Swagger into Summer

Part 1:  4th of July Ready

By Mike Alves

My girlfriend tells me I have this swagger when I walk.  When I worked at BSC, my colleagues used to take turns doing Mike walking impressions.  I have no idea.  I’ve never seen myself walk or swagger, but if you say I have swagger, I’ll take it as a good thing.  I’m just being me.

Swagger defined by dictionary.com reads:


–verb (used without object)


to walk or strut with a defiant or insolent air.


to boast or brag noisily.

To me, that reads unappealing, negative and a major turnoff.  But lucky for you we’re going to create our own definition.

Swagger defined by Change Your Body Boot Camps reads:


-verb (used without inhibitions)


To walk fluidly with confidence and head held high.  To move with purpose while exuding endless energy.


To carry yourself in a relaxed and unintentional manner or ease with presenting your best self when no one’s looking.

Why is swagger important to you?  Because 6 weeks from now, you’ll be celebrating our country’s history with your family and/or friends and you’ll be brimming with confidence, moving fluidly with a little hop in your step.  You’ll be exuding magnetic energy like you’re the celebrity with the “it factor”, feeling & looking your best and taking mental notes of both how many compliments you receive and what compliments you receive.

Can you picture it?  Where are you celebrating?  What are you wearing (you better be wearing something special that makes you feel great and compliments this swagger)?  Who are you talking with?  What do they say to you? How are you feeling inside?  Are you glowing?  You know when you glow on the inside, it shows on the outside.

If you have trouble seeing yourself like this, try imagining someone who has the swagger or glow that you’d like to have.  Picture them moving, talking, how they’re dressed.  Are they calm & relaxed or nervous and anxious.  What do people say to them?  How do you think that makes them feel?  Now try to imagine yourself in their shoes, looking out of their eyes.  Can you do it?  What’s it like?  Can you feel the swagger?  O.K., now remember that picture.

We have 6 weeks until 4th of July and that picture becomes reality.  It’s both a lot of time and not a lot of time.  There are 5 weeks of boot camp and 1 week of “recovery” (notice the quotes).  This will be a very exciting phase for you.

Phase 5

Phase 5 Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
May 31 Pre-Test Workout A#1-Intro (sore) Workout B#1-Intro (sore)
June 7 Workout C#1-Intro (sore) Workout A#2-2nd Exposure (less sore) Workout B#2-2nd Exposure (less sore)
June 14 Workout C#2-2nd Exposure (less sore) Workout A#3-Progression (PR’s) Workout B#3-Progression (PR’s)
June 21 Workout C#3-Progression (PR’s) Workout A#4-Team Challenge Workout B#4-Team Challenge
June 28 Workout C#4-Team Challenge Workout A+B #1-Individual Challenge Post Test
July 5 Recovery Workout C#5-

Cardio Only, Strength & Cardio,

Self Practice


Special Challenge

Recovery Workout A#5-

Cardio Only, Strength & Cardio,

Self Practice


Special Challenge

Recovery Workout B#5-

Cardio Only, Strength & Cardio,

Self Practice


Special Challenge

Phase Overview

  • Phase 5
  • Cardio Minutes
  • New Rookies
  • Nutrition Tip
  • Nutrition Discussion
  • Questions

Cardio Minutes*

Phase 5, Week 1 Goals:

Rookies:  males:  125 minutes, females 190 minutes

Returning boot campers minimums:  males = 175 minutes, females = 250 minutes

Weight Maintenance / Fat Loss:  males = 100 minutes, females = 170 minutes,

(highly subjective to each individual, use these as a guideline; it may be more or less)

*Above minutes are based on weight bearing cardio.  Weight bearing cardio is most any cardiovascular exercise performed on your feet.  (e.g.  speed walking, running, hill sprints, flat sprints, elliptical, roller blading, ice skating, “ball sports”, stair master, step mill, hiking, jumping rope, Burpees, jumping jacks, high knee runs, DB swings…  Skiing and snowboarding count, but only the downhill portion, not lunch or chair lift times.)  Non weight bearing cardio exercises like rowing, swimming, cycling are considered ½ time.  These are great and enjoyable choices for cardio exercise, but they will only count as ½ time.

Monday of each week is when you report your cardio minutes for the previous week.

Returning boot campers please report your week 4 recovery week cardio minutes by replying to this email.

Phase 4, Week 4

Time Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Total
6am 30 20 20 70
9am 34 21 20 75
6:30pm 30 19 20 69


Please welcome Jennifer Roy, Deb Rooney, Nancy McAuliffe, Dean Pernisie, Phil Gerrard, Nancy Caira, Mike Martsen, Alex Whiting, Rochelle Acker, Ellen Whalley and Galen Boyer.  Welcome back Gerri Koslow!

LEADERS or all-stars and sophomores, would you please take a rookie(s) under your wing and serve as a mentor.  I have been told that boot camp is a bit intimidating because everyone is so fit.  Thank you!

Rookies.  The pace of class will be very fast.  Please remember everything is set to time, so you can go at your own pace and that there are 3 levels to each strength exercise:  beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Nutrition Tip

Whites.  If you want to lose, keep on or gain weight, eating or not eating white foods can help you get there.

White food examples:  white potatoes, white rice, white bread, white flour, white bagels (plain), white sugar, pasta, crackers, cookies and chips.

Nutrition Discussion

Save the date.  Sunday, June 13, from 10-12pm @ the boys & girls club, 675 Watertown Street, Newton, MA.

You’ll learn what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat.  This isn’t a diet.  This is nutrition for an active lifestyle.  I’ll teach you principles that are simple to remember and will encourage you to play with your food.  J  Think abundant energy, no food comas, stabile blood sugars, reduced risk for disease, weight loss, lowered body fat, lean muscle building, body type recommendations, meal plans, healthy grab & go meals, dining out and traveling strategies, food shopping and meal prepping.

RSVP now, if you’re tired of spinning your wheels.


Got questions?  Ask Mike here:  https://bootcampboston.com/category/ask-mike/ You’ll get answers and you’ll be helping your teammates.

Cheers and let the swagger training begin!  J

Your coach,

Mike Alves

Newton Boot Camp

p.s.  returning boot campers, please reply with your cardio minutes

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