Have you ever had one of those training sessions, where you didn’t think you could finish and had to talk yourself into just 1 more rep, just 1 more exercise, just 1 more set or round.  That was today for me.

I felt super strong, had a great nights rest, ate a full breakfast and even had plenty of time before my workout to digest, but it still almost got the best of me.

Today was conditioning.  5 rounds of the following w/ 1 min rest in between.

Lateral Skaters x 8 each

Explosive Close Grip Push Ups x 10

Squat Jumps x 10

DB Plank Rows x 8 each (this is the exercise that was toughest each round)

DB Swings x 15

At first glance, it didn’t look very hard, especially since you do 20 lateral skaters per side for 30 seconds, but man was it ever.  My lateral skaters were for distance and weren’t reactive, more stick the landing type, and took all of my power to do.  Push Ups were easy.  I should have done them on 1-leg, band resisted or with my foot elevated, so mentally note for next time.  The Squat Jumps weren’t very hard, but used up all of my wind for the plank rows.  The DB plank rows were tough.  Who knew that you needed to be able to breathe to hold a 3-point plank (expect this pairing in your future programming).  Only round 4 was I like a machine banging out 8 reps each without stopping.  The other rounds were all do a couple reps and drop to my knees.  The DB Swings weren’t as hard, but I was still sucking wind, so that made them harder.  The 60sec rest seemed like a lot, until it was done.  It was more like 66-70 seconds rest.  I saw stars, had a full sweat slalom and found anything I could, to lean on during my recovery.  It was great.  I’m so pumped now.  J

How was your workout today?

This week’s agenda:

  • Cardio Minutes
  • Weekly Themes
  • TRX Workout
  • Nutrition Discussion & Grocery Shopping Tour
  • Guest Day
  • Post Measurements
  • Ask Mike
  • Facebook

Cardio Minutes:

Time Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Total
6am 23 18 18 59
9am 20 21 19 60
6:30pm 23 17 13 53

Rookie Cardio Goals for Weight Loss:

Wk1:  males = 125, females = 190

Wk2:  males = 150, females = 220 * (if weight loss is goal)

Wk3:  males = 175, females = 250 * (if weight loss is goal)

Cardio Minutes Needed for Categorized Goals:

Rookies / Returning Boot Campers

  • Weight Loss (WL):  175 males / 250 females
  • Fat Loss / Weight Maintenance (FL):  125 males / 190 females; primarily interval sprint based
  • Performance:  ask me

Weekly Themes

Each week we’ll have a different theme and even some days we’ll have a different theme.  Themes make your experience more fun and remind you of how your body will be feeling or what you’ll be doing.

Week 1: Intro / Measurements & Orientation / Cardio Progression Week for Returning Boot Campers / Less Sets, Reps, Rounds and/or Load.  Perfect form.  Very Sore Week for All

Week 2: 2nd Exposure / Regular reps, sets, rounds and/or load  / Perfect form / Less Sore

Nutrition Discussion / Grocery Shopping Tour

Week 3: Record Week / Increased reps, sets, rounds and/or load / Perfect form / Sore / Post Testing

Recovery Week: Challenge Week / Individual Challenge Week / On own, max reps, sets, rounds and/or weight in same time or less / Perfect form / Very Sore, but loving it /

/ M&O

TRX Workout

Click here to watch a video of a TRX Workout.  We’ll be using the TRX as a station, much like we use the benches as a station.

Here’s the remaining Feb TRX schedule:

8am, Saturday, Feb 12 @ Mackenzie

6am, Thursday, Feb 17 @ B&G Club (pending)

8am, Saturday, Feb 26 @ Mackenzie

Guest Day

Do your friends think you’re crazy because you make time to train, eat broccoli or oatmeal (not at the same time, unless your making an Alves shake) or talk about how “this is so sore” and you like it?  Well, local Guest Day is this week and if they want to experience firsthand why you do what you do, here’s their chance to test drive us.

  • 6:30pm, Tues, February 15 @ Mackenzie Center
  • 6am, Wed, Feb 16 @ B&G Club
  • 9am, Wed, Feb 16 @ Mackenzie Center

All guests must complete a registration packet PRIOR to participation.  Guest day is a courtesy gesture from your peers and me.  Please DO NOT put me on the spot by having your guest arrive unannounced without prior completion of a waiver.  Click Here to download and e-mail your guest a registration packet to complete.

Non-Local/Out of Town Guest Day:

These guests are welcome anytime, but must be planned with me.  Please have these guests complete the guest registration packet and submit via e-mail prior to attendance.  You’ll never have to skip a beat when family, friends or colleagues are visiting.  Just bring them with you and create a new bond.

Nutrition Discussion & Grocery Shopping Tour

Do you like games, results and rewards?  My plan is like a game.  Follow the plan, get results and earn rewards.  Read good?

I’m a big fan of no-nonsense truth and tough love.

For example:  Cleanses for the majority, don’t work.  Their marketing preys on your immediate gratification desires and vulnerabilities and if you’re lucky enough to lose weight, you’re almost always going to relapse due to the self-sabotaging cravings you develop/enhance for liquid calories, sugar and refined carbohydrates which results in you gaining more weight than when you started the cleanse.  Want to change your body?  Come learn the plan and then play the game, day after day, week after week, year after year.  Do this and you’ll win, get results and earn rewards.  Don’t and you’ll stay the same.

Post Measurements

8am, Saturday, February 19 @ Mackenzie.  You’ll need to RSVP to get your time slot.  I’ll send an email on Thursday after lunch and the 1st to reply gets the 1st time slot, 2nd to reply gets the second time slot, and so on…

Ask Mike

Do you know of a good massage therapist?  I sure do.  Check out this weeks’ Ask Mike for my answer.

Shout Outs

Jen Roy and Thomas John for getting 6 lateral shuffle burpee reps in 15 seconds.  Impressive.   Also shout out to 2009 Change Your Body Challenge Winner Sally Babigian for an amazing 435 min of cardio last week.  When she wants something, boy can she be laser focused and get it.  36 days to go.

Shout Outs to Kim Santilli for a great 1st 2 weeks of phase 2, Dana Dornbusch for an excellent Thursday night workout.  Marisa Cimino for making 300 cardio minutes a norm for you.  To Cindy Hutter for not only being early, but always being 1st to arrive and get extra cardio minutes.  To Kathy Krongel for offering to pick up Lisa De Lima for a 6am class when she couldn’t get here because of the weather.  To Kathy & Lisa for being 1st to get side plank presses and rows.  Shari Krasnoo for eating oatmeal at breakfast even though its not your favorite and seeing continually progress since you’ve started.  Jan Giglio for building new routines that work and for your great efforts with your training.  And finally to Alicia Straus and Steve Cimino for being the only people (I can remember) to rock level 2 or level 3 side plank bands and rows for the entire day 3 workout.


Since we talked about the nutrition game.  Try to come up with a post workout meal using a protein, a fat, a carb and a starch.  If you’re on facebook.  Become a fan and like us:  https://www.facebook.com/changeyourbodybootcamps

Your coach,

Mike Alves

Newton Boot Camp