Weekly Themes

Each week there are some underlying themes.

Week 1: Intro to boot camp / intro to new phase,

  • meet new people,
  • learn new exercises,
  • become really sore,
  • learn how to manage soreness,
  • start focusing,
  • start practicing better nutrition,
  • start taking fish oil
  • protein, fat, veggie / fruit and water @ every meal
  • start outside of class conditioning,
  • begin clearing out unimportant things from your life
  • feel good about yourself, feel alive

Week 2: Technique Week

  • 2nd Exposure
  • Start to feel less sore,
  • practice technique,
  • continue learning names,
  • keep managing soreness / recovery,
  • start to have a bit more fun
  • begin to feel less energy highs and lows
  • know when to eat starchy carbs & when not to
  • find more time in your schedule to get more conditioning done
  • continue clearing out unimportant things from your life
  • feel better about yourself, feel more alive

Week 3: Record Week

  • Set personal records every class
  • Aim to complete more reps, rounds or sets.  Lift more weight, perform higher level, move faster and/or take less rest
  • Soreness has subsided from weeks 1 & 2.
  • Become more sore throughout week.
  • Start focusing on speed
  • Continue learning names and maybe know all your teammates.
  • Begin managing your energy level and using strong & less strong times to your advantage
  • Have more fun
  • Understand more about when & why to have starchy carbs, and what 4 things to have at every meal
  • Getting better at finding time in your schedule for important things
  • Feel great about yourself
  • Feel and see a difference when you take in the right fuel at the right times
  • Feel great about completing your conditioning
  • Feel more firm in all the right places.
  • Clothes begin to fit better in all the right places
  • People begin to notice and make comments
  • You have more energy and happy moods during the day

Week 4: Challenge Week

  • Individual Challenge Week:  feel empowered while performing workout on own.
  • Train on own.
  • Complete max reps, sets, rounds and/or weight in same time or less.
  • Use perfect form
  • Very Sore, but loving it.
  • Post Measurements.
  • You’re faster
  • You know all of your teammates names
  • You experience ultimate camaraderie and conquer a formidable challenge
  • Managing energy, strong times and your schedule better than ever
  • Having a lot of fun
  • Are living the active lifestyle
  • Totally get why and when to eat certain foods and see and feel an immediate difference when you practice the how much (until your content, not full)
  • Beginning to feel AWESOME
  • Proud of yourself
  • See a difference
  • Completing your conditioning and getting stronger and faster
  • More firm in all the right places
  • Clothes continue to fit better, down a dress/pant size or 2.
  • You’re becoming a people / attention magnet. Seems everyone would like a bit of your time
  • You’re energy and moods are constantly high, optimistic and contagious.
  • You can’t wait for the post test so you can kick butt and crush your pre-test results
  • Feel like you made a great decision by signing up.
  • Love yourself more than ever for making time for you

Each day of class there are scripted themes which vary and are not yet concrete, but there are two common and constant themes:

Do your best and try to get a little bit better.

At the end of the month, if you add up all those little bits, guess what you get? That’s right.

You get A LOT. J

I truly am honored and grateful for the opportunity to be your coach and make a positive difference in your lifestyle. I wish abundant health, happiness and success to you and those you love.

Your personal coach,

Mike Alves