Attention Busy Teachers Who Want to Recover from the School

Year, have a Great Summer and Peak for back to school!


Give to yourself by working on yourself during your time away from school.  Change Your Body Boot Camps will help you Renew Your Spirit and Upgrade Your Attitude so you can arrive back to a new year, dramatically different, stronger and more enthusiastically enduring!



Teachers Appreciation Bootcamp



Dear Teachers and School Staff,


I have such gratitude and appreciation for teachers and all educators, that I’d like to do my part in helping you to recover from the school year by immediately working with you on YOUR self-care.


I value education, and have the utmost respect for those who provide it.  Since my 4-year-old started pre-school I appreciate the patience and understanding all teachers show all children (especially at drop-offs).  Now, it’s time for YOU!


I’d be honored to have you prime your days with Change Your Body Boot Camps this summer.  Our fun, efficient and highly effective workouts will leave you feeling supercharged and ready to make the most of your day.  I will do my job to make you the best version of yourself while having a great time!


Showing up, giving your best effort and following your custom plan consistently will help you to see and experience a dramatic transformation in your body, spirit and attitude such as…


  • Firming, toning and lifting so you feel strong and confident.
  • Move, stretch and play in all 3 planes, so your body feels good and you have fun doing it.
  • Strengthen your physical, mental and emotional self aso you have the stamina to bring joy on all days, not just the easy ones.
  • Raise your immune system, energy levels and durability so you can be more resilient all year long.



You CAN see the scale go down, improve your health and feel better than ever this summer! 



After some soul-searching and schedule-shuffling, I joined Change Your Body Boot Camp, and now I work out with amazing people at 9am every M / W / F.

Since beginning boot camp in July, I:

– Have lost 22 lbs
– Run 25+ miles weekly
– Can do 15 consecutive push-ups
– Eat healthfully and joyfully
– Sleep soundly and awake with no aches or pains

I’m sure there are others who want to make a change. I promise, CYBBC will get you there if you make the commitment.

I encourage you to reach out to Coach Mike and learn more about his program and how it might help you achieve your goals.



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I guarantee you’ll be glad you joined us this summer, and I promise your co-workers and students will certainly see the difference this fall…


REGISTER EARLY to ATTEND Measurements & Orientation BEFORE You Start!


Teachers Appreciation Boot Camp

Attention busy teachers who want to give to yourself by working on yourself during your time away from the classroom.

Change Your Body Boot Camps invites you to participate in a very special summer fitness program designed just for YOU!


Training Schedule

6:00 AM – M / W / F @ Boys & Girls Club, 675 Watertown St, Newton

9:00 AM – M / W / F @ Mackenzie Center, 1337 Centre St, Newton Centre

6:30 PM – M / T / Th @ Mackenzie Center, 1337 Centre St, Newton Centre


Choose 1, 2 or all 3 Summer Sessions:

Summer Session #1:

June 10 – June 29

Empowerment Week:

June 30 – July 7

Summer Session #2:

July 8 – July 27

Empowerment Week:

July 28 – August 4

Summer Session #3:

August 5 – August 24

Empowerment Week:

August 25 – September 2


How you’ll recover from the school year, have a great summer and peak for fall?

·      Scheduled self-care ·      Eat better
·      Feel cared about and encouraged ·      Run faster
·      Weekly & almost daily check ins ·      Meet new people
·      Stronger Body ·      Get energized for your days.
·      Fit clothes better ·      Upgrade your attitude and outlook


Are you interested?

Please take action right away so you don’t miss out!  We start soon!


Please Choose!


Thank you for reading.  I hope to make your acquaintance and win the opportunity to be your coach and give back to those who care for the children of our future.


Kind regards,

Mike Alves



p.s.  here are next steps after signing up:


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