Thank you and welcome to Change Your Body Boot Camps’ Very Important Guest (VIG) page.

The person who referred you to me happens to be someone who is very special to me as well because they’ve entrusted me to be their coach and help guide them to their respective body and lifestyle transformation. I take this role very seriously and consider their trust, efforts and business as a great honor. In order for them to experience rapid & sustainable body and lifestyle changes they need to have their support circle on board. That’s where you come in.

If you know what it is they do, you’ll understand better.
If you experience what they do, you’ll relate better.
if you exercise with them on a recurring basis, you’ll celebrate the rewards of change with them.

No matter what you choose, thank you for choosing to be our guest. I look forward to meeting you and delivering an incredible exercise experience for you.

Here are your Action Steps.

Action Steps

  1. Submit name, email and phone number below.
  2. Complete waiver form.
  3. Get equipment or let your friend and/or me know what items you don’t have so we may provide equipment for you.

*Equipment: exercise mat, foam rollersuper bands (1/2″ and 1″), pair of dumbbells (5-15lbs for women, 15-30lbs for men), mini bands 4-Pack (L, M, H, EH), hand towel & water bottle.