure (less sore)

S:  40:20 Weights-2ct

F:  Hips

C:  Sprints Around Gym-speed

July 26 Workout C#2-2nd Exposure (less sore)

S:  30:30 BW-5ct

F:  Scissor Jacks

C:  Lateral Shuffle-diagonal

Workout D#2-2nd Exposure (less sore)

S:  50:10 Weights-2ct

F:  Hand Walk/Sled Push Pyramid

C:  Mountain Climbers / Movement Prep

Workout A#3-Progression (PR’s)

S:  20:10 BW

F:  Abs

C:  Shuttle-regular

Aug 2-Bonus Week? Workout B#3-Progression (PR’s)

S:  40:20 Weights

F:  Hips

C:  Sprints Around Gym-Big Dog

Workout C#3-Progression (PR’s)

S:  30:30 BW

F:  Scissor Jacks

C:  Lateral Shuffle-Mirror

Workout D#3-Progression (PR’s)

S:  50:10 Weights

F:  Hand Walk/Sled Push Pyramid

C:  Mountain Climbers / Movement Prep

Aug 9-Recovery Week Workout A#4-Individual Challenge Workout B#4-Individual Challenge Workout C#4-Individual Challenge
Aug 16-Recovery Week Workout D#4-Individual Challenge A#5:  Recovery Week @ 50% Volume B#5:  Recovery Week @ 50% Volume
Aug 22-Phase 7 Hard Harder Hardest-(wink)

Cardio Minutes*

Phase 6, Week 1

Time Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Total
6am 17 18 20 55
9am 20 18 20 58
6:30pm 19 18 21 58

Phase 6, Week 1 Goals:

Rookies:  males:  125 minutes, females 190 minutes

Returning boot campers minimums:  males = 175 minutes, females = 250 minutes

*Above minutes are based on weight bearing cardio.  Weight bearing cardio is most any cardiovascular exercise performed on your feet.  (e.g.  speed walking, running, hill sprints, flat sprints, elliptical, roller blading, ice skating, “ball sports”, stair master, step mill, hiking, jumping rope, Burpees, jumping jacks, high knee runs, DB swings…  Skiing and snowboarding count, but only the downhill portion, not lunch or chair lift times.)  Non weight bearing cardio exercises like rowing, swimming, cycling are considered ½ time.  These are great and enjoyable choices for cardio exercise, but they will only count as ½ time.

Monday of each week is when you report your cardio minutes for the previous week.


Please welcome Matthew Sarrett, Gillian Isabelle, Amy Sparby and Shari Krasnoo as our incoming rookie class.

Returning boot campers, would you please take a rookie(s) under your wing and serve as a mentor.  I have been told that boot camp is a bit intimidating because everyone is so fit.  Thank you!

Rookies, the pace of class will be very fast.  Please remember everything is set to time, so you can go at your own pace and that there are 3 levels to each strength exercise:  beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Bonus Week

August 2 – August 7

If you’d like to participate in a bonus week you may sign up here:

I want to do Bonus Week!

Nutrition Tip

Have you ever eaten a whole bag of chips?  You know why?  It’s the salt and the empty calories.  The salt causes you to want more and the empty calories let you continue to eat because your brain isn’t signaling it’s full.  The salt also causes you to drink and therefore retain a lot of fluids, hence feeling bloated and weighing more than before.


Eat vegetables.  They’re nutrient dense so you’re brain will tell you’ve had enough and they’re low in calories.  Since there is no salt on vegetables unless you or the restaurant or cook added it, you won’t be retaining water, but rather begin flushing water.

Example:  You go to a party.  It’s your planned splurge meal.  You enjoy yourself.  Next day you weigh yourself and are feeling insert emotion, when you see how much you gained.  Have no fears, go back to eating protein, fat and carbs (vegetables and/or fruits), drink water and start training with high intensity to deplete your muscle glycogen stores and sweat out your retained water (B&E,B&A or Burn & Earn, Before & After).

Nutrition Discussion

Save the date.  Sunday, July 25, from 8-10am @ the boys & girls club, 675 Watertown Street, Newton, MA.

The Grocery Shopping Tour will immediately follow the Nutrition Discussion.

RSVP now, if you’re tired of spinning your wheels.

Guest Day

Local Guest Day

I’m often asked, “can I bring a friend” or ‘can I come and watch your class?”  Yes, but only on select dates and times.

Local guest day is scheduled for the middle class of the 3rd week.  You are welcome to bring a guest to class on one of the below dates.  Local guest day builds your support circle and lets your friends understand better what you do to look and feel so great.

  • 6:30pm, 7/27 @ Mackenzie Center
  • 6am, 7/28 @ B&G Club
  • 9am, 7/28 @ Mackenzie Center

All guests must complete a registration packet PRIOR to participation.  Guest day is a courtesy gesture from your peers and me.  Please DO NOT put me on the spot by having your guest arrive unannounced without prior completion of a waiver.  Click Here to download and e-mail your guest a registration packet to complete.

Non-Local/Out of Town Guest Day:

These guests are welcome anytime, but must be planned with me.  Please have these guests complete the guest registration packet and submit via e-mail prior to attendance.  You’ll never have to skip a beat when family, friends or colleagues are visiting.  Just bring them with you and create a new bond.


Got questions?  Ask Mike.

Cheers and parking lot push ups to you!  J

Your coach,

Mike Alves

Newton Boot Camp