Listen to the Woman

Sidney Deane: Billy, I have four words for you: “Listen to the Woman”.
Billy Hoyle: What the hell does that mean, “Listen to the woman”? I TRIED to listen to the woman and you’re the one who talked me out of it.
Sidney Deane: Wait a minute. I didn’t talk you out of anything. I presented you with an option and you took it.

In each of the 3 classes, some of the ladies suggested I reschedule Friday’s classes and go be with Vanessa because she needs me right now and I should take care of my own, which leads to the above quote, “Listen to the Woman” from one of my favorite & most quotable movies, White Men Can’t Jump.

So, I am rescheduling all 3rd classes this week to Monday, September 20 (recovery week).  Below is a schedule for the rest of the month.

Phase 7 Schedule

(this is revised from previous boot camp r/s email)

Week of












6:30pm 6am,


No classes No classes Off Off


Labor Day,

No Classes






6:30pm-GD* 6am



Off ND & GST







6:30pm 6am




6am M






Off-RW Off-RW Off-RW Off-RW Off-RW M&O



GD = Guest Day

*Guest registration packets must be completed & emailed to me 24 hours before scheduled class so I may review.

ND = Nutrition Discussion

GST = Grocery Shopping Tour

M = Measurements

RW = Recovery Week

M&O = Measurements & Orientation

This week’s agenda:

  • ·Listen to the Woman
  • ·Phase 7 Schedule
  • ·Week 2 Recap
  • ·Cardio Minutes
  • ·Shout Outs
  • ·Momentum
  • ·Week 3 Theme
  • ·Guest Day
  • ·ND & GST
  • ·Got Questions
  • ·Facebook
  • ·Burn & Earn

Week 2 Recap

You look fast and strong.  Based on the brief surveys asked at the end of the class, the majority of your peers, feel like they’re a 3-4 on a 1-5 scale for “how strong did you feel?”  But what I see is different.  You look fast and strong.  Especially during the sprints around the gym and the shuttle runs.

We did 2 count holds during Mondays continuous circuits.  Most everyone says that workout has made them sore.  Are you seeing results from this workout?

Many in class have said that the Tuesday / Wednesday workout is their “favorite”, a high energy workout or the kind of workout that keeps you up until 3am with too much energy.  Glad to have all feedback and know I’m working to get the “fun” scale to be a “5”.  J

Cardio Minutes:

Time Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Total
6am 20 27 N/A 47
9am 21 27 N/A 48
6:30pm 23 29 N/A 49

Week 3 Goals:

Rookies:  males = 150, females = 210

Returning Boot Campers:  males = 175, females = 250

Shout Outs

Did you hear about the new cooking show called, battle of the sprinting chefs?  Well I’d like to give 2 shouts:  one to Thomas John for Mondays 6:30pm shuttle run effort and 1 to Todd Heberlein’s Tuesday night sprints around the gym performance.  You fellas were fast.

I’d like to say thank you for all of the emails, condolences and “nickels worth of free advice” regarding Vanessa’s father passing.  I haven’t gone through this before, so I’m grateful you looked out for us and are understanding regarding the reschedule.


Now, don’t think I’m getting soft on you or that I’m unaware of your burning desire / need to get in awesome shape.  Coach is well rested and ready to rock & roll.  He’s got “fun factor 5’s” to earn and fast and lasting results to achieve.  The fall season is around the corner, which means life is going to be buzzing more and all of those great and tempting holidays (read:  overindulgence) to manage.  I’ll be ready, you’ll be ready, so let’s agree to be ready (wink).

Week 3 Theme

Sept 6

Less Sore Week / Progression Week

Workout C#2-

Less sore week (2 counts)

(S) 30:30

(F) Shoulder

© Bwd High Knee Runs

Workout A#3- Progression Week

(S) 20:10

(F) Abs

© Shuttles-Suicide

Workout B#2-

Progression Week

(S) 60:60

(F) Hips

© SAG-speed

Less Sore Week: during most strength exercise, work to hold each rep for a 2 count in the position of greatest challenge (usually at the point between the eccentric or lowering and the concentric or raising portion)

Progression Week:  Look to set a personal record during these workouts by:

doing more reps (hit the rep goal and earn a hoo-rah)

using more weight

doing a higher level

doing more sets or more rounds

taking less rest

finishing faster

If you do one of these just once on each day, you’ll have provided a new stimulus for change and have gotten better.

Guest Day

I’m often asked, “can I bring a friend” or ‘can I come and watch your class?”  Yes, but only on select dates and times and you have to be invited by a current member.

Local guest day is scheduled for the middle class of the 3rd week.  You are welcome to bring a guest to class on one of the below dates.  Local guest day builds your support circle and lets your friends understand better what you do to look and feel so great.

  • ·6am, Wednesday, 9/8 @ B&G Club
  • ·9am, Wednesday, 9/8 @ Mackenzie Center
  • ·6:30pm, Thursday, 9/9 @ Mackenzie Center

All guests must complete a registration packet PRIOR to participation.  Click Here to download and e-mail your guest a registration packet to complete.

Non-Local/Out of Town Guest Day:

These guests are welcome anytime, but must be planned with me.  Please have these guests complete the guest registration packet and submit via e-mail to me 24 hours prior to attending the desired class so I may have time to review it.  You’ll never have to skip a beat when family, friends or colleagues are visiting.  Just bring them with you and create a new bond.


10-12pm, Sunday, September 12 at the Boys & Girls Club and Stop & Shop.

Nutrition Discussion & Grocery Shopping Tour

*Reading, Writing and Arithmetic.  Imagine wandering through life without the ability to use those skills.  Now imagine how bad your life’s going to be in the 21st Century if you’re left behind not knowing how to eat to reduce disease risk, transform your body and improve performance.  Save the date!

Got Questions?

Got a question?  “Ask Mike” and I’ll answer them in the blog.


Are you on Facebook?  Join our Facebook page.


Since there’s no 3rd class this week and we’re going into a holiday weekend, I’d like to take this opportunity now, to thank you for your in class efforts this past week.  Thank you.

AND I’d like to share with you this quote:

“Do your habits match your goals?”

If yes, have a great weekend.  If no, something to consider.  In either case, burn those calories before & after so you can earn those calories later.

Burn & Earn baby!  See you Tuesday.

Your coach,

Mike Alves

Newton Boot Camp