Happy Friday to you!

I hope you’ve had a great phase and you’re feeling health, body and performance changes.  We’ve just completed 6 weeks straight of training for those that started with us in P1 and we now get to measure and track your progress.  Speaking of tracking your progress.  I highly encourage you to make time to be measured most every phase so that you can manage and track your results better.  Then, communicate with me what small goals you’d like to achieve by the next phase.  This phase by phase goal setting is a great way to break down your 2013 goals into smaller increments to help you get closer step by step.  Of course if you need help, with this process, that’s what I’m here for.

Guys with weight loss goals, aiming for a 1lbs per week or 4 lbs per phase weight loss is a great number to aim for.  Gals with a weight loss goal, 0.75 lbs. per week or 3lbs. per phase are great numbers to shoot for.

Conversely, if you’re looking to maintain your body weight while losing body fat, these same guidelines apply, except you want to see a 1lb lean mass gain with a 1lb. fat loss gain per week, while keeping the scale reading the same if you’re a guy for a total of 4lbs. of muscle gained and 4lbs. of fat loss during each phase.  This should net you around 1% of BF change per phase.

Women, with a weight maintenance and fat loss goal, the same would apply for you.  0.75 lbs. of fat loss per week with 0.75 lbs. of lean muscle gain per week with a net of 3 lbs. of fat loss per phase and 3 lbs. of lean muscle gain per phase, while seeing the scale stay the same and ~1% of BF change per phase.

This week’s agenda:

  • Cardio Minutes
  • Weekly Themes
  • Empower Week Plan
  • Challenge Workouts
  • Phase 3

Cardio Minutes:  Week 3

Time Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Total
6am 15 15 25 55
9am 18 15 25 58
6:30pm 18 15 25 58

Empower Week Cardio Plan:  click here to view.

Weekly Themes

Week 4:  Empower Week / Challenge Week:  Train on own, max reps, sets, rounds and/or weight in same time or less / Perfect form / Very Sore, but loving it /

/ M&O

Empower Week Plan

Next week is Empower Week.  You can choose to do cardio only if you’re feeling beat up and your body is in need of a rest, but if you’re feeling great, ready to go and you don’t want to stop, then the Challenge Week Workouts are your best decisions.

Empower Week Option #1:  no strength training, do empower week cardio goal only and other recreational activities.

Empower Week Option #2:  do some strength training (decrease total work volume by 50%), do cardio goal and other recreational activities

Strength Training Example:  1-3 challenge workouts, but only 10min of strength challenge, ½ the conditioning challenge and w/ the Finisher optional; also can choose own strength training option like a class, 4 Week Fat Loss Jump Start Program, Hotel Travel Workout Routine or other.  Remember to decrease training volume.  Easiest way to do this is to train strength for ONLY 10-minutes, 1-3x/wk instead of 20minutes, 1-3x/wk.

Empower Week Option #3:  strength train, do cardio goal with other recreational activities optional.

Strength Training Example:  1-3 Full Challenge Workouts, 4 Week Fat Loss Jump Start Workout, Hotel Travel Workout Routine, a class or other strength training option.

To see the Empower Week Plan with cardio minute goals, challenge workouts, the 4 Week Fat Loss Jump Start Workout and the Hotel Travel Workout Routine, click here.

Challenge Workouts

Click here to see the 2012, P2, Challenge Workouts.

Challenge Day #1, P2, 2013

Challenge Day #2, P2, 2013

Challenge Day #3, P2, 2013

Phase 3

  • Private Measurements are Saturday, February 16, 2013 from 6-9am.
  • P3 Orientation is 8am-10am, Sunday, February 24, 2013 @ Mackenzie Center
  • 1st Classes begin on Monday, February 25, 2013.
  • P3 will be the last phase training for spring sports and wt. loss.  Q2 we get you ready for the beach.

Your coach,

Mike Alves

Newton Boot Camp