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3 Weeks Down, Challenge Week Here You Come! J


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  • Camper of The Week
  • Automatic Payments for Busy People
  • Pumpkin Workout
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The 4th week of boot camp used to be known as Record Week because you set a lot of personal records and culminated with Challenge Day.  A 1-day beat the coach’s challenge, but since past boot campers really enjoy challenge day (I say enjoy carefully) I thought it might be fun if we had a different challenge for each day.   Thus Challenge Week was born.

What is the challenge?

We take for example the 2 – 10 minute continuous circuits.  The first week I asked you to complete 4-5 rounds in 10 minutes, the 2nd week 5-6 rounds and the 3rd week 6-7 rounds.  Since 7-8 rounds in 10 minutes are reasonable for week 4, I come up with a scoring system and ask the class to complete “X” number of rounds in 20minutes that follows the above reasoning.  This requires the whole class to put forth their best effort to beat the challenge.

The 2nd class, normally Tabata Intervals, will be a group challenge and the 3rd class, the 30:60:90’s will be an individual challenge.  I’d tell you more, but I won’t.  J  Just know that you’re going to be asked to do better and more than you have so far and you’re going to have  to support your peers; both vocally and in doing just a bit more in case they’re having an off day.  So…cheers to you setting many personal records and beating the challenges in front of you.

Last Week’s Minutes:

Tues Wed Fri Total
6am 16 24 21 61
9am 19 25 21 65
6:30pm 20 22 20 62

Camper of the Week (CW)

Please congratulate Chrissy Thurmond (6:30pm) for being Camper of the Week (CW) for week #3.

Chrissy is a rookie in the evening class.  She attended the M&T, ND & the GST.  She’s completed 210 & 279 minutes in her 1st, 2 weeks when all she had to do was 190 & 220 minutes.  She is a very good teammate both in words and actions, recognizing others efforts and going up to them and complimenting them.  She had lost 9lbs as of Tuesday night last week or a little over 2 ½ weeks.  She’s a good person who gives her best and trains hard.  Congratulations Chrissy!

Honorable Mentions:

6am:  Linda Riak, Alicia Strauss, the O’Leary Entourage:  Donna, Jen, Paul Cullen and Debbie; Barbara Rutberg, Pam Swift and Mita Banerjee

9am:  Melissa Hanenberger, Michelle Market, Janet Lin, Keith Lietzke, Barbara Lietzke, Susan Andelman, Sally Babigian and Susan Poston

6:30pm:  Jackie Bunt, Ellen Kelley, Maria Vacca and Florence Chan


Rafael Rivera, last week’s CW, didn’t really lose any weight for the 1st 6 boot camps.  He was kind of up & down with weight loss / weight gain, BUT, he’s now attended at least 3 ND’s and has lost 10 lbs in the last 7 weeks of boot camp.  Take home point is 10 lbs in 10 months is pretty good for someone who’s always had difficulty losing weight; persistence pays off and repetition helps to strengthen win-win habits.

Ellen Kelley, CW, 6:30pm class, is a leader in her career and it’s no wonder.  Not only was she earning up to “10” compliments a day from her peers for her hard work & body transformation over the summer, but she parks in the farthest possible spot at her job.  That extra walking won’t do much for you over the course of a day or a week, but if you add up all those extra steps over the course of the year, that sure might add up to an extra 5 lbs lost.  High Five!

Susan Kessel, 6am class, ran the Tufts 10k (along with Lisa Radley & Meghan Honan).  She told me that during her last 1 mile, my words began ringing in her ears as she picked up her pace and started to pass people.  High Five Susan for your strong finish.  Nobody passes you!  J


I recognize you’re busy, you’re time is valuable and re-committing each month can be a bit of a process, so I’ll be introducing automatic payments for 12 month, 3 month and month to month membership commitments.

Basically the longer you commit, the more you save and once you commit, you’re good to go.  Just provide 30 days notice prior to your term expiration and I’ll stop your payments.  Of course if you want to stay on, do nothing and you can continue Changing Your Body as long as you like.  I’ll present your options on the last classes of the week.


The Freaky Fat Loss Pumpkin Workout, a charity boot camp workout using only a pumpkin, is Friday, October 23rd from 7:30 – 8:30pm.  $20 to be donated to the Boys & Girls Club is the admission fee.  All are welcome (especially you) and asked to bring a pumpkin and dress in costume.  You can learn more by visiting https://pumpkinworkouts.com.

Come burn & earn with friends and family, fight holiday season weight gain, sickness and stress and fight childhood obesity before it starts.


Sunday, October 25, 2009 from 8-10am (ish) at the John M. Barry Boys & Girls Club, 675 Watertown Street, Newton, MA


Following Challenge Week is Recovery Week.  This is an optional week off from strength, but not weight bearing cardio.  Since you know you get a week off to recover, please train extra hard this week to earn it.


Cardio Minutes

Rookies & Everyone Else:  Men 175, Women 250

Guest Days

Thank you Maria Vacca, Marisa Cimino, Kathleen Cote and Laura Corrigan for introducing us to your friends.  I hope Kimi, Pat, Angela and Joe had favorable experiences.

Cheers, body changes and active living.

Your coach,

Mike Alves