Let the Drop A Dress / Pant Size in 21 Days Begin!

By Mike Alves

This going to be a tough, yet rewarding 3 weeks.  We have 4 days of progressions, 4 days of challenges, 1 testing day and then we re-measure.  If you really want to drop a dress or pant size in 21 days, you’ll want to attend 9 classes over the next 3 weeks, hit your weekly cardio goal (but don’t limit yourself to just that number; go for the win!) and eat clean & simple.

Dr. Halton, the author of The Weight Loss Triad, a Harvard PhD, a weight loss expert and a good personal friend of mine, breaks down what it takes to lose weight.  The 3 biggest factors are nutrition, cardio and strength.  He says 50% of your weight loss needs to come from nutrition or what you eat / don’t eat.  30% of your weight loss efforts come from your cardiovascular exercise and the remaining 20% comes from your strength routines.  (Halton 2008)


The Weight Loss Triad

You’ve got at the minimum 3 meals / day or 21 meals / week.

You’ve got a weekly weight bearing cardio goal of 175 minutes for males and 250 for females.*(see cardio minutes below)

You’ve got 3 days of boot camp per week or (60 total minutes of strength per week; 20minutes / class).

This may seem like a lot or a fair amount to you.  Regardless, #1 look at it from the point of view that you only need to focus hard for 3 weeks and then you get a recovery week.  #2.  Once the 3 weeks is over, you won’t want to go backwards, so you mine as well build this into your lifestyle.  #3.  Everything you learn in boot camp is about living the active lifestyle.  It’s the ultimate win-win lifestyle that gives and keeps on giving.

This week’s agenda:

  • Bonus Week
  • Cardio Minutes
  • Inspirational Stories (measurements & gift cards)
  • Phase 3
  • New Rookies
  • Nutrition Tip
  • Nutrition Discussion
  • Questions

Bonus Week

This past week was a recovery week and also a bonus week from me to you.  I taught 3 classes at different times to help those of you who wanted to train, keep your momentum.

Feedback has been positive and grateful.  Many comments were sent my way about bench lunges becoming easier.  J

Cardio Minutes:

Time 6am-Mon 9am-Thurs 8am-Sat Total
6am-Mon 22 20 20 62

Phase 3, Week 1 Goals:

Rookies:  males:  125 minutes, females 190 minutes

Returning boot campers:  males = 175 minutes, females = 250 minutes

*Above minutes are based on weight bearing cardio.  Weight bearing cardio is most any cardiovascular exercise performed on your feet.  (e.g.  speed walking, running, hill sprints, flat sprints, elliptical, roller blading, ice skating, “ball sports”, stair master, step mill, hiking, jumping rope, Burpees, jumping jacks, high knee runs, DB swings…  Skiing and snowboarding count, but only the downhill portion, not lunch or chair lift times.)  Non weight bearing cardio exercises like rowing, swimming, cycling are considered ½ time.  These are great and enjoyable choices for cardio exercise, but they will only count as ½ time.

Inspirational Stories

I know you have one.  Please send me an email with your success story, changes experienced, compliments received, etc… to share with your peers.  Write inspirational story in the subject line and we’ll keep building momentum for all.

Measurements were Sunday.  20 people came in to be measured.  Notable measurements from returning boot campers:  One person lost 6 lbs last month.  Another lost 12 lbs and 2 dress sizes in 2 phases of boot camp, another 10 lbs, 2 ½ “ off the hips and a remarkable blood pressure drop from 134/88 to 116/84 also in 2 boot camps.  A 4th person who started with me during Sept is down 10 lbs, 7.7% BF, 4” off the waist, 1.5” off the hips and dropped the blood pressure from 158/92 to 135/93.

I’m looking for the face (and body) of my next 2 gift cards.

We’ve got the $60 gift card quote (thank you Ellen Kelley).

CYBBC-$60 Gift Card, Ellen Kelley_

The photo above is not Ellen, it is a model.

Ellen, I’m ready when you are! J

We’ve got the $120 gift card quote and photo (thank you Helen Rousseau)


and we have the quote and photo of the 2009, Change Your Body Challenge Winner and the fundraising queen Sally Babigian.

Babigian, Sally-Full Access Pass jpg-2010_

The Next 2 Gift Cards:

1)  The 1st is for a 3-month, Mother’s Day gift card (I’m thinking there could be a couple of super mom’s on this one; valued at $717).

2)      The 2nd is for a 3-month, Father’s Day gift card (can’t forget about the fellas and since there are a lot of women with S.O.’s, that means your photo & story could recruit some more male teammates).

Phase 3

Phase 3 is affectionately being called, “Drop A Dress or Pant Size in 21 Days”!  We got you spring break ready and now we’re going to help you drop a dress size / pant size in 21 days.

Reason #1 is because the phase is 3 weeks long.

Reason #2 is because it includes progression week, challenge week, testing and measurements.

Reason #3 is because most people can focus when tasks / goals are shorter.

Reason #4 is because your plan is designed to not only yield sustainable results, but FAST results.

Reason #5 is because you train in an empowering environment.

Reason #6 is because you’ve got me as your super coach.

Reason #7 is because you have the nutrition, cardio and strength plan to do it.

March 29 S:50:10-progression

F:  Beach Muscles

C:  Suicide Shuttles


F:  Run/PU Pyramid

C:  Sprints Around Gym (SAG)

S:(2)-10min continuous circuits-progression

F:  Fighting

C:  Sled Push

April 5 S:20:10-progression

F:  Glutes

C:  Burpees/MP

S:60:60#1:  Team Challenge #1

F:  Abs

C:  10yd Shuttle

S:30:30-Team Challenge #2

F:  Beach Muscles


April 12 50:10-Team Challenge #3

F:  Run/PU Pyramid

C:  Sled Push

40:20+(2) 10min continuous circuits#4-Individual Challenge #1

F:  ?

C:  Burpees / MP


*Attention Rookies:  the class is set to time and there are 3 levels to each exercise (beginner, intermediate and advanced).  FOCUS on learning the exercises and trying to finish each class.  I’ll be pushing the returning boot campers hard.  Don’t try to compete with them, just work to get better.  It will be safer and a more pleasurable experience for you.


Please welcome Amada Burke, Justine Neeson, Marsha Downey, Angela Gordon, Kathy Krongel, Lisa Griggs, Brianne Cappock, Julie Carrozo, Laura Otting and Lisa Goodman. Please welcome back Louise Civetti, Regina Lavelle, Katie Ross and Julie Bourgoin.

LEADERS or all-stars and sophomores, would you please take a rookie(s) under your wing and serve as a mentor.  I have been told that boot camp is a bit intimidating because everyone is so fit.  Thank you!

Nutrition Tip

It stinks when you use up all your splurges meals during the week and have nothing left for the weekend.  My recommendation:

Save 1 splurge meal for weekday emergencies and 1 for the weekends.  I like to plan a date night with my girlfriend and include whatever splurge item I’m craving on that night.  I recommend you do the same for girls/guys night out, date night and/or family night.

The weekday splurge is for emergencies (travel, dinner at someone else’s house, business meeting, etc…) and since I’m pretty disciplined, it usually means I get a Sunday brunch splurge.

You can’t out-train a bad diet.  Boot camp is magical, but poor food choices are our kryptonite.  You want to drop a dress / pant size in 21 days right?

Nutrition Discussion

Save the date.  Sunday, April 11, from 10-12pm @ the boys & girls club, 675 Watertown Street, Newton, MA.

You’ll learn what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat.  This isn’t a diet.  This is nutrition for an active lifestyle.  I’ll teach you principles that are simple to remember and will encourage you to play with your food.  J  Think abundant energy, no food comas, stabile blood sugars, reduced risk for disease, weight loss, lowered body fat, lean muscle building, body type recommendations, meal plans, healthy grab & go meals, dining out and traveling strategies, food shopping and meal prepping.

RSVP now, if you’re tired of spinning your wheels.


Got questions?  Post them in the ChangeYourBodyChallenge.net Forums.  You’ll get answers and you’ll be helping your teammates.

Cheers and wishing you roomier clothing!

Your coach,

Mike Alves

Newton Boot Camp

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