Workout D, Pre-Beach Routine

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Workout D

Pre-Beach Routine


Foam Roll 5min (10:5; aim for 5-10 rolls)

Foam Roll Upper to Lower Back

Foam Roll Thoracic Extension

Foam Roll 1-Arm Lat, R/L

Foam Roll Piriformis, R/L

Foam Roll 1-Leg Hamstring, R/L

Foam Roll 1-Leg Calf, R/L

Foam Roll 1-Arm Pec, R/L

Foam Roll Bent-Knee Adductor, R/L

Foam Roll Hip Flexor / Quad,R/L

Foam Roll TFL, R/L

Foam Roll IT-Band, R/L

Movement Prep:  5min (50:10)

  1. 3-Way Flat Ankle Mobes x5e
  2. ½ Kneeling Hip Flexor Mobes @ Wall x8e
  3. 1-Leg Bridge x8e
  4. Side-Lying Thoracic Extension w/ Rotation x8e
  5. Deep Squat x8

Workout D

At the start of Q2 I said that summer 2012 was going to be your best ever.  The warm weather has arrived, we’ve been training you hard, you’ve been giving more & better efforts inside & outside of bc and it’s time to take it up a notch.  W-D will be a total body workout you can do at home, that is very simple, fun & short in duration.  It’s not the hardest or most complex workout I’ve ever written or you’ve ever done, but it is a workout to compound your other training and serve as a catalyst to spring you into your best summer ever by being a great burn & earn workout before a splurge and giving you a beach workout the day you go to the beach.

15-Minute Total Body Strength-Cardio Beach Circuit

A1.  Band Chest Flys x20

A2.  Pinball Push Ups x20 or 40sec Hold

A3.  Jumping Claps x60

A4.  Band Pull Aparts x20

A5.  1-Arm, 1-Leg Band Row (supported) x 20e

A6.  Scissor Jacks x60

A7.  Band Biceps Curl to Overhead Press x max reps

A8.  Hands Free Burpees x15

A9.  Band Triceps Kickback x max reps

A10.  Lateral Skaters x12e

A11.  Plank Opposite Holds 6x5ct each

A12.  High Knee Run x40 super-fast turnovers

*if you’re a guy and/or if you’re looking to lose weight AND you have the time, do 2 circuits.  If you do 3 circuits AND you post it on FB, you earn a 15-min total body stretch from me.


Static Stretch W-B Series (5min) – 25:5

Push Up Calf, R / L

Split Adductor Mobes, R / L

Side-Lying Thoracic Hold, R/L

Seated Piriformis @ Wall, R/L

½ Kneel Quad + Hip Flexor Push @ Wall, R/L

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