Welcome back to the Change Your Body Boot Camps’ website.  It’s great to have you visiting again.  You’re here because you recognize a great opportunity to improve yourself and your friend(s) before the year is over by getting and/or gifting this 1-month pass for you and a buddy (value $310/person). 

This isn’t any ordinary gift certificate.  This is a magical gift certificate, that energizes, brightens and excites the life of the redeemer AND the gifter.  It does this by making the lucky person feel better, move better and look better.  Each time this blessed person shows up and does the best she/he can on that given day, they’ll walk out instantly better than when they arrived.  Then each person who happens to interact with them (gifter, et. al.)  the rest of the day and the next day will be a recipient of overflowing positive energy.  Yes, paying it forward with infectious good karma is an unexpected side effect of prioritizing your self-care, which you now have the opportunity to do for yourself and those who could benefit from being more awesome.

Please donate below any amount  you feel comfortable giving (I know it’s a super sweet opportunity) and I’ll forward the gift (minus paypal fees) to the appropriate non-profit to help support their good deeds.  Once completed, you’ll be taken to a thank you page where you can either answer “the 8 questions” yourself and/or forward the link to your fortunate friend(s).  So donate now and get registered.  The clock is ticking, happy hormones are waiting and registration deadlines, come quick.

Your coach,

Mike Alves

Fine Print

  • gift certificate expires upon the start of Phase 13, Nov 30.
  • deadline to register is 11:59pm, Tues, Oct 20 for Phase 12 (Nov 2 – Nov 21) and 11:59pm, Tues, Nov 17 for Phase 13 (Nov 30 – Dec 19).
  • must be pain & injury free
  • attendance at measurements & orientation is mandatory (P12 is Sat, Oct 24; P13 is Sat, Nov 21)
  • one gift certificate per person may be redeemed
  • limit of 3 gift certificates per donator