Hello to all of you beautiful and sexy boot campers who are now feeling 4 years younger, with a tremendous increase in energy and feeling pretty darn good about yourself!

Thank You

First off, thank you to Susan Kessel, for lending her Ipod to us Friday morning.

Second.  Thank you to all of you for your efforts, your sweat, your sacrifices, your decision to change and your decision to choose Change Your Body Boot Camps.  I am grateful and our culture is better because you were a part of it.

Challenge Day

Wow!  We hit the trifecta this week.  Yup that’s right.  It was the 1st time in CYBBC history that all groups beat both the strength & conditioning challenges.  I’m kind of pumped and disappointed.  I pumped because you were Amazing!  You really got in great shape and peaked at the best time.  I’m disappointed because I honestly had all the previous challenge results out for review to make this challenge even harder and challenge day is not supposed to be this easy.  (ahh, who threw a roller?) And you still smoked it.

Final Results:

Strength Goal

Actual Result


Conditioning Goal

Actual Result























*You were the only class to finish all 4 quarters and do 20 minutes of shuttle runs.  Lisa Radley was the only boot camper to do the entire challenge day outside of class and Meghan Honan was the only boot camper to do the 20 minute shuttle run challenge outside of class (she ran with Lisa) and 11 minutes of shuttle runs in class.  Big High Fives!

Weekly In Class Conditioning Minutes


Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

















Campers of the Week (CW)

Who would have known the hardest part of my job would be crowning the camper of the week?  It used to be easy, winners really stood out, but not anymore.  I’m seriously asking myself who stood out, who got their minutes in, who cheers on their teammates, who’s bodies have changed, have they overcome obstacles, have they attended the nutrition discussion (ND), grocery shopping tour (GST) or measurements & testing (M&T).  What’s their attendance like?  It’s really tough.

BUT, we did have winners:

Deb Gaffney from the 9:30am, Jeff Evaul from the 6am and Ellen Kelley from the 6:30pm were week # 4 campers of the week.

Deb Gaffney earned her 1st CW for outstanding individual performance in class & outside of class.  She rearranged her schedule to attend the mid-morning class (she’s a 6:30pm bc’er), she was cheering her new peers on and she works outside of class to get stronger for her in class exercises.  And she sprinted out way more line touches than expected.

Jeff Evaul earned his 1st CW for outstanding individual performance by attending M&T, the ND and the GST.  His outstanding efforts were brought to my attention by Nanna Reykdal, Marc Gromada and Rafael Rivera.  He had perfect attendance this phase and completed his weekly conditioning minutes.

Ellen Kelley earned her 1st CW for outstanding individual performance for her in class performance and her out of class compliments received (10 compliments, all from different people in 1 day).  She had an out of class injury and continued to show up and work hard by modifying some exercises.  She attended an M&T day, has experienced very obvious body changes and lifestyle transformations (she never ran in her life until boot camp), referred a colleague and wrote a great testimonial you’ll soon be reading.

Honorable Mentions:

Meghan Honan, Nanna Reykdal, Donna O’Leary, Paul Cullen, Florence Chan, Richard Goren, Regina Lavelle, Bekah Smillie, Meiera Stern, Marisa Cimino and Heather Vaughan

*Their were many more who rocked their conditioning minutes, improved tremendously in class, experienced body changes, made lifestyle changes, attended M&T, ND, GST, had perfect attendance, were good teammates, referred their support circle and sought help or conquered personal challenges.

Measurements & Testing (M&T)

Sunday, 9/20/9 from 8-10am (give or take) at the Boys & Girls Club, 675 Watertown St, Newton, MA.  Please bring a water bottle and an exercise mat and thank Rafael Rivera for opening the gym.  Let’s find out how great your phase was.  J

Saturday, 9/26 from 9-11am (give or take) at the Boys & Girls Club will be a M&T for new participants. Anyone unable to attend the 9/20 M&T are welcome to come that day.  It’ll be a mini Burn & Earn workout before the Last Meal.  Please bring water bottle and exercise mat and thank Rafael for opening.

Nutrition Discussion (ND) & Grocery Shopping Tour (GST)

9/26 immediately following the M&T.  Please print out & bring your ND handout.

Last Meal Kickoff Party

9/26 from 7-10pm at Splash, 150 Kneeland Street, Boston.   Valet Parking, parking garages, meter parking and South Station all available and convenient.

*Please help me select the Pre Fixe Menu.  Survey Coming Soon.

**Dr. Thomas Halton will be in attendance and splurging.  Please know he’s a good friend and will be there to have fun with his girlfriend, but I’d be happy to introduce anyone to him.

***Dress code:  denim to diamonds, please no sneakers J.

Change Your Body Challenge

Contest runs from 9/28 to 12/20. Free to enter, anyone can join.  (You haven’t entered yet?  What are you waiting for? –wink).  You don’t even have to train with me or use my programs.  You can create your own contests within our contest on the website.

  • To enter, join the sign, join the contest group and introduce yourself in the forum.
  • To win, take a before photo and measurements, take an after photo and measurements and write a summary of your experience over the 12 weeks and how your life/body have changed for the better.

Next Boot Camp Phase (Phase #8)

You may SIGN UP NOW to enter the phase 8 boot camp.  Registration is open until 11:59pm on Thursday, Sept 24.

They’re not up yet, but based on e-mails and survey responses, quarterly sign up and annual sign up options will be available soon as well as automatic payments.  If you love boot camp and you’re a busy person, automatic payments will help get you in shape and keep you in shape by keep you away from the computer, holding you accountable, providing a results-oriented plan and an exclusive & empowering environment to train in.  We’ve got culture!  (More Cowbell Please)


In case you didn’t know, refer-a-friend and receive a free week.  J

Ellen Kelley experienced some amazing results in a short amount of time and her written testimonial appears on a new refer-a-friend gift card you’ll be able to hand out soon.

Those who referred in the past, if you haven’t already received your free week, send me an e-mail and I’ll be glad to honor it.

Corporate Boot Camp Rate

If you think your place of work (owners, HR and/or co-workers) would be interested in building a relationship with Change Your Body Boot Camps, I’d be happy to speak with them about how my services could benefit them.

  • Lunch & Learns
  • Corporate Boot Camp Rates
  • Charity Boot Camp Events
  • Fundraiser Donations

Boot Camp Survey

End of boot camp survey soliciting feedback on your experience, results earned and ways to improve is coming soon.  I read & use these surveys to provide you the absolute best experience and to yield you the fastest possible results.  Please take a moment and complete them.

Thank you again.

Your coach,

Mike Alves