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Your 3rd Destination!

Home, Work and … Change Your Body Boot Camps. Your 3rd destination. Your favorite place to go to recharge, connect, change and get better. It’s your recurring, scheduled commitment to yourself AND others. Where you’re held accountable, encouraged, supported and challenged. The place you go to make yourself feel better and the place you go to connect and create experiences with kind & motivating people. It’s the place you go to learn new skills, grow as a person in all ways and change to a best-case version of yourself. It’s the place where we use your body to transform your life, all while following a personalized program and being led by the right coach for you. Phase 5 begins, Monday, April 24. Deadline to register for it is 11:59pm, Today, Tuesday, April 11. Sign Up Now

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About the Author
is the owner and founder of Athletes by Alves a performance training company and co-owner of Change Your Body Boot Camps a full service lifestyle transformation program. He is a Licensed and Certified Athletic Trainer with the Prestigious National Athletic Trainers Association and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with the World Renowned National Strength and Conditioning Association. As a coach and trainer he has helped thousands of people return to health, improve their shape and achieve personal bests through performance training.