How to do a Push Up?

How to do a proper push up? Diane, one of my superstar change makers, asked me recently if I could shoot a video of how to do a proper push up, so she could watch it and practice her technique.  I said, “sure!”.  I handed her my phone and here’s the video....
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2013, P3, Week 3 Recap

Happy empowerment week to you!  I hope you’ve gotten your 1st challenge workout in and you’re ready for next one.  Today I completed CW#4 which was tough.  Man those 25 rep goblet lateral lunges make me so winded.  Does that happen to you too during the goblet lateral lunges?...
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2013, P3, Week 1 Recap

Great Monday to you! I hope your Monday is off to a great start and your excited for your 2nd week of training.  We’ve got great workouts planned for you this week (see Phase 3 Workouts) and this weekend is the Nutrition Discussion & Grocery Shopping Tour.  I know it’s been a...
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