Great Tuesday to you!  I hope your Labor Day weekend was great and you’re motivated to do some Glycogen Depletion workouts and continue building your momentum.  Below is a jam packed week 3 recap, with lots of informative things to read & do.

Good luck on your challenge workouts, there are 4 of them.  See attached.  I’ve made them simpler by providing only one warm up, taking out the word progressions and all the different levels.  If you want to see the 3 levels that go with each exercise watch the video.

This week’s agenda:

  • Cardio Minutes
  • Recovery Week
  • Challenge Week
  • GD Thank You
  • Post Measurements
  • BIG Important Survey
  • Facebook
  • Shout Outs
  • Phase 10 and Referrals

Cardio Minutes:  Week 3

Time Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Total
6am 30 21 21 72
9am 31 20 26 77
6:30pm 31 21 13 65

To review weekly cardio minute goals, how to report your minutes and/or review the interval training program handout, please click here.

Recovery Week

There are 2 main ways to recover: actively and passively.

Active Recovery is most any physical activity performed with manipulation of one or more of the following variables -intensity, frequency, duration, tempo, volume, load, routine, mode of exercise and/or nutrition consumption- with an objective to allow the spirit, mind and most important in regards to boot camp, the body, to heal, recover and regenerate so as to return to a stronger and more fresh state of being.

To read the rest click here.

After you’ve decided which is better for you and your body & health transformation goals, here is your plan for recovery week.

No Strength Training

Cardio Only:

*if you’re goal is weight loss and you’re not going to do any strength training during your recovery week, then your cardio goal is 250 for males and 360 for females.

**if you’re goal is fat loss and you’re not going to do any strength training during your recovery week, then your cardio goal is 175 for males and 250 for females.

Strength Training

males = 175, females = 250 (if weight loss is goal)

males = 150, females = 190 (if fat loss / weight maintenance is goal)

Challenge Week

Change Your Body Boot Camps is modeled on a 3 weeks on, 1 week of phase training cycle.  There are many reasons for this format, but 1 main reason is to help accelerate your short & long term successes by empowering you do to workouts on your own.  One way we do this is with Challenge Workouts during your recovery week.  A Challenge Workout is simply a workout challenge I present to you using the workouts you did the previous 3 weeks.  I either ask you to complete a certain number of reps, rounds or reps and/or rounds in a certain amount of time.  If you’re able to meet or beat the challenge you win.  If you’re not able to, you still win b/c you had the courage to attempt it in the first place and you added another push to your momentum.

To review your Challenge Workouts, click here.

GD Thank You

Thank you to Laura and Stephen Allen for inviting Stephen’s sister, Samantha Allen to train with us Tuesday night. Thank you to the 6am class on Wed for welcoming my guest, my fiancée Vanessa to train with us.

Post Measurements

Today was post measurements.  To read a couple of our measurements highlights, see their shout outs below.

Our next Measurements day will be on Measurements & Orientation, Sunday, September 11 starting at 8am.  M&O has been changed to Saturday, September 10, 2011 starting at 8am due to time available. Look for an RSVP email later in the week.

BIG Important Survey

It’s been a while since we’ve done a survey and we’re heading into a very important fall quarter.  Please share your thoughts on this past quarter’s Beach Season = Beach Muscles programming and what you’d like to experience for the Fighting Holiday Season Weight Gain Quarter of programming.  Click here to complete the survey.


Newton North got a new track & field / turf stadium.  There’s nothing like the feeling of new and what better way to see the new field than to get a conditioning workout in on it.  If you want to do a track, turf and/or bleacher conditioning workout on an upcoming Saturday morning for speed, agility, quickness and/or body changes, let me know you’re interested and what weekends you’re available and at what time is best by posting on our facebook page.  If you’re not already a fan, go ahead and like us now:

Shout Outs

  • Phase 9, Perfect Attendance:  Marisa Cimino, James Glanville, Lori Arnold, Cindy Hutter, Eric Riak and Rekha Nigam. The best way to never miss a training session is to not do anything that’s going to cause you to miss it.  If training is going to give you the life you always wanted, why waste your time on things that hurt or prevent you from getting to your goals the fastest.  Stop spinning & get traction for life’s too short to waste your time.
  • Cardio High Fives (p9, wk2): Ellen Kelley (hoo-rah to you Ellen for a great 3 weeks!), Marisa Cimino, Jackie Bunt,  Kathleen Lowney, James Glanville, Scott Timmins, Mary Magre, Laura Allen (hoo-rah for a huge 3 weeks), Stephen Allen, Cindy Hutter (hoo-rah for a huge 3 weeks), Laura Otting, Jim Pelis and Sharon Russo. If you’re name isn’t here, how can you make time to get in more minutes?  Heck planned walking or extra walking can help you get over the top of your goal.
  • Jennifer O’Leary and Paul Cullen on their forth coming wedding, next weekend. Keep training so you can peak for your big day!
  • Jonathon Otting for making time to do at home strength workouts while work is crazy.
  • Richard Goren for kicking butt the last week and a half as you get ready for your daughters’ wedding. Calm and relaxed here you come.
  • Welcome back from your long vacation Carol Gray from vacation!
  • Krista Kett for asking me to write my first ever boat workouts!
  • Mary Magre for being quietly consistent in your transformation and efforts.
  • Laura Allen you were ferocious with your efforts this week and Steve you brought Awesome Allen intensity as well.
  • Dana Dornbusch for surviving with a smile or private training session.
  • Marc Gromada and his team for winning their softball championship game. Congratulations Marc!
  • Walter Piescik wishing you strong winds kite boarding on MV this w/e.
  • Cindy Hutter nice to see you cycling.
  • *Special Shout Out* to Donna O’Leary who attended the Nutrition Discussion & Grocery Shopping Tour last phase for her 4th time, a mother of 2 who is super motivated to look great at her sister’s wedding and has lost 8.8 lbs, 2.5% BF, 1.5 BMI units, 7.26 lbs of Fat mass, 4” from her waist and ~1” from her hips over the last 8 weeks.  Your results Donna are for real.  High Five for following the plan.  (Southwestern omelets).
  • James Glanville since joining boot camp 11 months ago has lost 10 lbs, 6.1% BF, 1.4 BMI units, 12.92 lbs. of Fat Mass, 2 1/16” from his waist and 1 11/16” from his hips while gaining 2.92 lbs of muscle while raising 3 kids, going back to school and finding time to train with his super wife Eva Chittendon.  One of the cool things is that over the course of 1 year, James will be able to say I lost weight last year vs. gaining weight.  This is cool because most people gain weight each year, few maintain it and even less are able to lose weight year after year.  Another cool thing is that he got his body fat % into the teens and out of the 20’s.  High Five James!

Phase 10 and Referrals

P10, begins on Monday, September 12.  If you know someone who’s also looking to get in their best shape, wants a supportive team, an inspiring coach and a results oriented program all wrapped in an awesome & fun experience would you please send them my way.  Deadline to register is Thursday, September 8 at midnight.  P.S.  Vanessa and I are getting married this November 11 and I could use all the help I can get raising funds for a magical wedding.  Your referrals will help with this and as always you’ll get a $60 referral credit if they become a member.  Please send your friends to this link:

Your coach,

Mike Alves

Newton Boot Camp

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