// Hi again!

Thank you for taking action and purchasing a 1-month pass to Change Your Body Boot Camps in 2015.  The next step is to answer the 8 questions below.  If you’re answers are all yes, please complete the online registration form [fill, print, sign, fax to 617.287.0921 or scan & email to mike (at ) mikealves (dot) com].

The questions below, will help make sure we’re a good fit for one another. Please ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you currently pain & injury free?
  • Can you at least walk a mile, preferably run a mile?
  • Do you desire to get in your best shape?
  • Are you willing to commit to and follow the whole plan?
  • Do you promise not to complain, whine or say, “I can’t”, “it’s too hard” or “I’m tired”?
  • Will you support your teammates both in class, outside of class and online?
  • Do you know and accept that the commitment you’re about to make is a lifestyle change and will require habit changes, mind shifts, and the realization and acceptance that you will be sore and will experience growing pains not only physiologically but mentally, socially and nutritionally (will you do whatever it takes to achieve your goals)
  • Last, do you recognize there will be ups & downs, great days & good days and do you commit to forgive yourself when you slip up, and do you commit to get back up immediately and move forward with increased determination (will you persevere through the challenging times)

If you’ve answered yes to all of the above questions, please click here to complete the online registration packet or if you prefer you can download the registration packet here: the registration packet. Once your completed packet is submitted, [fill, print, sign, fax to 617.287.0921 or scan & email to mike (at ) mikealves (dot) com], Helen, my super admin assistant, will send you a welcome e-mail to schedule a phone call b/w us and include the equipment you’ll need, important dates to attend and some questions I’m going to ask during our call.

So go ahead and complete either the online registration packet or the downloadable registration packet and submit it to me.

Your soon to be coach,

Mike Alves, ATC/L, CSCS

Owner / Head Coach

Change Your Body Boot Camps

o: 617.268.6232

f: 617.287.0921

mike (at) mikealves (dot) com



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