Disclaimer:  Use your best judgment during these workouts.  Go at your own pace.  If you need to rest, take a break or drink water, do it.  It’s o.k.  Remember form is always first.  Do not sacrifice form for speed.  These challenges are not that important, your long term health & safety is.  These are fun & challenging workouts that you’ve been prepared for over the last few weeks and are designed to yield maximum results in short periods of time if you’re following the nutrition & cardio plan.  You may need additional caloric consumption, water, stretching/rolling, naps and/or rest on these days.  Take it, its o.k.


Challenges may consist of completing a certain number of reps, rounds, distance, speed or load, a certain number of reps, rounds, distance, speed or load in a certain amount of time or training for a certain period of time.

CYBBC Challenges are modeled after biathlons and triathlons in which you have either 2 legs (swim & bike, swim & run or bike & run) or 3 legs (swim, bike & run) respectively with timed transitions in b/w each leg.

There can be team, partner and individual challenges.  A team challenge requires all of the teammates to work together to beat the challenge.  More fit team members are usually asked to do more work to help the less fit team members.  A team challenge is extremely fun, rewarding and difficult and develops camaraderie amongst participants as you support and encourage one another while training alongside one another.

A partner challenge is where 2-3 partners work together to beat the challenge.  Sometimes partners train at the same time, sometimes one partner works while the other rests and/or counts.  At all times both partners are encouraging and supporting one another.

An individual challenge means you train by yourself and work to beat the challenge.  A unique aspect of an individual challenge is once you’re done, you’re done and you don’t have to keep training whereas in partner challenges or team challenges you keep training until your partner(s) or team complete the challenge.  Individual challenges are great for travel or at home workouts and for those who get a tremendous sense of accomplishment by beating the challenge and are motivated by the potential to finish early.

Reps based challenges require you to complete a certain number of reps in a certain amount of time.  You can go in any exercise order and do any amount of reps per set that you choose.  This is great for when you have strong exercises and weak exercises.

Weak exercises should be done 1st while your freshest and strong exercises towards the end of your order.

Rest periods can be taken at any time.  If you need to rest, use the bathroom or have a sip of water, take it.  Do your best to train continuously without rest as this gives you a better chance of beating the challenge, but know you can rest at anytime.

Hoo-Rahs!  When you finish the challenge shout out a loud “Hoo-Rah!” to let everyone including yourself know you finished the challenge.  If you beat the challenge, let out another Hoo-Rah!  Each time you finish all the reps for an exercise in a reps based challenge, say “Hoo-Rah!”  Each time you finish a leg in the challenge, say “Hoo-Rah!”.

Round based challenges must be completed in order and all reps for an exercise must be completed before moving on to the next exercise.  A 6 rounds + 3 exercise description of a challenge means your goal is to complete 6 rounds and the 1st 3 exercises and all reps associated with those exercises in the next round.

Recording data is helpful for you to keep track of how many reps, rounds, distance, speed or time you’ve completed.  You must keep track of the time in which you complete a leg of your CYBBC challenges as well as the time you finish and/or beat the challenge.  Once you complete a leg of a challenge and record your time, immediately move on to the next challenge.

Exercise Order means the order in which you are supposed to do the exercises.  For example, A1 mean’s do this exercise first.  A2 means’ do this exercise second.  A3 means, do this exercise 3rd, … B1 means do this exercise after completing all reps, rounds or time for “A1, A2, A3…”exercises in previous circuit.

When an exercise is to be held for time and if you don’t have access to a chrono timer, keep track by counting “Mississippi’s”.

A round = 1 circuit of a certain number of exercises.  Example:  A1, A2, A3…A7 are the exercises in a circuit.  Complete all reps for each respective exercise from A1-A7 in the circuit = 1 round.

When you finish a challenge, post your results in the comments section of the challenge page.  Post your results here:  bootcampboston.com/challenge-week-phase-5-2012/

Warm Up

Foam Roll 5min (10:5; aim for 5-10 rolls)

Foam Roll Upper to Lower Back

Foam Roll Thoracic Extension

Foam Roll 1-Arm Lat, R/L

Foam Roll Piriformis, R/L

Foam Roll 1-Leg Hamstring, R/L

Foam Roll 1-Leg Calf, R/L

Foam Roll 1-Arm Pec, R/L

Foam Roll Bent-Knee Adductor, R/L

Foam Roll Hip Flexor / Quad,R/L

Foam Roll TFL, R/L

Foam Roll IT-Band, R/L

Movement Prep:  5min (50:10)

  1. 3-Way Flat Ankle Mobes x5e
  2. ½ Kneeling Hip Flexor Mobes @ Wall x8e
  3. 1-Leg Bridge x8e
  4. Side-Lying Thoracic Extension w/ Rotation x8e
  5. Deep Squat x8


Challenge Day #1 (W-A) – complete full challenge in 15min or less.

Foam Roll (5min): see above for individual exercises

Movement Prep Series:  see above for individual exercises

Strength Circuit:  Challenge is 1 round in 15min or less.

A1.  Seated Band Row x25

A2.  Body Weight Get Ups x9 (lie on your back and stand up 9 times)

A3.  Body Saw x25

A4.  Scissor Jacks x100

A5.  Feet Elevated Push Ups (Chair or Sofa) x25 reps or 50sec hold

A6.  Backwards Lunge w/ Towel Overhead x25 (alternate)

A7.  DB Front Squat to Overhead Press x25

A8.  Burpees x25 reps

A9.  Plank Circles x15e direction

A10.  High Knee Run x100

Static Stretch W-A Series (5min) – 15:5

Superband 1-Leg Hamstring Pull, R/L

SB 1-Leg Adductor Pull, R/L

SB 1-Leg Hip Crossover Pull, R/L

SB Side-Lying Quad Pull, R/L

½ Kneeling Triceps Pull, R/L

1-Arm Chest Push, R/L

1-Arm Lat Pull, R/L

Behind Back Overhead Shoulder Reach

Challenge Day #2 (W-B) – complete all challenges in 20min or less.

Foam Roll (5min): see above for individual exercises

Movement Prep Series:  see above for individual exercises

Strength Circuit:  challenge is 4 rounds in 20min or less.  1 Leg per round.

A1.  Hang Snatch x25

A2.  Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat x25

A3.  Towel Lateral Lunge x25

A4.  Lateral Skater x25

Static Stretch W-B Series (5min) – 25:5

Push Up Calf, R / L

Split Adductor Mobes, R / L

Side-Lying Thoracic Hold, R/L

Seated Piriformis @ Wall, R/L

½ Kneel Quad + Hip Flexor Push @ Wall, R/L

Challenge Day #3 (W-C) – complete all challenges in 15min or less.

Foam Roll (5min): see above for individual exercises

Movement Prep Series:  see above for individual exercises

Strength Circuit: challenge is max rounds in 15min or less.

A1.  Handstand or Pike Push Ups x10 reps or 10sec

A2.  Dual DB Rows x10 reps

A3.  Spider Push Ups x10 reps or 10sec

A4.  DB Side Plank w/ Rotation x10

*1 side per round for side plank

Static Stretch W-C Series (5min) – 35:5

Forward Bend,

Deep Squat

Deep Squat R/L Arm to Sky

Stride Back R/L

Stride Back w/ T-Spine Rot. Raise R/L

½ Kneeling Tricep Pull, R/L

Childs Pose C/R/L

Seated Shoulder Sit & Reach

Supine on Roller, “W” Pec Stretch

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